Owners: list your problem free trucks here, NO CHEATING, PLS BE HONEST

davidb72davidb72 Member Posts: 174
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2.3L 4 Cylinder
2wd, 5 Speed, Supercab.
105,000 miles.
No problems.


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    The only problem I have had is the distributor ate it self alive. Was a $200 dollar fix and not trouble since. I had 3 inch exhaust put on and turbo-flow muffler. Milage is in the 18 to 20 mpg, barefoot and cruise, 3:53 banjoe's. Think I'll keep it awhile, oh and 90,000 plus.
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    I have driven it a little over a year. The best vehicle I have ever owned!
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    30,071 miles on the 2000 and 56,000 on the '98. No problems.

    By the way, I thought the sign at the door said, "PROBLEM-FREE TRUCKS."
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    Since when did anyone pay any attention to the door sign? It's all about keeping out host employed, being useful, serving a purpose...those that are off topic like my post will allow her to delete it. Of course no one said Chevy owners could read now did they?
  • webbdwebbd Member Posts: 176
    Well, since you put it that way, I guess no one actually claimed on behalf of the Chevy crowd that they were literate. Of course, with all the trailers and rear ends flying off these Tundras at 46 MPH, I guess no one claimed the Toyota guys could read either.
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    Definition of problem is C H E V Y .
  • davidb72davidb72 Member Posts: 174
    What is it with you guys? You all have new trucks! Of course you have no problems.... Let's see you around 105,000 miles.... The one reason I think my Ranger is running so well is oil changes every 3000 miles, not 3500 or so, but 3000 every time.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    and no problems...well maybe one that was caused by Sears Automotive. Installed new tires from Sears and now truck vibrates at 35-55. Sears has rebalanced three times and said that's all they can do....here we go again. Think I'm going to get new tires courtesy of Sears...
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    just hit 30,000 miles, and I have pulled, hauled, gone through high water, terrible roads, loose and wet sand over hills and washed out roads at the beach, only "problem" was the groan when I had the steering wheel turned to lock and going down a steep dirveway and the urethane steering stops groaned, normal though, only happened once. First truck I have owned completely happy.
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    My current '00 Chevy C2500 had an eratic idle, I took it to dealer, they said all codes were
    error free and said nothing wrong with truck. I read in a a truck rag letters to editor that the
    Poppet valves in the injectors (5.7) were very sensitive to certain gasolenes and that GM
    would onlyapprove a certain fuel injection cleaner made by Chevron (Techrolene), about
    $19 at dealer, $11 at Chevron and much much less at auto parts and discount stores. I quickly ran out to purchase the Techrolene and my truck has run problem free since. I now only use
    87 octane Chevron. Refineries are up in Benicia, Ca.....I know it only has 13,000 mi maybe
    I should wait until 300,000 mi to post....

    only problem free vehicle in my 40 years of owning them (since 1961 15 yrs old) was a used
    1987 S10 Tahoe ext cab with gutless 2.8L 60 deg 125 HP V6, 4x4, skid plates, dinky fuel
    filter, black and silver mini. Of course i maintained this truck meticulously, 2000 mi oil changes, replace brake pad before their time, tranny fluid every 6 months, flush cooling system every year. A fun off roader that could hold its own against the '80s lifted 4 cyl Toyota SR5s and their awesome 31 x 10.5 tires against my tiny LT 235-75R 15's...Love that 22R Toyota
    motor.....OPPS sorry, back to topic....

    Regards to all,

    Am now going to prepare myself for the PLAYOFFS.....
  • tundrathunder1tundrathunder1 Member Posts: 19
    1989 Toyota pick up 22R engine 5 speed box ext. cab. 210,000 trouble free kilometers.The only repairs were spark plugs, oil changes, brakes,tires and a suspension lift. Traded for a 2001 Tundra and am expecting the same results.
  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403
    And that one is still workin that farm. Been re-built time and again, but parts is cheap for em. Good luck on this one now!
  • ccarroll05ccarroll05 Member Posts: 4
    2001 Ranger 4X4
    1999 Silverdo 2500HD 4X4
    1997 Chevy K1500
    1994 Chevy K1500
    1991 Ranger 4X4
  • crazcorkathcrazcorkath Member Posts: 7
    I have owned my 1966 Ford pickup since 1991. Put a 5.0 liter long block in it in 1993 with no problems now in about 50,000 miles. It has a mallory electronic distributor and I get about 16mpg around town.
  • umtisquatumtisquat Member Posts: 5
    4 cyl, 5 spd, reg. cab. 135,000 miles, never in the shop for anything! Still very strong. It will probably need a clutch within the next 30,000 miles. I expect the engine to turn 200,000 before needing attention. There is a rip on the drivers side of the bench seat....
  • allknowingallknowing Member Posts: 866
    Any Chevy with less than 10 problems, or still running at 90K is "problem free" to a Chevy owner.
  • riverphxriverphx Member Posts: 1
    I have a '98 Tacoma xtra cab 4x4. Driving city, Hwy and almost every weekend off road 3.0+ trail ratings ... this truck is stock. No problems, besides a battery eaten by the Arizona sun.
  • k0hbk0hb Member Posts: 89
    1991 Chev C1500 350 XC - 192,000 when the odometer quit 3 years ago. Suppose I ought to fix that.

    1993 Chev S10 4.3L XC Tahoe - drove it 114,000 with -zero- problems. Sold it to son, who finally thought he ought to do SOMETHING at 150,000 so he changed out the plugs.

    2001 Chev Silverado 5.3L XC LT - Flawless so far.

  • ratboy3ratboy3 Member Posts: 324
    I'd post my 97 V6 2wd extra cab Tacoma if not for the 2 recalls.. never gave me problems but Toyota wanted it in the shop to perform the recall
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    What were the two problems that required recalling? Wasn't something minor like a headgasket was it?
  • webbdwebbd Member Posts: 176
    You said you had 210,000 KILOMETERS on your truck. If this is the case, then that works out to 130,488 miles. Just thought you might want to know and so the others here would know.

    Justheone, I was wondering when you'd show up to tell us how that Chevy was still running perfect after 49 years.

    KoHB, if your odometer broke, why are you posting?

    And leave it to a Chevy owner to ask the inevitable, "Just how do you define 'problem'?"
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    dont go to sears for anything.
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    sorry, somehow managed only to post the first sentence of it. I work there. I've seen it all. They snapped the tie rods on one customer's car. When I took my truck in for front brake pades they told me I needed a complete brake job, which was BS because my dealer was the one who told me all I needed was pads. In the early nineties I think there was a big thing about that because they were selling people more work than they needed. Did you know the guys who work the desk in their auto center are on commission? Next time my advice is to go elsewhere. Their prices aren't all that great either.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    The desk guy said the vibration was probably caused by a bad alignment. Guy must have been in his early twenties working part time nights. I stood there looking at him and said two words. No Way. I read him the riot act and told him to get a tech out front and have him tell me to my face that the alignment is causing the vibration. Poor guy turned all shades of red cause the riot act was in front of several other customers. Damn part timers. So they rebalance and guess what...still vibrates. Now I have two trucks that do it....

    The prices aren't the greatest. I should have gone to Costco or Sam's but Sears was convenient at the time. We will see where this one leads to...
  • k0hbk0hb Member Posts: 89
    >KoHB, if your odometer broke, why are you posting?

    For details on the broken odometer, go to http://www.amishrakefight.org/gfy

  • webbdwebbd Member Posts: 176
    Thanks. It would seem your ability to answer questions is of the same quality as your ability to read topic headers.

    The question remains--if your odometer broke, why are you posting?
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    they are trained to perform simple tasks like alignments, brake work, tire stuff...if you go in for diagnosis one of two things is likely to happen... they'll make a guess, or else they'll tell you that anything that has even the tiniest thing to do with whatever could possible be the cause of the problem must be replaced. They know it may not solve the problem, but at least they get some of your money.(hence my worn front pads turned into rotors that needed to be completely replaced and rear drums that needed tob e machined.) Go there for the simple scheduled maintenance if you dont have the tiem or money to go elsewhere, but for solving mysteries you gotta go to an independant mechanic or the dealer.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Independent mechanic yes as I have two good friends who are and allow me to work on the truck with them. Dealer? only way they touch anything is if it's under warranty. Once warranty is over, you won't catch me no where near a dealer.

    Today I took the truck in for warranty work. I had it written up for the service writer with the problems listed and corresponding TSB's. Asked if he needed to verify, he looks at me and says "Nope" and writes it up. Go figure.
  • punjabpunjab Member Posts: 102
    My girlfriend had her 97 chevy towed to Sears (before we traded it last month) when it quit on the highway. She left it with them while she went on to a meeting. We came back a few hours later to find that they fixed it without authorization. Turns out what it needed was a $300 alternator. I raised hell, since an alternator cost about $100 and takes all of 15 minutes to replace. We took a discount just so we could get the keys and leave (after 6 pm only 20 year old part timers work there). Got home, checked my messages :
    3:30 Sears calls to say that they have an estimate. Please call to discuss
    4:04 Sears calls to say that the truck is ready

    Kind of suspicious heh?

    Talked to manager. Was very rude, and said that we should be grateful that we got any discount. Wrote letter to corporate office. They called and conferenced in the manager who was once again rude. Was told that this matter was settled and there was no higher authority for which to take this problem. We have since tracked down the "higher authority" who has issued an apology and possibly a refund.

    Would probably not give Sears any future business, except for the fact that their tire prices are so damn cheap, and a mall is a really convienent place to kill time while they are being rotated (dropped $1500 for two sets of tires there last year). Oh, and of course Craftman tools.
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,123
    Ford Ranger. First Ranger went 96K with no problems, second is now at about 37K with NO problems. I own a 1998 Ranger XLT 4x4 SC with a stepside bed. I use my trucks as a truck to do my fishing/playing and camping here in the Northwest region. I visit the Cascade range to the deserts of Eastern Oregon/Washington. My truck is used as a truck not a commuter mobile..
    I notice the Toyota crowd hates it when anyone posts a Ford/Chevy or Dodge that has given them great service.... Hmmm.....
  • sail2xssail2xs Member Posts: 3
    I have a 1998 Toyota Tacoma SR5 V6 X-Cab TRD. Purchased new, it now has over 184,000 miles on it. Aside from regular oil changes (every 3000 miles) and maintenance (belts at both 90K miles intervals) I have had to replace the original tires at 155,000 miles and the rear shocks at 179,000 miles. Due to the large amount of highway driving, I still have the original clutch, and much to my mechanic's amazement, slightly over 50% left on the original front brake pads. This truck runs like a champ!
  • k0hbk0hb Member Posts: 89
    > The question remains--if your odometer broke,
    > why are you posting?

    Because a broken odometer is not a problem out here on the farm. Doncha just hate it when someone spoils your rant?

  • webbdwebbd Member Posts: 176
    So now a broken odometer is not a problem? Only the Chevrolet crowd will try to dictate what is or what is not a problem. A broken odometer may not mean much to you, but it IS a problem, nonetheless. How would us "city folk" know when to change our oil, to rotate our tires, or perform any other maintenance service without an odometer? We'd also have a hard time selling the vehicle.

    And was I ranting? I just asked you a one question. I can only suppose that the real problem you have is not the odometer but the rest of the truck. An odometer is one of the most simple devices on an automobile. If it broke, that doesn't say much about the more complex parts like the engine, transmission, cooling system, etc. of the vehicle. I would reckon, though, for you, these don't count as problems either when they break.
  • dch0300dch0300 Member Posts: 472
    2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, LS, ext-cab, Z-71, white/pewter, loaded.
    Born on 12/6/00.
    Only 856 miles on it so far.
    No squeaks, rattles, shakes, wind noise, vibrations, etc.
    It's been absolutely flawless. Perfect initial quality.

  • thomasb2thomasb2 Member Posts: 5
    Purchased my truck in Feb. 1986. I ordered it from factory exactly as I wanted. Almost 15 years later I still use as my daily commuter vehicle.I work for a small company and I do side jobs also. Needless to say my truck sees continuous duty.I might add that my truck is the only one in my large family and it gets borrowed a lot. Seldom does this truck see proper maintenance. I change the oil when I think of it. I am on my 2nd replacement set of tires, 2nd replacement battery,1st replacement: fuel pump, starter,head pipe,and front U-joints. These last few parts were put in last year. Now for the hard to believe part.I have plowed with this truck all this time. I occasionally tow a back-hoe to jobs.I haul lumber,dry wall,concrete block,crushed stone,etc.,etc. This truck has never broken down or let me down,even an emergency run to Maine Medical Center to save one of my children in bad weather. That is another story. What I purchased all those years ago that has taken care of my family and me was a 1986 chewy k-20 with a 350 4bbl automatic, locking rear end with 3.73 ratio, scottsdale.Story far from over.
  • k0hbk0hb Member Posts: 89
    #35 of 37 Kohb by webbd Jan 18, 2001 (11:05 am)

    > So now a broken odometer is not a problem?
    > Only the Chevrolet crowd will try to dictate
    > what is or what is not a problem.

    ...blah, blah, blah!

    73, Hans
  • shawn106shawn106 Member Posts: 16
    1994 ranger 4wd no problems since day one @127,000 miles.If you consider pinging a problem just run 89 octane and no more pinging. Works for me. Shawn Oh,thats right i have a 01 silverado 1500HD 4x4 on order.
  • webbdwebbd Member Posts: 176
    What exactly can I post without it being "ranting?"

    How about this:

    "I owned a '95 Ranger, and other than the interior dome light that wouldn't go off and the wipers that came on with no warning, the truck was trouble-free. Of course, down here on the farm, we don't call minor electrical glitches 'problems.' Oh, and I don't know what mileage I'm at now as the odometer broke at 178,000 miles, which was three years ago. I guess I should get that fixed some time."

    Is that better, Kohb?
  • fuzzer34fuzzer34 Member Posts: 28
    1988, Ford Ranger 2.3L 4 Cylinder
    4x4, 5 Speed, regular cab.
    194K+ miles when sold.
    No problems when I had it, sold it to a guy in Philly and I occasionally still see it.

    Now got a 1996 Ford Ranger 4.0L 6 cylinder
    4x4, 5-speed, supercab, 92K and still ticking.

    Hmmm..real trucks go 4-wheeling, aren't afraid of snow, ice, mud, creeks, rivers(?), farm trails, pulling trees out, helping snowbond SUV yuppies, or other 4x4s. :)
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    my dealer has treated me pretty well, even lobbying Fomoco to extend the warrantee on my 5 year old truck, which I bought used, to cover a defective gauge when they were not required to do so. If they hadn't been so good about taking care of all of my problems and cocnerns at every service and giving me fair deals and good prices, they probably would not have seen my truck again after I drove it off the lot when I first got it.

    But the good customer service combined with the fact that I want to maintain the truck meticulously since I want it to last another 5 years at the very least problem free has encouraged me to have all dealer recommended maitnenance at the dealer up until 65,000 miles. However, the schedule calls for nothing other than oil changes for the next 15,000 miles or so so in all likelihood I'll be doing that myself, though when it calls for anything big again it will go to the dealer, though it has never been under any type of warrantee. For those in the Philly or King of Prussia area looking for good service on their Fords or a good deal on a new one stop by Conshohocken Ford. I have no complaints so far.
  • cs18cs18 Member Posts: 10
    I own a 2001 dakota....you wont find one of these in the trouble free discussions.....believe me i own one.....trouble free it'S NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • erkkilaerkkila Member Posts: 22
    2000 Mazda B3000- 7000 miles so far, not one single problem, unlike my previous truck-a 1995 GMC Sonoma, which was an unreliable, cheaply designed, poorly built POS!
  • wilmacwilmac Member Posts: 27
    93 Ford Ranger Supercab 4.0 5 speed full power pkg including windows & locks. Sold @ 175k miles everything worked. 2nd owner drove it for 50K miles and sold it. Still see it around. 01 Chevy Silverado Extended cab 5.3 Autotrack loaded ; 3000 miles
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    89 Ford Ranger supercab xlt
    Just turned 200K miles..

    Ok, so I had a few problems:
    fuel pressure regulator at 175k
    rear u-joint at 160k
    water pump at 170k

    Used texaco havoline3 oil changed every 3k miles. btw: still on the origional clutch.

    Truck is still running great. I gave it to my dad cause I needed a bigger truck.
    I'm now driving an 00' F250 SuperDuty.. only 19k miles, no problems..
  • jjs01z71jjs01z71 Member Posts: 1
    Let's face it everyone, you take care of your truck in return it will take care of you! I change my oil ever 2500 miles and at 27,000 I change the plugs and wires and at 31,000 miles I will Change the rear end "differential" fluids and the transmission fluids. Ive Had Several Trucks that have taken care of me 100%
    for example my:

    1974 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe In-Line 6 - 3Spd
    on the tree. Bought the truck new in 1974
    It Had 196,000 miles when I sold it in 1993.
    Still Ran Fine Just needed paint. Ive had alot of trucks since im 65 years old! but thought Id give you some of the near present trucks ive owned.

    1994 Dodge Ram 1500 SingeCab Long Bed 5.9L
    I loved this truck besides the 14 recalls on it! It didn't have alot of guts but It was a great truck! never stuck me! I felt bad when I sold this one last year in 2000 some one got a great truck! sold it with 80,000 on the speedo

    2001 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 LT W/Onstar
    Great truck so far only have 4500 miles on it!
    No squeeks and rattles like other people post!
    Pretty Fast truck and I like the equiptment it comes with! If anyone is looking for a great truck get this one it has everything on it! and it's fast! Get the 4.10 gears! I bought a boat recently and It tows it good!

    Good Luck
    Jim Justice
  • dean52dean52 Member Posts: 12
    Sorry to hear about your 2001 Dakota. But you will see a Dakota on this board. Mine a 1998 Dakota 4x4, 5.2, 5 speed. Had the truck almost three years and only had a third brake light bulb blow. Traded in on a 2001 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Off-Roader. I just hope it is as dependable as the Dakota.
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    I was looking around some of the maintenance discussion rooms and I hear people fussing back and fourth about the cost of oil changes and the savings gleaned from changing oil at 7,500 vs 5000 miles and 5000 vs. 3000 miles. I have even heard some say they stretch intervals to 10,000 miles with synthetic. It truly never ceases to amaze me... they'll pay 30 thousand dollars or more for a vehicle, but then expend every ounce of mental effort they can muster trying to rationalize extending oil change intervals to avoid spending 25 bucks every 3 months.
    It is without a doubt the cheapest, easiest thing that you can do to keep a car running and get your money's worth out of what has become one of the biggest investments you can make. And yet people count the dollars and cents and whine about the cost of a measley oil change here and there. Some just don't seem to understand that a car will only be as good to you as you are to it.
    If you try to find the cheapest way to keep a car running, you will only end up having to spend even more money later either for an engine rebuild or a new car.
  • keli1961keli1961 Member Posts: 1
    We just got a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Laramie Extended Cab Short bed, we absolutely without a doubt think that this is the truck to have. We believe that we made a wise investment.
    This truck is the baddest truck and we love it! ANTIOCH DODGE IS #1
  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Member Posts: 290
    Problem Free Nissan 00 Frontier 4x4. Never ceases to amaze me, both in ride quality and off road capability. Best pick up I have ever owned, Had horrible experiencs with Rangers. This a 180 degree turnaround from the rattle trap Ford's I've owned. Just change the oil the Nissan and that's it. In 18 months I have yet to see the inside of a dealership.
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