GMC Envoy Rear Window Explodes

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Hello -

Today, on our way home the rear window of our 2006 GMC Envoy spontaneously exploded into a million pieces. It sounded as if we had been shot - it was a loud explosion. Glass went everywhere in the car, hitting both my husband and I. We were driving on the freeway and going 60 miles an hour. Luckily, neither of us were hurt, but we consider ourselves very lucky.

I have done some searching online and have found others that have had this happen - some say it's due to "drastic climate changes."

We live in Cleveland, and while it IS cold here, it has been for several weeks. It's not as if it's gone from 60 to 20 overnight. Nothing hit our vehicle, the defrost was not on, nor was the back wiper.

This is the second time this has happened - the first being Christmas night last year. So, that makes this twice within one year of each incident that this has occurred.

Does anyone know of any recalls, ect.? Is this is problem anyone else has experienced? Suggestions?


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    First let me say I'm glad you and your husband are safe. Second, this just had this happen to me last night!

    I have a 2005 Envoy and went to leave for work this am and found my rear hatch window blown out. When I found the mess this am I thought someone broke into my garage. I hadn't started the truck yet so nothing was on (heat, wiper, etc). It looks like it just exploded! Glass inside and outside the rear so I couldn't tell where the force came from. I guess "exploded" fits it about right.

    As I mentioned, I was parked in my garage (all night long) so there wasn't any drastic temp change to blame. I'm at a loss not of of why but apparently this will run me about $1000 to replace!

    Ironically I also live in the Cleveland area ... If any others have had this happen, please post. I sounds like a defect in the Envoy's glass.
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    Did you check with your insurance company? Often a policy will cover glass.
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    ctraina -

    While insurance WOULD cover the cost of replacing the window (that's what we did the first time we had this happen) - it's not something you should have to do. You are going to have to pay the deductible, which regardless of what yours is, is more than you should have to pay! This IS a defect in the manufacturing of the vehicle.

    We had our glass guy look at the damage - the same person we had to the repair the first time this happened. He pointed out two prongs that incorrectly hold the window in place. He is fixing our window as we speak - and he is also contacting GMC in regards to this.

    We have contacted GMC and have an active claim with them right now. I HIGHLY recommend you call and also file a complaint with them. Their number is 866-790-5700. They have contacted us twice since we first reported this. We ARE holding GMC responsible - since this happened twice, it's impossible for it to be a coincidence.

    After the repairs are made, we will be getting rid of our beloved Envoy. We are expecting our first child this summer, and CANNOT risk having this happen again - ESPECIALLY with a baby in the backseat facing the window that has already blown out twice! Even after the car is repaired, we do not trust it enough to use it to transport our family - and a family vehicle is exactly what we were looking for.

    Best of luck to you - let me know if you are able to get anywhere with GMC and what you wind up doing!
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    wow i just had this problem today i have a 2004 envoy went to class today in a snow storm in Indianapolis had rear defroster on would turn the back wiper on every now in then to wipe snow off got to school left 2 hours later got in parking lot to my truck an my back window was shattered in a milliom pieces i thought someone broke in but if they did wasnt sure why they didnt take nothing considering my purse was in there also why didnt my alarm go off GMC needs to get a recall on this very dangerous thank god my kids were'nt in the truck i shall be calling them tomorrow just sucks it has happen but good to no i'm not crazy after reading other people with the same problem now trying to get it fix is the problem not cheap
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    We own a 2006 GMC Envoy Denali and the Rear Window exploded while we were stopped. Glass flew everywhere and lucky our kids were not in the back seat. Filed a case with General Motors, but it appears this is not too big of a problem for any assistance from them. In addition, filed a complaint with NHTSA.

    We were on a paved two lane highway at a stop sign. No cars were around as it was about 730 in the morning. The temps were around 40 degrees and wiper blades were not being used. The price to replace the rear window is estimated at $795.
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    i have a 2007 envoy the kids called me said it was parked in the driveway and all of a sudden the back window completely shattered contacted my insurance five hundred deductable could get it replaced next day contacted gm after reading posts they told me to take it to the dealer and they would decide if they could do anything the warranty is up any chance of gm paying for the window
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    My rear window exploded today. I pulled into my garage, turned off the engine,then all of sudden there was a loud noise and the rear window shattered in a thousand pieces. The vehicle was not even moving! I live in Pittsburgh and the temperatue did turn colder today. We did get a little snow, so maybe the temperature change had something to do with it. Who knows. This sounds to me like a defect. This should not be happening. You would think the glass in these vehicles can withstand these normal temperature changes.
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    I am glad that you all have created this thread - I had documented it for GM.

    Giglio411, If you were planning on working with a GM dealership, we could set up a Customer Assistance Case for you. Please email us more information, including: your name/Edmunds user name and contact information (phone and address, please), the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your preferred dealership.

    GM Customer Service
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    I did file a complaint with NHTSA.
    Deductible is $500, and luckily I found a used glass for $300 so iI did notfile use insurance.
    I then installed myself which is how I realized the real problem.
    The conclusion below is what I wrote to my local service manager @ the dealership.

    Attached are pictures of interference between the left and right inboard radius of the glass and the tailgate steel. The glass needs to be cut lower to clear the steel, or the steel be pushed fwd away from the glass.

    Please take note the areas where the glass has rubbed through the paint and started to rust. In this series of pictures the latch is not even engaged yet. There s<img src="eems to be some side to side movement permitted in the hinge design, which leaves the chance that one side of the glass could contact the steel more than the other causing this to create a pressure point bursting the +$800 assembly. This is a faulty interference design, I hope there is a solution available.

    At the moment
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    Sorry I got cut off. Also need to figure out how to post pics.

    Attached are pictures of interference between the left and right inboard radius of the glass and the tailgate steel. The glass needs to be cut lower to clear the steel, or the steel be pushed fwd away from the glass.

    Please take note the areas where the glass has rubbed through the paint and started to rust. In this series of pictures the latch is not even engaged yet. There seems to be some side to side movement permitted in the hinge design, which leaves the chance that one side of the glass could contact the steel more than the other causing this to create a pressure point bursting the +$800 assembly. This is a faulty interference design, I hope there is a solution available.
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    You can use the IMG button just below the post box when you compose a new post. Then paste in the URL/link where the photo is (flickr, tinypic, photobucket, etc.).
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    I would be curious to know how gm customer service can explain this.
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    I have a 2005 Envoy and walked out the the garage the other morning to find the glass shattered everywhere.

    I would not have believed it unless it happened to me.

    Just amazing.....
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    GMC will handle it by giving you the runaround. We had this happen twice before (see my post in this thread about our situation) - I FINALLY got rid of my GMC and will never buy one again. I've urged friends, family, and others to follow my lead. TWICE we had to make an insurance claim on this. Clearly, this is some sort of manufacturer's defect. There are so many posts here about this - and these are only the people that registered for this forum to discuss the problem... think of all the people out there that haven't found this site or don't use the Internet! Its far too many people to be a coincidence. GMC refused to do anything for us to ensure that our vehicle is safe for our family (which includes a baby in a rear-facing carseat) - we are sooo happy with our new Explorer and are glad to be rid of the Envoy.
    I am so sorry for everyone's misfortune and I understand. Hopefully this wont happen to you again and everyone stays safe!
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    OMG! I am so glad you posted this....and I'm glad you all are ok. A gunshot is exactly what it sounds like! I have a 2003 Envoy and on January 3, 2012 I went into the grocery store. I came out and was putting my stuff in the hatch and as I barely started to shut the hatch I heard a loud explosion and the glass shattered into a million pieces. Luckily it is that tempered glass (or whatever:-)) and I wasn't cut. Two days later I got it replaced. Now tonight, Jannuary 18th, 2012 it broke out again! I am so pissed off right now! Funny thing is I was at Kroger again, only it didn't break til I got home, BUT when I was putting my groceries in the truck I noticed 3 pieces of broken glass. I never thought to look at the glass b/c I just blew it off as having missed a couple pieces when we vacuumed it out last time. However, it was only about a 10 minute drive home and as soon as I tried shutting the hatch....BOOM! Loud explosion, nearly peed my pants, and had broken glass everywhere...AGAIN!!
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    We are trying to get cases set up for our customers who have experienced the rear glass problem described in your posts. Please send us more information in an email, including your name/Edmunds username, contact information (phone/address), the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and preferred dealership. My coworker Christina will advise you from there!
    Hope to hear from you,
    GM Customer Service
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    Sarah -

    GM will set up a case and act like they're going to do something, but you wont have any luck with them. Eventually they will stop answering your messages and your "case" with them will simply disappear. You will also have to pay or go through your insurance - unless you have another car or plan on driving around with a broken window! GM is in no hurry to send you any type of payment or offer any assistance. Absolute best of luck to you - I am so sorry this happened to you and am glad you are safe and unharmed. One day someone isn't going to be so lucky - and GM just seems totally fine with that and willing to let it happen.
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    When was your case closed, stpgurl? We can reopen it and make sure that it was handled appropriately, if you like.
    GM Customer Service
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    My rear window exploded this evening on my GMC Envoy. My children were in the back seat and could have been seriously injured. Is there anything that I can do? How do I go by contacting GMC or is that an option? I am so angry right now. It's the only car we have and it's 6 degrees tonight. My husband has been out of work and our money is limited. Even with an insurance claim, I still have to come up with the deductible. Thanks for letting me vent.
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    Good morning mustardfaith,
    As I wrote in my previous post, we're hoping to get service requests set up with us through Customer Service for this concern. You can get in touch with us via email to do this; please include your name/Edmunds username, phone/address, the last 8 digits of your vehicle's VIN and current mileage, and involved dealership.
    GM Customer Service
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    Came home from work, parked the truck in the garage went into the house. My husband and I went back outside to shovel snow, walked into the garage and my rear window is shattered. about 6 years ago the same thing happened, except the truck was parked on the street so I thought someone broke it.

    I came in looking for a repair shop and I google Envoy GMC shattered rear window. to my surprise I find this forum. wow.
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    Hi, we purchased a 2007 Buick Lacrosse on Sept 16 and 4 day later while sitting at a red light my back glass exploded. It scared me to death, it was pouring rain and I had turned on the rear defrost, which we had come to discover caused interference with the radio, so we didn't much. It was a mess, long story the car place we had purchased the car from wouldn't do anything. I contacted GM and was told my 50,000 mile warranty had expired..WT!!! SO...HELL YEAH, I WITH YOU ALL THE WAY... :mad:
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    I am not sure what email I am suppose to send this info to..
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964
    Please use the email address in my profile - this is forwarded to our database, and you will receive a reply from Christina (another Customer Service Representative who responds to the emails from Edmunds), who uses an "" address.
    We look forward to hearing from you,
    GM Customer Service
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    I live in Richmond Hill, Toronto. About an hour ago I was at a traffic signal in my 07 Denali and for no obvious reason my rear window exploded. The rear defroster was not on (it is a beautiful day here today) and the vehicle was stationary. The sound was horrendous and the glass flew into the car. I am so grateful my kids were not sitting in the rear seat as the glass flew everywhere.
    I have owned many cars in my life (this is first North American car I have owned) but never experienced anything like this. There must be an obvious flaw in the rear screen glass or manufacturing. Will GM assist me in repair of this vehicle? I am going ahead to repair as I need to use the vehicle but hope GM can offer some assistance in the repair costs.
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    I found out through opening a service claim directly through GM,that there is absolutely Nothing that can be done to assist ANYONE who has this problem outside of warranty coverage.
    Since there is NO service bulletin, there is no way a dealer or anyone at GM can acknowledge that there is a "known problem" . This releases them from the liability of making any repair at their cost.
    They will however reair your window at your cost every time this happens.
    They also will not aclnowledge that the breakage may be caused by glass coming into contact with the liftgate steel which is VERY OBVIOUS if you look under the third brake plastic shroud with gate and glass closed.

    THE ONLY WAY this will ever get resolved is for a higher authority (NHTSA) to force GM to investigate.
    Please help all of us by filing a safety claim at NHTSA's site.

    I will applaud GM for at least putting the effort into my claim.
    The highest level GM customer service reps that average folks can contact, are limited to the same data accessible at the dealerships service dept.. Those of us who have already talked to a dealership will not get any new info from GM's service rep.
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    This is unrelated to this current thread because of vehicle type...
    Your situation may be specific to other vehicles of the same design.
    I would definately suggest searching specifically for your model , so not to be misled by any possibly unrelated claims.
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    Wow - last night our Envoy's back window blow out when it was sitting in the garage with the door closed. Was glad that no one was in the Envoy or the garage when this happened. Did send an e-mail to GMC customer service last night and I receive a call back this morning. Thank you for responding back so quickly.
    I am to take the car into the dealership for it to be looked at and for them to see what might have caused this. Will be taking it in today. Then GMC will determine if it is to be covered. Not really happy with the response. I was promised that GMC will call me back on Friday after talking with the dealership on what they will do.
    Just not sure what they will be able to determine since the whole window is gone. Since there are other issues with this happening feel it should be covered.
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    Dont be surprised. This will only be covered through your insurance co. GM does not acknowledge any issue with the design, quality, or assembly of this glass. There is no known issue for them to repair. But if you read through this thread you will see that it is your voice that is needed for resolution through NHTSA complaint.
    Best of luck. Please ask the dealer to inspect the window interference with the liftgate as shown in the pictures i posted. Make sure that it is documented at the dealrship when you inspect the finished assembly. Otherwise they will not cover it when this happens again.
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    I live in Louisiana and my rear window in my 06 Yukon Denali scattered for no reason today. I went on your profile to get the email address to send to you and it states it is private. Can you please post the email address to send the info you stated. I've been having this vehicle for 6 years with no problem but I have a newborn and can not afford this to be a reaccurding issue. Please Help. Thanks Holly.
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    do not hold your breath for GMC to respond. Despite all the marketing telling us how much they have improved, they are only interested in new business and not in helping existing customers who kept them afloat when they were in trouble. I have not had a response to my post about the rear window and it has been nearly three months. I just went ahead ad paid out of my own pocket to replace my rear window. Syed.
  • hhilton17hhilton17 Member Posts: 2
    I'm going ahead and paying for it as well. I just dont want this to happen again. I have a newborn and can't afford this to happen when he is in the vehicle. This there anything the people that installs the new window in can do to make sure that this doesnt occur????
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    Good morning Holly,

    I'm sorry to hear about your rear window. Our email address is [email protected] (for whatever reason, although I've tried repeatedly to set my profile to public it just isn't sticking - I apologize for the confusion). I cannot guarantee any results up front, but we will be sure to look into this with you!

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
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    GMC did respond with a no ----BUT they would be willing to give a $1000.00 loyal customer credit for a new GMC product. Their commit is that since there is no window left they cannot determine what caused the failure and so they could not cover the cost.
    Good Luck - I even sent a letter via UPS to the CEO and to the President of North American operations and received the same response back.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964

    I'm sorry if your initial post was missed! Sometimes the tool we use to search for posts doesn't catch everything. I looked back at our original post about your rear window and see that you're in Canada; unfortunately, I can only assist our US drivers. However, if you should ever need Customer Assistance, I would recommend contacting GM of Canada at 800-263-3777 (Hours: M-F 7:30am - 11:30pm, Sat 7:30am - 6:00 EST).

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
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    I just googled "Envoy glass shattered" and found your thread. Tonight I had loaded 3 of our 4 kids into the Envoy and my oldest son opened the hatch halfway, realized he had forgotten his shoes, and ran back to the garage. About 30 seconds after he opened it I heard a loud boom, then shattering of glass. I jumped out, ran back there and saw glass EVERYWHERE within a 15 ft. radius it seemed. I am shuddering and thanking GOD that it was open because I'm afraid it would have blown glass in, struck my infant (facing the rear), and my 2 and 8 year old. And if my 12 year old hadn't forgotten his shoes he would have been right there.

    My husband was in the house and came out in disbelief when he saw it all. Initially we thought our accident prone 12 year old had done something but realized he wasn't even near it (thankfully) when it occurred. And your choice of the word "explosion" is more fitting than "shattered." My son actually thought he had heard thunder, then lightning had struck our glass. Even our neighbor rushed over to figure out what was going on.

    I am TERRIFIED to put my children in this DEFECTIVE VEHICLE even following the repairs after what I've read and am shocked that GMC hasn't done anything. I was always a believer in purchasing American made vehicles but this is making me reconsider.

    After reading that this has even happened TWICE!! to you I will not be putting my kids in danger. I had already called Progressive and just have the $500 deductible to pay but that won't resolve my concerns about putting my children in harm's way. I will be their worst mama bear nightmare until they recall this.

  • joevnorejoevnore Member Posts: 2
    Tonight my son and a friend's daughter cut themselves on glass playing in the yard in flip flops. We tried to get it all but there are bits everywhere. Today I shut the driver's side door and heard glass falling back there still. Just needed to vent. We visited the dealer, contacted GM by by phone and filled out the NHTSA online form. Waiting for responses.
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    It looks like you've taken all of the right steps on this, Amy. I'm sorry that you have had to experience this and thank you in advance for your patience with us as we investigate the situation.

    Kind regards,
    GM Customer Service
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    I don't know if this thread is still active, but yesterday the rear window in my 2006 Envoy XL completely shattered into a bazillion pieces. A friend and I had just put some purchases in the back and she was returning the cart to the cart collector. I had just shut the hatch and turned away from the car to say something to my friend behind me when I heard this loud noise, almost like a gunshot. I turned around and saw the window was gone! I hadn't closed it any different or with any more or less strength than I usually do since I've had the vehicle. It just exploded! My friend did say that the plastic piece that hides the latch mechanisms was still up when I closed the hatch and I didn't notice it. I wasn't looking up there when I closed it. So I come online and find all these other incidences of rear window explosions and am shocked! I am so relieved that my children were not in the back! As much as I would hate to have to buy a new vehicle, if it happens again, my Envoy is gone and I will never buy another GMC vehicle again. I can't believe that nothing is being done to fix this. I am glad it didn't explode in my face or someone else's. Come on GM, get your s**t together and do something about this.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    We're sorry to hear about this incident with the rear window in your Envoy. What are your plans for getting this addressed, or have you already?
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    Few days ago I seated my employees in my 2003 gmc envoy Xl to go to Los Angeles and then a boom happened I looked back and my rear window shattered and employees in the rear seat were holding their heads and one had blood dripping on his shirt. I had to cancel the trip and quickly arranged first aid. After that I called gMC costumer service but did not get any response whatsoever. Be careful rear window is really dangerous. I will post a video of the GMC and the incident on YouTube so people get aware of this serious problem of GMC envoy's rear windows sudden shattering.
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    My rear hatch window exploded today and its by the Grace of God that my son was not seriously injured! He was right behind the vehicle and slowly lowering the hatch when it was not even halfway down it exploded sending glass into the car and out into the parking lot over 10 feet away.

    To make matters worse I am handicapped and could do nothing to help with the situation. Store employees came rushing out with to help with brooms, trash bags and duct tape to tape up a tarp we had to ensure that we had a safe journey home.

    This really needs to be recalled as this is the SECOND time it has happened with my vehicle. The day I was supposed to pic my Envoy up at the dealership they said I had to wait because the window exploded. They thought at the time it might be the pistons and they replaced those and the windows. I am thinking its NOT the pistons!! This is NOT a fluke and it is very important that the company wakes up before someone gets seriously hurt. My Envoy sustained some minor damage with all the glass...chipped paint mostly but that is fixable. My son isn't. As is he had three of the fingers on one hand all bloodied with the glass everywhere. To top it all off the hatch no longer closes and had to be bungied closed. Thankfully I had these items living in the country, and having to strap my wheelchair in daily. What happens to someone that has no one to help, and no tarp or bungee straps?

    Shame on a billion or trillion dollar company that cant ensure its customers safety! I paid a lot of money to have a reliable vehicle. As a handicapped person my vehicle is my legs and if it breaks down I am stranded, I cant get up and walk away from it. The condition my car was left in was certainly not something I can use. Thankfully with the employees help I made it home where it will stay until the dealership figures out where to go from here. UNHAPPY to say the least. :cry:
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    I was driving the other day when i heard an almighty bang. It sounded real bad so I pulled over adn found that my hatch was open. Went to close it and then realized the hatch strut had come off while I was driving, if it had hit the window it may have broken it. As it is, the strut is busted and I will have to get another one. Not to mention that since then, in a period of 1 week, my brake light went out, my headlights no longer work and the vehicle is leaning to one side, presumably because the stabilitrak is not working correctly. Only had the car 6 weeks and if its going to be like this, I am selling it and getting a Ford.
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    After loading my daughters wheelchair into the back of our 2006 Envoy XL, I started to close the tailgate (moved it maybe 2") and BANG! The window exploded throwing glass fragments up to 12' from the vehicle. Luckily I didn't get any in my face given I was facing the tailgate with my hand on it. So after first starting to read this forum topic, I called GM Canada to start the file.

    When I arrived home from the initial trip to the dealer for their look at it, I was looking at the door as for some reason ever since the window exploded the door does not close as smooth. I looked closely at the hinges for the tailgate and they have also failed. So not only is the window mounting faulty, so are the hinges. My door seal in the top now has a 1/4" gap between the seal and the door! :mad:
  • bustedwindowbustedwindow Member Posts: 2

    Driving a buddy home last night and rear hatch glass shattered. Is GMC just ignoring this issue still? I plan on calling them tomorrow since today is Jan.1, but just curious if GMC will pony up the bucks to fix this. A thousand dollars to fix this issue is insane. Hey GMC, don't turn all envoy drivers into Ford drivers over this. Fix your mistakes. Reach into those deep pockets and fix this. Please have some sympathy.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454

    Will insurance cover it?

  • bustedwindowbustedwindow Member Posts: 2

    Honestly, I feel insurance should not have to pay for this. This is clearly something GM needs to address. A person should never have to pay to fix a window that simply just shatters due to poor or sloppy engineering. It would be a different story if the window was damaged by debris or what not, and a different story if so many people were not having same issue. I have found posts from as far back as 2004 with people experiencing the same issue. Should people have to plunk down $500+ at any given time for simply deciding to buy an American made vehicle? I decided to leave the VWs that I have depended, with no disappointments, for an American truck. Boy has that cost me plenty already. If GMC gives me the run around on fixing this(which they will!), then I'll fix the window and sell their inferior product. Just a shame. There once was a time when "Made in America" meant quality, guess I such have stuck with the Mexican made German cars.

  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Member Posts: 2,345

    @[email protected] said:
    Will insurance cover it?

    Many owners let comprehensive + coverage go once a vehicle is a few years old. I don't think liability covers things like this. GM should STEP UP. Is it any wonder there are SO MANY cautious shoppers with huge reservations at the prospects of considering ANY new GM (or Ford for that matter) again..regardless of any new models reviews?? Every time I see 'Sarah' the GM Customer (Lip)Service post, (or any of the others that fill the same position, since the GM CLS turn-over rate is also prevalent) it raises a vein in my forehead.

    I try to recall the many many issues just like this whenever I get weak and consider a GM purchase. I wonder if anyone reports such negativity to the new CEO who claims "no more crappy cars"? Sounds good but what about, first, properly handling all the past victims who still have valid claims/issues? Let's take care of them FIRST shall we Ms. Barra?

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    This is how we celebrated our New Year's Eve - cleaning and vacuuming after our rear window shattered. Very similar to everybody else's story; we had come out of the grocery store, put our groceries in the back, didn't shut our hatch any harder than normal. We stood behind the Envoy talking for about 15-20 seconds, and then the window exploded. Glass on the inside and outside. Even another store patron was stunned as he was walking by when it happened. Again, we were lucky we didn't have our little girls with us; they typically sit in the 3rd row. I'm very thankful for the glass buyback on our insurance policy, so we should only have to pay around $100 for the repairs. Our high yesterday was 3 degrees, with a few colder days in front of us; can't imagine having to roll around w/o a window in that for long term. Thanks Farmers for the glass option on our policy!

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    Last week this exact thing happened to me. I went out to my car and the whole back window was shattered. Orginially my first thought is someone broke it. But a woman came outside to tell me she saw the whole thing. She was walking into her house and heard a BIG bang like a gunshot. And my whole rear window was shattered. I found this forum and got the number for GM and called them....i had already called my insuarance to fix it, because i mean thats what insurance is for. I have a 200.00 DED, but im mad because i shouldnt even have to pay for that. GM said i could have went to my dealer and they would help me. OK fine. but i couldnt wait, i reacted the fasted way to get it done. And that was to go thru the insurance company to get it fixed sooner than later. I am very upset there isnt a recall on this after seeing all these other people dealing with this problem. And it isnt sitting w me right that they are saying it HAPPENED MORE THAN ONCE! I am a nervous wreck about it happening again. I have two children and if this happens with them in the car and someone gets hurt i will be livid. If there is anything that i could do, please let me know. Im so concerned about this.

    Thank You,
    Melissa 1.

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