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  • keaneckeanec Member Posts: 349
    I too have the 00 Frontier 4x4 CC. Didn't you have the problem with the vibration caused by the carrier bearing. I thought pretty well everybody got that problem. Do you ever tow or put loads in it? That is when you will cause the bearing to pop and then you will start to feel a vibration in your steering wheel.

    I would have posted hear for mine too - but the bearing made me ineligible.
  • kev1x1kev1x1 Member Posts: 1
    Where are all the great trouble free fords at?? Everything in here seems to be Chevys and Toyotas.I own a 89 Ford ranger and do nothing but work on it.Also I have a 2001 silverado that blows the doors off Fords 5.4, plus gets better millage.
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    66 thousand miles

    Asks for only manufacturer recommended maintenance and no more so far, except for a recent problem shifting into first and reverse which was traced to low clutch fluid, not mechanical defect, and since the fluid was topped off its been fine ever since. I am expecting at least 150 thousand miles before selling. The 2.3 runs as flawlessly as the day I got it and the clutch still pulls like new.

  • davidb72davidb72 Member Posts: 174
    eharri3, Well, I'm just about to 106,000 and no problems. I get sideways in the snow and rain even with the 2.3 but it just keeps running and running. No problems yet. I don't think you'll have any problems getting to 150,000. Why not go for 500,000???
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    Same here, wet and snow handling is... 'adventurous' to say the least, but a little snap oversteer is kinda fun if you know how to handle it. I'd love to go for half a million miles, but I predict I'll be needing some actual interior storage space by the time I graduate and move into my own place, so I'll probably be looking into an extended cab Ranger or F150. I figure I got a year and a half to graduate, with another year or so after that to get settled and save myself a nice hefty down payment. I see myself in a new truck in about 3-4 years, or at 120-150 thousand miles. I think it's realistic to expect this truck won't demand anymore money from me, as I just changed out the timing and serpentine belt, tires, brakes, air filter. I'll probably leave the Ranger to my parents and let them run it into the ground when I get a new one, as I'm sure my needs will change before the dependability or usefulness of the vehicle does.

  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,123
    96K not problems, second at about 37K no problems...
  • derekshawnderekshawn Member Posts: 10
    The Ranger has 15k on it right now with not one single problem or complaint from me. I traded a '98 Chevy S-10 for it, best thing I ever did, that Chevy was a POS. It would take me all day to list the problems it had. I'd recommend the Ranger over the S-10 any day, drive them both and you'll see what I mean.
  • bowhuntwi2bowhuntwi2 Member Posts: 80
    The parking lots have really gotten smaller........ever try putting a Super Duty Crew Cab into a spot designed for a saturn, it doesn't fit. My truck has run basically free of trouble, just the usual squeaks and small fixes of all new trucks. My biggest problem is the dealer. They only care up to the time they get your money or when you want a new one. I agree with the previous posts if you take care of your vehicle, it will take care of you. Also everyone knows there are some lemons out there, lemons come in every form and make, you could have 2 identical trucks, 1 has no problems what so ever, the other is ready for the junk heap. I'm happy with my SD Ford Crew, but it doesn't mean I won't look and compare other makes when it comes time for a new truck. My loyality is to the truck that best serves my needs at that time.
  • stalknacestalknace Member Posts: 7
    I have had no problems w/ it. Of course it has been babied though. It has only 77k too.
  • glennl4glennl4 Member Posts: 5
    Bought new and sold it to buy a 2000 GMC Sierra. In the eight years and 120k miles the truck was at the dealer once to replace a muffler with a rusted hole. Truck was out of warranty but Mazda covered it. This was the best truck/car I have ever owned. I have a Mazda Milenna that so far seems as good. Must be something about built in Japan. The new 2000 Sierra has had many problems so far with only 10k miles.
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    I think the Mazda B series is also built in the USA.. Good quality is available in USA manufactured vehicles as well.
  • erherh Member Posts: 7
    Ext. Cab, 4 cyl., 5 speed manual trans.
    196,000 miles. Never less than 7500 mi between oil changes. Have gone over 20,000 mi. before changing oil several times. Have run it low on oil 'till it "knocks" then just added whatever was available and rode it some more. I've repaced:

    Two fuel filters Two sets of belts and hoses
    Two sets of plugs
    One water pump
    One altrnator bracket
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    considering how much you've abused the thing. I would never treat a vehicle that way.
  • mcdillmcdill Member Posts: 180
    I have a 1991 chevrolet c1500 extcab , swb, 350 automatic, 3.08 rear , it now has 215,920 miles on it , nothing has ever been rebuilt on it , uses a quart ever 3100 miles , but by that time i change it , every 3000 miles ,change the transmission fluid and filter every 20000 miles , I will never sell this truck .....I am only 17 , I will just repaint it when the paint goes bad , and keep on driving it ! this truck is the total definition of reliability . thanks-------------mattmcdill
  • chebytrkchebytrk Member Posts: 2
    Silverado 2001, 1500, 5.3, Ext Cab, Short Bed
  • oldharryoldharry Member Posts: 413
    short bed step side. I should have kept it, it's a desirably model now.

    Bought new in December 1969
    Sold in April 1977 120 K miles

    Changed oil every 2000 miles (Recommended back then)
    Changed trans fluid 50 K & 100 K
    Changed fuel pump at same time as trans fluid
    (Old rubber diaphram fuel pumps were a maintenance item)
    Three sets of tires
    Brakes once

    Other than filters fluids and wiper blades no repairs.

  • chevytruck_fanchevytruck_fan Member Posts: 432
    1981 Chevy C10, in family since new, 332,000 miles, original tranny had to be rebuilt first time at 330,000 original motor replaced at 250,000. Original carb, alternator, starter, ps pump, distributor. Starts up faster than most new cars. I love this truck and now I will only buy GM products because of this truck.
  • homey7homey7 Member Posts: 5
    1989 Toyota 4X4 Ext-Cab Pickup, 166,200 miles, regular maintenance(plugs, pads, filters).
    Wife's truck-1992 Toyota 4X4 Ext-Cab Pickup, 186,000 miles, still has original clutch, we did replace the radiator. My 89 has been so reliable I am afraid to buy another truck, even a Toyota! HELP!!!!!!
  • chevytruck_fanchevytruck_fan Member Posts: 432
    these are the cars I grew up with

    1983 Ford Ranger, 4 cylinder, 170,000 miles timing belt and ignition module, original belts and hoses. Was not treated easy either

    1987 Ford Escort, 200,000+ now, uncle drives it, fuel pump, timing belt, Alternator module thingy (forget what it is called), and water pump.

    1990 Ford Bronco, 148,000 miles not one thing except serpentine belt, not one thing, squeks alot but it is a truck. Used on a lot of loaded down camping trips.

    1998 Ford Escort Zx2, 40,000 miles, nothing wrong, fit and finish very good, inside materials good.
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    Like you, my family and I have had extremely good longevity with the various Rangers and Escorts we've owned.. (over 200k on several)..
    Make me sortof wonder why you went to Chevy's :)

    When I find a good brand, I stick with it.. (like I would recommend to homey7 to stick with his toyota's, they've treated him well). However, if I start experiencing problems with Fords, then I'll look elsewhere for my next vehicle..
  • chevytruck_fanchevytruck_fan Member Posts: 432
    growing up in a Ford family I was like a lot of ignorant people on this list that thought Chevy made junk, everything was junk about them, of course I only sat in them a couple times. Well my first truck was 74 Dodge, now there is junk Grandpa decided to buy a new Chevy truck and asked me if I wanted his old one, and I agreed (no brainer). After a couple years of driving this I have fell in love with Chevy's, I just like how they designed everything in it, the interior, the body styling, and it is one dang reliable truck. beside the dang 330,000 mile tranny going out (think it freaked out going from a grandpa to a college student ) I have put 80$ of maintenance into it, those were for two chokepull off's on the carb.

    I have had such a awesome experience with it, as well as people I know that own chevy's (I wouldn't listen before)that Chevy's the place for me now. This is about the same time also that Ford came out with the new F150's with overhead cam designs that I said see ya later Ford.
  • frankno1frankno1 Member Posts: 68
    I bought my first Chevrolet truck in 1964 and my last one in 1974. I had ten to fifteen years of Chevrolet quality. When GM called their customers the suckers and they were right. So I changed over to Fords and they weren't to bad (had one Dodge and I don't want to even go there). Had my last Ford in 1992 and have had Toyotas ever since. I now have a Tundra that has not been back into the shop except for normal maintenance items. I will say this about Ford they seem to respond to their customers a heck of a lot better than Toyota does. Once you but a Toyota they don't want to hear from you again, I guess they don't think they need to. If experience means anything I have had all the trucks 283, 350, 454, 290, 460, 318's and they were all the same poor quality. People say buy an American truck and support American workers, well I have for over 40years. All it got me was junk and lots of repair bills. So now being in my golden years and not able to afford the junk I will buy Toyota's because they cost a lot less in the long run. Sorry if this ticks some off buy if you can't stand the truth, like Harry Truman said "get out of the kitchen" Frankno1
  • tacoma_trdtacoma_trd Member Posts: 135
    my 98 B2500 27k miles, absolutely perfect, no problems, it is for sale though :( I will miss it but I am looking forward to buying a Tacoma.

    secondly a buddy of mine has a 93 ranger XLT 2.3L 5 spd, he just turned 239,000 miles, running like a champ
  • rea98drea98d Member Posts: 982
    Mileage unknown, because the odo quit at over 80,000 miles and that was 5 or 10 years ago. (The ones, tens and hundreds would count, but the thousands and ten thousands wouldn't). Anyway, except for a small oil leak fixed by replacing a valve cover gasket, and a leaky fuel tank (dual tanks on this truck), my grandfather drove this truck from 1986 until he died in 1999, and it never gave him problems. My Aunt has the truck now, and it's still plugging along. My grandfather was a house painter and a gardener, and worked his truck hard. The paint, especially the bed, showed it as well.
  • blacksilverblacksilver Member Posts: 69
    1991 4WD 350 XCab 193,000 farming miles and going strong. Replaced starter about a year ago. Need shocks.
  • jumpmaster82jumpmaster82 Member Posts: 8
    Zero problems-
    1993 Toyota 4-Runner SR5 V-6 125,500 miles.
    Original everything! (Knock on wood...)Only had to have the oil changed (go figure), timing belt (same), and brake pads, oh and tires. Interior is immaculate and has held up without cracking or fading. She is a little weathered- I lived in the Mojave Desert for over 3 years- and her power is not always as good as I could wish, but for reliability there is no better- for me.
  • beanikbeanik Member Posts: 4
    Got this for $300 out of a tow yard last year. After sitting for 90 days it started first crank and has ran great no problems since (parking brake needs adjusting..)
  • ziks30ziks30 Member Posts: 3
    154,000 miles and the only non-maintainance, or wear item to fail was a tranny seal at 130,000 miles. Like a Rock!, I mean, Ford Tough!!
    2wd, 2.3L, 5spd.
  • jd64jd64 Member Posts: 2
    98T100 4WD K-CAB Manual trany..70,000 miles. I really like my truck but I wish it had a 3rd door and just a litlle more power.
  • chevytruck_fanchevytruck_fan Member Posts: 432
    no wonder toyota owners think their so good, they brag about their trucks reaching, 70k and wish my Chevy would go that long, oh wait it already has 3 times over.
  • ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Member Posts: 278
    1985 Toyota Pickup
    1/2 Ton
    4 spd

    208,000 miles and I swear the thing has never...never left me stranded. The exhaust manifold stud popped after moving from a dry, arid area to a fairly humid one. When it popped, I drove it all week till it was fixed on the weekend. Fairly noisy like it had a blower... heh heh. It's soon to become a Taco. I will miss it.

  • chevytruck_fanchevytruck_fan Member Posts: 432
    hey I notice you are shopping for a silverado, why did you pick the silverado over the tundra, just curious?
  • ibaforesteribaforester Member Posts: 3
    I thought this was titled a problem free discussion. After reading through all the messages though it seems that minor problems and routine maintainence is accepted here. I've wondered where to issue this challenge before and I think this may be one of the best spots I've come across. I've just retired an 86 4-Runner,4WD, 4 cyl.22RE with an automatic trans. Didn't want to but after it rolled over twice, the truck not the odometer, I'll probably let it go for salvage. My challenge is that with normal maintainence and minor problems the performance was as follows;
    Total miles 465,000
    Original engine 353,000, only oil changes, spark plugs, and scheduled valve adjustments
    Original transmission 465,000, only recommended normal service of fluid change and filter cleaning.
    All original differentials, and transfer case, fluids changed every 100,000.
    Changed front and rear wheel bearings at 300,000 with intent of driving it forever
    Driven daily as my work vehicle as a forestry consultant in Georgia working in the Southeast US/

    Everyone always seemed suprised when they found out how many miles I had but I always felt surely there was somebody who was doing the same. Surely somebody out west, I felt, was having similiar service out of their 4-Runner.
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