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New VW Golf Uses A LOT of Oil

bgoldfederbgoldfeder Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Volkswagen
Help Anyone,
I just bought a new VW Golf base model. In my first 5 months and 5000 miles, I have had to put in almost 4 quarts of oil. I am very distressed. My 1974 Pinto didn't even use this much oil. Here is the funny part.

Does anyone believe this from the VW dealer?:

The service manager told me that this is perfectly normal for the Volkswagen engines, particularly the Golf.

*** Is that true or is he pulling my leg?***

Thanks for any advice.



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    dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    Unfortunately most new car makers consider 1 qt of oil in 1000 miles to be within spec. Of course this is silly - I had a Corolla with 138,000 miles that used no oil in 5000 miles.

    Some things to keep in mind.

    1 oil consumption will drop once the engine is broken in. Should be by now.

    2 Might try mobil 1 oil. Conventional oils have more tendancy to Burn up (for lack of a better word)

    3 make sure you check oil on perfectly level ground. The crown of the road mades a .6 qt diff on one of my vehicles.

    I would change the oil now with Mobil 1 (or any synthetic oil) and check to see if consumption is any better.
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    dleindlein Member Posts: 1
    I've just been going throught the same thing with our dealer. We have a 2000 Golf GL 2.0 that has used a total of 6 quarts of oil in 6300 miles. All "within spec" per the dealer today. To further ice the cake, the check engine light came on on my way home from there, so its back to the same BS tomorrow.

    Other than this issue, I really do think that the Golf is a terrific little car. After my last VW, an 85 Jetta that leaked water into the driver's side floor everytime it rained (among other things), I said I'd never buy another Volkswagon again. But I did, and now I'm starting to have familiar worries.
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    stax57stax57 Member Posts: 5
    Here is my tale of woe: Leased 4 cyl non-turbo Jetta in May 2000. Used 4 quarts b4 first scheduled maintenance at 5000. Was told the same party line that it was "normal" by dealer. Used 4 quarts b4 second scheduled maintenance at 9,200. Was told that after about a month, bring it in for "oil consumption test." By 11,250 added two more quarts. Was told, "should have brought it in right away as soon as oil light came on." Yeah, right . . . like I can drop everything and just head on over to my friendly dealer . . . . At 11, 800 added another quart.

    Wrote owner of dealership a week ago and told him that when I bring it in next, he can keep for as many weeks or months that is necessary to make the problem go away. He has yet to reply. It ticks me off because I have a 1998 Grand Caravan. Granted, it is a much different vehicle with no sporting pretensions. Nevertheless, in 42,000 miles, I have never added any oil to it. Needless to say, this grinds me to no end. Anyone out there with any comfort?
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    trippstomtrippstom Member Posts: 1
    I am starting to think that VW has a "Firestone" problem on their hands and are hesitant to make a recall. I, too, have the same issues with oil consumption on my '99 New Jetta. I, too, have been given the same canned answer from 4 different dealers, including VW of America, that 1 qt of oil burned in 1,000 miles is normal. I'm sorry, what have I missed here? Their recommended maintenance in the owner's manual is every 5,000 miles for an oil change. If you waited that long, there wouldn't be anything left to change!!!!
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    It's like this....the factory will not give the dealer authority to replace or repair your engine because the problem isn't bad enough....so the dealer won't fix it because he won't get paid for the repair from the factory.

    If the oil consumption continues to deteriorate, you will reach a point during warranty when it will be "bad enough". If it stays at a quart every 1,000, that's what you'll have to live with. I myself wouldn't be alarmed at this consumption, but if it drops to 600 miles a quart, they'd better fix it or you'd better figure out how to blow it up before the warranty runs out.
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    potenzauspotenzaus Member Posts: 29
    Are your oil consumption problems happen on TDI models or 2.0L Golf GL with Gasoline engine?
    What year model?

    From what I understand if it's diesel engine then that's normal to eat oil a lot (to compensate for better gas mileage) otherwise it's a concern.

    Thanks in advance.
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    corestudiocorestudio Member Posts: 1
    I have 22k on my 2000 Jetty GAS. My dealership agreed from the first 3000k that it consumed too much oil and eventually replace a gasket to "remedy" the situation. Alas, it did nothing! However they provided me with the '92 Sped memo from WV concerning "NORMAL" oil consumption, some consolation.
    I'm going to look into Texas's Lemon Laws and continue researching. Worried about Catalytic Converter when burning that much oil.
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    xyrfngrxyrfngr Member Posts: 1
    I own a 1986 VW Jetta that has 111,000 miles. the engine has never used any oil between changes. The oil is changed every 4,000 miles. If the new 2.0 gas is using a quart of oil every 1,000 miles something has gone wrong in the manufacturing of the internal components of those motors. To reiterate my engine didn't even use oil during the break in period. What the hell's going on ?.
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    adc100adc100 Member Posts: 1,521
    That doing a compression check could indicate a problem. Then again, VW would say that it too is within specs. I realize that an oil control ring which is probably the problem is not the same as a bad compression ring, but you might get lucky.Later,
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    A cylinder leakdown test would be even more informative.
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    mdecampsmdecamps Member Posts: 115
    I have a 2001 Jetta TDI with about 6000 miles and it hasn't used a single drop of oil. I couldn't be happier with it.
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    delorean21delorean21 Member Posts: 1
    I have read the reports about the base Golfs and Jettas consuming oil, but what about the Golf GTI? This model utilizes different engines than the base model. Is the VR6 or the 1.8Lt 4 banger any better. I am about to buy one (I think!) so any advice would be much appreciated
    I know oil consumption on new cars is pretty common...at least a little bit. My father bought a new 2000 4Runner, and even it has consumed about 5 quarts of oil (in 30,000). Toyota is (in my opinion) probably one of the best built cars in the world. If a Toyota does it, shouldn't it be ok? Please advise!! Thanks!

    Sean Spurlock
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    stax57stax57 Member Posts: 5
    After I had not heard from my dealer, I sent letters to Volkswagen of American and VW Credit telling them that I wanted action in ten days else I was going to "examine all of my legal options." I also told VW Credit that they would not be receiving any more lease payments until the problem was corrected. I sent copies of these letters to the dealer. All letters were sent certified, return receipt requested. The day the dealer got his copy, he called me and said that he had referred the problem to the service department a month ago, and was shocked that they had not contacted me. (Like I believe that) Anyway, I had requested that they keep the car for as long as necessary to figure out and fix the problem, and that I must have a loaner car for that period. The dealer agreed to all this, so I will be taking the car in on Wednesday (Valentines Day of all days). I will let the Town Hall know what transpires.
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Oil consumption is fine, it's not abnormal, as long as it doesn't get excessive....if anything, I'd rather have my engine using a little oil...not a quart every 500 miles mind you (something wrong there!, but a quart between changes would be a good thing, I think. Nothing like a little oil up there in the combustion area....many engines are built for this, and racing engines definitely are built "loose" and may consume some oil. But again, not so much as to affect reliability or require freqent checking.

    People really need to get it out of their heads that oil consumption per se means there is a problem. It doesn't.
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    isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    Don't be stupid. MAKE YOUR LEASE PAYMENTS!

    By holding your lease payments hostage, you will ruin your credit!

    And Mr. Shiftright is, as usual, correct.

    ALL engines use some oil. They have to. We have become spoiled by cars that will go 5000 miles without having to add oil.

    I think German engines may be looser. Our BMW used to burn a quart about every 1500 miles. This was not a big deal, just a function of the car.

    Years ago, I remember a Chevrolet dealer telling a customer that anything over 800 miles per quart was acceptable.

    I should probably be more vigilant with my Hondas. I rarely check my oil until it's time to change at 3500-4000 miles. The oil is always on or nearly on the full line. If they ever start using oil (unlikely) I could have a problem!
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    tradlandtradland Member Posts: 15
    I have a 99 golf 4 gls 2.0L and it has 33,000 miles on it change the oil about every 3,000 miles it ate a little oil in the begining but at the last oil change i was 1.5 Quarts low, will keep monitoring the consumption if does not improve will take car into dealer. My 94 Sentra with 125,000 miles does not use a drop of oil.
    any comments on this, Also was told that Subaru's consume oil any one have this experience since i am thinkin of buyin a 2002 WRX.
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    210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    My '75 and later my '79 VW Rabbit used too much oil. On the '75, I was told 1 qt per 1000 miles was normal, but by the time I got the '79, I think they tried to claim 1 qt per 400 miles was still acceptable! I received a sticker in the mail that you were supposed to put under the gas cap saying to "check the oil with each fillup."

    The 1975s were eventually recalled by the EPA because of excessive hydrocarbon emissions -- too much oil was being burned. The fix was new valve stem seals.
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    alcanalcan Member Posts: 2,550
    Delray, gotta love that sticker! How's that for corporate responsibility? :-)
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    lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    My 84 Rabbit GTI doesn't consume oil and it has around 200K miles. What little oil I sometimes have to add (1/4 of quart) is caused by a valve cover gasket leak. Maybe the 1.8 liter engines were more tightly built....
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    It varies car to car and engine to engine...true, maybe you got a tight engine...you certainly got a great GTI, as you have already broken the world's record for longevity on that car.
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    stax57stax57 Member Posts: 5
    Nothing will happen to your credit if you withhold lease payments because of bona fide problems that the manufacturer fails to address. The same logic applies to purchases made with a credit card. I have often called my credit card issuer and asked them to suspend my obligation on a certain purchase when the product has been defective. You have much more leverage to get problems solved when someone in the distribution chain is still owed money. BTW, the dealer took my car in the day after he got copies of the letters to VOA and VW Credit and provided me with a loaner car while he attempts to sort out the problem. That was last Wednesday (2/14/01), and as of today (2/20/01), the dealer is still working on it.
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    ccotenjccotenj Member Posts: 610
    wrong wrong wrong.....

    the laws regarding revolving credit and leasing/simple interest loans are completely different... you have protection when you purchase items on your credit card (which vary dependent on how far from your home address the merchant is).... a lease/simple interest loan is a completely different story...

    and i REALLY doubt you've called your credit card issuer "often" and still are with that issuer... we used to create neat little reports with people who did that and we most of the time chose not to re-issue to them....

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    stax57stax57 Member Posts: 5
    My oil consumption problem has come to a conclusion. My dealer has had my 2000 Jetta since Valentine's day. Last week he reported to my wife that they had put 240 miles on the car and it had gone through a pint of oil. If that trend continued, he said, they would put a new engine in the car. Today, the service manager called me. They are ordering a new engine, and it should be delivered in 2-3 weeks.

    So, if you really have a bad oil consumption problem (I agree with others on this thread that some oil consumption in and of itself is not a bad thing), putting your problems in writing and insisting on a proactive solution could get your dealer's attention. Now, as long as this next engine is o.k. . . .
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    stax57stax57 Member Posts: 5
    My dealer's service manager told me that, according to VW, the source of my Jetta's oil consumption problems was "ring hardness", i.e., the rings are too hard and are not getting a good seal along the cylinder walls. He did not know if this was a design problem, or just a batch of rings that were not up to spec. So, it you are in discussions with a dealer about oil consumption, you might want to let them know that VW has acknowledged that they have a problem with these engines.
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