VW Tiguan towing issues

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Greetings from the frozen North.
Unfortunately it is quite common for drivers in this part of Canada to need a tow because they have slipped off the road into the ditch. My wife's brand new Tiguan Highline 4 Motion with 214 kms on it was winched out of a snowbank the other day after a call to VW Assistance. The towstrap was attached to the back wheels as there is no secure anchor on the rear end of the vehicle. The Tiguan does have a plug in the fender but no threaded bolt hole for a ring as on the Toureg. The result - a bent suspension arm and an undriveable vehicle !!.
This is not an isolated event - another 2011 Tiguan was pulled out by another towing company using the rear swinging arm and the result was the same. Why do these vehicles have no useful anchorage?
My advice -get a towhitch fitted until VW sort out the problem.


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    Not sure if this is relevant to a Tiguan...but I have another VW model. Have you tried prying the plastic plug out? I think the plastic is just a cover. If you pry my plug out, it reveals a bolt-hole that the towing bolt gets screwed into.
    Maybe check the owner's manual?
    Hope this helps.
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    I don't think that bolt/hook is meant for towing.... the hook is just a tie down point for shipping.

    At least, it is on all the cars that I've owned.

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    The Tiguan (at least in the USA and other parts of the world) definitely has screw-holes front and back that are specifically there to attach the screw-eye that comes in the toolkit, which is used to pull the Tiguan when stuck in mud/sand/snow etc.

    Check your Owner's Manual and check with the Dealer...either should be able to point out how to use this valuable built-in feature of the Tiguan and prevent future damage to your car.
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    I'm glad to hear that these anchorage points exist on Tiguans not intended for the Canadian market. I am familiar with the screw in eye bolt that comes with the Porsche Boxster as I have one. Unfortunately the 2011 Canadian version of the Tiguan has no towing screw-eye in the toolkit and the plug in the fender reveals no threaded hole.
    Mine now has winter tires and a class 3 hitch!
    Thanks for the comments
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