2004 Impala Ls Radio Probs And Water On Floor Board

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About a few months ago my dad notice there was water under the passenger front seat. Lifted the Carpet up And notice it was the whole entire passenger side floorboard has water maybe 2+ inches of water. Of course the wires running to the factory amp have to be there. The Radio stopped working once in awile it will play for maybe in hour then cut it but the radio has no sound for 3 weeks. The radio powers on but no sound at all. Theres no chimes at all. I beileve the harness under the carpet running by the passenger doors will have to be replassed. I would like to know if any one has any fix please. For the water coming in and why the radio doesnt have any sound. Would it be cheaper if a aftermarket radio is installed? The wire hareness for a aftermarket radio is about 100 bucks then the headunit will be another 130 then the speakers might have to be replased since they are only 2 ohms because i dont want to use the factory amp... Please reply to this forum thanks a lot


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    I have a 2004 impala and I recently had the same problem. My passenger floor was soaking wet and my radio all of a sudden stopped working. I took it to a chevy dealership and they fixed it for about $470. I'm a woman so I'm not really sure what was wrong but i'd recommend taking it into a chevy dealership
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    Developed the same problem with my 2005 Impala. Water on the passenger side floor and now, no radio. Know where to head thanks to your post. Let u know how it turns out.
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    I was told that they leak at the windshield cowel and to caulk the area so water doesn't get down inside.I did that.So far my 2005 base car has been 100% trouble free.43,400 miles and she runs fantastic!
    I just could use a radio/cd unit since i out in a 2x4 and pushed it a but too far and broke 2 radio buttons,it works but i want it like it was...in Excellent shape.
    I have NOT had any bad issues with my 2005 impala. 3.4 v/6 but..i maintain it like it has new larger front rotors,new struts before the old go badnew belt,radiator fluid flushed,oil changed every 1500 miles with quaker state or castrol only and NO cheap oil filters like many use,etc.
    I may ask $8k for it if i do decide to sell it and it has a set of winter tires for it also. So far sooo good for me.
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    Glad to hear that your Impala has been such a great vehicle for you, myimpala05! Here's wishing you a great holiday season!

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    Thanks Sarah!
    Just got the car back from a shop and they got it all aligned(4 wheel not just 2),front end lubed up and they love the car.
    Just needs a good interior detailing but i forgot to get signed up at Ray Chevy in Illinois for the $129.00 special price,i don't want to pay the $169.00.Its' not bad inside but i'd like it to be refreshened.
    OH. Time to get the snows put on i guess !
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    Great to hear! :)

    Stay safe out on the roads and have a great holiday season!

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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