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    January 13,2001 issue of Blue Oval News: "Off the Tire"
    "Jim Rogers,Lincoln-Mercury General Marketing
    Manager,who is an active "Edmund's Town Hall
    participant" gets involved with the members
    of that forum,if even first against the
    advice of Ford Motor Company's legal

    Jim,Thanks for your Bravery!
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    is our kind of guy!

    To echo Stanny's comment, thanks again for being a paragon of "out-of-the-boxism" (pardon the sports-writer word inventing )in the automotive world. Any number of corporations yap about "out of the box thinking", but very few actually tolerate, let alone encourage it.

    The LS program seems to cultivate it. Where do I sign?
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    Some talk about brake feel, being kind of spungy and soft, on the V8 Sport as opposed to the V6. Never having driven a V6, I can't comment about that. The pedal on my V8 Sport is a tad soft, nowhere near as bad as my SHO was, but easy to get used to and easy to modulate. I can cast no stones at the performance of the brakes, as proven yesterday when I was motoring down the interstate when the lane I was in decided to come to a complete stop because someone decided to make a rapid turn into the median for some reason. I was caught with little time to stop from 80. Fortunately I wasn't tailgating this time, but the LS hauled it down rapidly with no fuss and fine brake feel when you get past the first part of the pedal travel. Honestly, it stopped so quickly I stopped way short of the car in front, farther back than I thought I would. No dive or body motion, perfect balance.

    Congrats and thanks to the Lincoln brake engineering dept!
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    I have used the dealer where I purchased my LS8 sport ... Jack-Ross LM. They have two locations in the east valley. I use the Tempe Autoplex location, but they have their original facility in North Tempe/South Scottsdale on Scottsdale Road. I have been very pleased with their professionalism and thoroughness in maintaining my baby. My only gripe to date has been getting a loaner vehicle while they have mine. However, I was recently assured by the dealership manager at the Tempe Autoplex location that Jack-Ross has just significantly added to their loaner fleet to accommodate their new and younger clientele ... you know, the ones that don't live in the retirement communities! The sales manager promised that I would be given a loaner vehicle whenever I had to drop my car off, provided I call in at least 24 hours in advance. Sounds fair to me.

    Covey LM has earned the President's award for what that's worth, but they are located in the central Phoenix metro area on Camelback Road and 16th street. Not terribly convenient for me. You might want to check out the Registry page at the LLSOC site where I know of at least 3 other Phoenix based members have scored their service providers. Hope it helps.
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    Sorry about that, carqwiks original question was asked in post #1213 in pat 12, not 1215.
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    First off, Stan, I don't hit 3k RPM until about 82. I often hit 85 on the way to work and the car doesn't even break a sweat!

    ronniepooh. I was a little vague on the web site. Here goes: there are 3 screws at the bottom of the door panel. In the bottom of the "grab handle" there is a flap. The only way that I could pry it up was to get a very thin flat head screwdriver and kind of pop up on the side closest to the interior of the car. There are 2 screws hiding under the flap. There is the obvious screw at the upper rear of the panel. There is a black trim plate around the chrome door handle. Use the same thin flathead and gently pry at the front of the trim piece, between it and the "wood" piece. It will pop out towards you. There is a screw behind the black frim piece. After that pry up on the bottom of the panel and work around to the top. You will hear what sounds like tearing, that's OK, it's just the plastic retainers releasing. That should do it. While you're there, replace those stupid, weak, lousy,speakers. If you need more info, feel free to send an e-mail to me @ [email protected] or [email protected]
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    On New Year's day I attempted to crank my 2000 LS 8 to start my 640 mile trip from Atlanta to Miami. It was 24 degrees at my Parent's home, so I knew the car may be a little harder to start, but nothing like what happened. The engine made a very different sound when I turned the key, almost like the starter was not engaging the flywheel. I released the key and tried it again, but it still made the odd sound as though the starter was spinning but the engine was not turning over. I continued to re-try to crank the car, and after several minutes of turning the motor over the v-8 began to occasionally "fire", as though it was trying to crank. After several more attempts the engine fired consistently enough that I released the key. The engine was firing but running extremely rough. The odor of gasoline was very strong in the cabin and the idle was still very rough. At this point I have still not touched the accelerator at all, as the computer controlled fuel injection should handle a cold start. After 4-5 minutes the idle began to smooth out, I put the car in d5 and rolled out of driveway
    Long story short, I made the 640 mile trip in 8 hours and averaged about 22 mpg. This rough starting incident was isolated and has not happened since, althought the car is not subjected to cold temperatures here in Miami. Any ideas?
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    In Lincoln LS XII, I posted a message (#818) in which I describe the exact same problem that you had. My friend (service manager at local Lincoln dealer) described it as having to do with the 'cold start procedure'. Look at that message for a little more detail as to his explanation. My car has done that once and never again. He claims that it is a common problem that they see at the shop, not just with the LS', but other Lincoln and Ford products.

  • chartrandchartrand Member Posts: 139
    Mine wouldn't start over the Christmas holidays. It was 36 degrees out but the car was in the garage.
    Same starter not engaged sound and strong smell of gas after it finally fired. Took a good 5 minutes of repeated tries before it started. Got a sinking feeling in my stomach that my $40 I baby might be just another Ford.
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    I read your reply, but don't quite follow.

    Given the choice between A & B, which would you choose?

    Gear A B
    ------ -------- --------
    First 3.25 4.33
    Second 2.44 3.25
    Third 1.55 2.07
    Fourth 1.00 1.33
    Fifth 0.75 1.00

    Rr Axle 3.58 2.69
  • ronniepoohronniepooh Member Posts: 339
    Didnt want to sound like I was bashing the site, because I definitely wasn't. Thats a great site for LS owners. To ezaircon4jc, thanx for posting here the detailed info on the door panel removal steps. It is greatly appreciated.

    PS. Is this hard-to-start issue that several have complained of exclusive to the V8's? The proven Duratecs dont seem to have this problem, unless I've missed a post or two. Also seems like some of the issues that the PCM reflashes address are more pronounced in the V8's than in the V6's. Again, that could just be my perspective.
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    The battery pass through for the LS is located behind the Passenger A-pillar lower trim panel. This positive lead from the battery connects to the starter with a pass through bolt on the engine compartment side. This might be a recall issue but the service mechanic found the bolt shorting against the sheetmetal, killing my electrical system and my dead as a doornail battery. After he replaced the cable in the engine compartment, I haven't experienced any new electrical problems.

    In the LS Workshop manual, it states that the standard corporate protocol (SCP), an unshielded twisted pair cable, networks your ABS, audio control module (ACM), driver door module (DDM) which controls the windows, locks, keyless entry, and communicates with the driver seat module (DSM) that controls the power seat and mirror memory, dual automatic temperature control (DATC), instrument cluster module (ICM) which also controls the passive anti-theft system (PATS), front electronic module (FEM) and (REM) that controls your interior and exterior lighting and wiper system, powertrain control module (PCM) which controls the engine and others, RESCU, and .steering column lock module (SCLM) for manual transmission models.

    If you wish to experience all of these modules shutting down one at a time like I have while driving home at night, short out your battery cable. :( Definately pissed me off.

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    I experienced the same thing dooring the holidays... The car would not start.... It took about 5 minutes, but just like everyone, have not had a problem since. The LS apparently does not like the cold weather!


  • wkamwkam Member Posts: 14
    The battery pass through for the LS is located behind the Passenger A-pillar lower trim panel. This positive lead from the battery connects to the starter with a pass through bolt on the engine compartment side. This might be a recall issue but the service mechanic found the bolt shorting against the sheetmetal, killing my electrical system and my dead as a doornail battery. After he replaced the cable in the engine compartment, I haven't experienced any new electrical problems.

    In the LS Workshop manual, it states that the standard corporate protocol (SCP), an unshielded twisted pair cable, networks your ABS, audio control module (ACM), driver door module (DDM) which controls the windows, locks, keyless entry, and communicates with the driver seat module (DSM) that controls the power seat and mirror memory, dual automatic temperature control (DATC), instrument cluster module (ICM) which also controls the passive anti-theft system (PATS), front electronic module (FEM) and (REM) that controls your interior and exterior lighting and wiper system, powertrain control module (PCM) which controls the engine and others, RESCU, and .steering column lock module (SCLM) for manual transmission models.

    If you wish to experience all of these modules shutting down one at a time like I have while driving home at night, short out your battery cable. :( Definately pissed me off.

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    I've had service completed at Jack Ross in Scottsdale and at Fiesta in Mesa. There is no comparison. JR in Scottsdale was horrible, very unprofessional regarding times, call backs, estimates, general knowledge of a new car.

    Service at fiesta in Mesa has been just the opposite, very professional, putting me in a loaner renter if the car had to stay, good about call backs and time estimates. They also have a service to give you a ride home during certain times of the day, and a pretty comfortable waiting room.

    As Chris (lolaj42) notes above he has good experiences at the other Jack Ross dealer in Tempe.
  • drolds1drolds1 Member Posts: 247
    My son, who works for the LM dealer that I use, called me this morning all excited. When he arrived for work this AM, on the lot there was a black '01 Sport with a ground effects package, chrome wheels, chrome exhaust tips and mesh grille (front and rear, I think).

    They are planning to put this on the showroom floor and offer it for sale. Apparently, they have struck a deal with an aftermarket outfit.

    I'm anxious to see what this looks like and to find out what they're adding to the price. It'll be interesting to see if this takes off. I'll post further details as they become available.

    Who'd a thunk it!? Usually, their add-ons are SIMCON tops for TC's and Grand Marquis. We've come a long way baby!
  • ronniepoohronniepooh Member Posts: 339
    About two weeks ago near the Capital Beltway (Central Avenue) I saw a silver LS going in the opposite direction with the full kit. My first impression was: I didnt like it. I liked a couple of the ones on the Web, but I didnt like this one. Im sure it costs thousands to purchase/paint/install, and IMHO, from what I saw, unlike some factory or really good aftermarket packages (ie AMG for Mercedes or //M for BMW), this kit did not really blend and flow well with the LS's lines, imho. The front spoiler looked good, but I hated the rear deck wing, and the side skirts didnt really integrate that well to me.

    Just my thoughts. Sorry, I have no idea which company manufactured the kit I saw. I still say the best bang for the buck visually for the LS would be a set of nice forged 18 inch rimsin the proper width/offset (Speedline or Fiske come to mind) and a nicemedium charcoal window tint.
  • ls1bmw0ls1bmw0 Member Posts: 782
    Don't forget to join in on the aftermarket performance parts discussion in the LLSOC Chat room Sunday, Jan. 21 at 4:00pm EST, 3:00pm CST, 2:00pm MT, 1:00PST with Leavy Morgan, the Spirit of Detroit MotorSports President. Leavy is currently assessing performance parts needs for the Lincoln LS and our input will be very helpful for him in determining which areas to focus on first. He has some excellent ideas and has access to a chassis dynamometer to be able to tell us what works and what doesn't.

    If you need more info. on how to access the chat room email me at: [email protected]

  • eliscomeliscom Member Posts: 1
    I am having to replace my tires on my LS with sports package. Does anyone have a suggestion on what brand to purchase? Help would be appreciated.
  • joe166joe166 Member Posts: 401
    You don't have a lot of choices if you want a reasonably accurate speedometer. If you look in the door jamb and see the two sizes of tires which are "standard" for the LS Sport with the 17 inch wheels and then run those sizes through the computer at Tire Rack or any other tire web site you will be (un)pleasantly surprised at the limited tires available. You can also do the math at these sites and look for tires that approximate within + or - 3% the diameter of the original tires. The ones that I have seen available which appeal to me are Michelin Pilot, but frankly, my research was done some time ago in the expectation that I would hate the Firestones and that I could justify the early switching. I don't hate them. I don't love them either, but I can't really justify switching them just for the heck of it. I now have 15,000+ miles on mine with no complaints and no evidence that they will be crapping out on me anytime soon. When they do wear out, I will probably just take the path of least resistance and search the web for the right combination of an aggresive tread design, long mileage, reasonably quiet ride, price, and availability. I will lean toward Michelin because I have had good luck with them, and the last time I looked the Pilots were cheaper than the Pirelli's which are the right size. Not to mention the various complaints about tread life (which may have more to do with the types of guys who buy this type of tire and how they drive than the compound). Do the research, it is kind of fun. Good luck. Don't rule out replacing the Firestones, they are really a good value and, although I have heard SOME complaints, most people seem satisfied with them.
  • stanny1stanny1 Member Posts: 962
    I agree with Ronniepooh.Why would anyone pay thousands for appearance "upgrades" that don't make the car faster,corner better,or reduce weight. That gingerbread stuff costs money,adds weight,and is hell to maintain. If you have that money to throw away for looks,try Laser eye surgery,teeth straightening,hair transplants,a nose job and an eye lid lift. Lightweight alloy wheels and a low restriction exhaust system are the real priorities for LS performance.
  • stanny1stanny1 Member Posts: 962
    I talked to Jonathan Crocker at the Champions Bar the night before LS Mania.He was not enthusiastic about the Pilots.You should E-mail him - possibly the Pilots and other tires were evaluated before the Firehawks were chosen.Anyone know Jon's E-mail?
  • stanny1stanny1 Member Posts: 962
    Actually,I don't like either set of ratios.They are the same in first gear torque multiplication and fifth gear engine revs.You might not know which set you had in a car if someone didn't tell you.
    The first set is the LS V-6 Auto,the second set is similar to the LS Manual except for the cruiser rear ratio.Neither make me happy.
    I'll take the first set just because it's reality.It exists and works.It needs a taller fifth gear just like the second gear set.A six speed is the real answer for both.
    What modern car runs a 2.69 rear? Sounds like high speed racing ala Nascar.Change it to a 3.07 like in the Manual LS and we got 3000 rpm at 75mph.Just a little unnecessary.
  • ezaircon4jcezaircon4jc Member Posts: 793
    OK Stan. I lied a little. 3k hits @ 85 and 75 is 2500. My Sable with the Duratech is about 300 lower. My '91 w/3.8L did a whopping 2500 at about 80. I can't remember the final drive ratios.
  • michaeltvmichaeltv Member Posts: 1
    I have had my LS V8 for less than three months and have noticed a worsening whining noise coming from the transmission upon acceleration. The noise does not go away when my foot is off the gas, but is louder when I accelerate. I have brought the car to three dealers, all who have said that this noise is normal. I have an apt. to bring my car in again and am going to drive a new LS with the tech to show him that in fact the noise is not normal. Do you have any ideas as to what it may be?

    One other thing, there is a rumbling noise in the transmission while in overdrive around 55 mph which was diagnosed and the half shafts were replaced. This did not make the noise go away, only made it somewhat softer. Any clues? Again brining the car in next week to have this looked at once again.
  • mkovalskmkovalsk Member Posts: 114
    The Duratech Sable had a 3.77 final drive as I remember it. It also has a 0.694 overdrive. The '91 3.8L Sable had a 3.19 final drive with the same 0.694 overdrive.

  • joe166joe166 Member Posts: 401
    I have a long time to go before I need to replace my tires and I guess that if I had to do it right now I would probably just get new Firestones just like the ones on it. I have no complaints. I am just reserving the right to waste my money on something frivolous like "name brand" tires. I like the look of some of the Pilots, but the way I drive I doubt that there is a nickels worth of difference. Thanks anyway, and I will keep reading in case someone has more to say. I was just responding to someone who apparently knows even less than I do, which is saying a lot.
  • drolds1drolds1 Member Posts: 247
    ... I'm with you on this add-on stuff. It usually looks just like what the name implies-added on and costs a fortune. Money that could be spent on performance. I go for understated elegance, which IMHO, the LS can stand on its own in this regard. It's often criticized for being bland, but I think it's a muscular, elegant design that will prove timeless. Nothing faddish. Let's not forget the stealth factor either. The factory chrome wheels and maybe a light window tint are all it needs. People have followed me into stores to ask about it, so obviously it appeals to some.

    I'll reserve judgement on the car I mentioned in # 18 until I see it. I'll let you all know. The promising thing is, at least they're seeming to recognize that there is an enthusiast's market for the LS. Who know's what's next. Maybe some dealer-installed go-fast goodies with warranty a la Motorsport.

    joe166-re tires. I sat next to Dick Cupka Fri. night at LS Mania. He made it quite clear that the 17" tires were designed specifically for the LS and NOTHING is going to make you happier. This is the head Lincoln engineer talking, guys. That's enough for me.

    BTW- Jonathan Crocker's email is [email protected]
  • stanny1stanny1 Member Posts: 962
    The Sable ratios are interesting.I think a .69-.70 overdrive is great.The Duratech Sable could really haul with that final drive and with that .694 get good gas mileage as well.And that was only a four speed unit.Do you remember what the first "gear" ratio was on the Sable Duratech Auto? Maybe it had a pretty high first and needed that 3.77 final?
    The '91 3.8 must have been a real cruiser with the same .694 OD and a 3.19 final!
    OK,question of the month: with five speeds in the LS Auto,why not a .69-70 fifth so the V-6 Auto would have a lower cruise rpm? Does the Duratech need to rev that high at cruise? If you did have a .69-.70 fifth,how would that affect the other ratios in the scheme? Thanks
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Actually the BMW 540i has a rear axle ratio of 2.81 (manual and automatic).
  • ezaircon4jcezaircon4jc Member Posts: 793
    Well Stan, thanks to the Great State of California and all our environMENTAList whackos ( thanks for reformulated gas :( ), the best I can get is 23 with mainly freeway driving. On our last vacation, I got 28 climbing west out of Denver, doing 75 with 3 adults and a trunk full of stuff! A lot of the climbing was in 3rd gear!
  • reneleblancreneleblanc Member Posts: 144
    Well, my other car is a '96 Duratec (200 HP) Taurus (wagon). I assume it has about the same ratios. It is reasonably peppy and gets good mileage, but no way is it a match for my LS-8, either in town or out on the highway. I think having 5 speeds in the LS, instead of 4, as in my Taurus, makes an extremely important improvement in overall flexibility of the transmission and good performance at a variety of speeds, hills, and passing situations.

    In any case, I don't worry much about how slowly the engine turns at various speeds.. within reason. I like the engine to be around the middle of its torque curve during normal cruising speeds (70-85) so it doesn't need to downshift for moderate acceleration and is not geared so high that it feels sluggish and has to downshift for every little hill or attempt to accelerate.

    I think the LS-8 ratios work very well for high-speed passing when it shifts down to 3rd and blasts off with a huge surge of midrange torque, and then it settles down to quietly cruise along at 80-90 in 5th with no sensation of stress or vibration or noise or 'floating' feelings in the chassis. I'm not a drag racer, but for high speed cruising on all sorts of roads I think they've got it right!
  • ls1bmw0ls1bmw0 Member Posts: 782
    Hi gang! Just got done uploading the LS Mania Autocross video on to LLSOC. To see it click on the LS Mania Pictures link, then click on video. Be warned the video takes up 27,000kb and is 3 minutes and some seconds long so it will take a while to download. It has music along with it. Hopefully you'll all think the music was appropriate for all those who were there!

    It requires Windows Media Player to work. I have not tested this running Netscape yet since with my sloooooow connection at home it took about 15 minutes to load. You fast access types should be able to load pretty quickly.

    P.S. The car isn't leaning as much as the cameraman, who was twosctrjns. He graciously volunteered to take life and limb into his own hands to do the video in my LS-8 non-Sport. Actually the cars leaned very little through these pretty severe manuevers.

    Broam, er.. Brian (I've been at this too long!)
  • stanny1stanny1 Member Posts: 962
    This stuff they call gasoline here in Calif gives us at least a 10% drop in mileage.I drove my dad's Supercharged 1992 Buick Park Avenue back to Nebraska last June and it hit 30 mpg with 5 people and loaded trunk.No such luck in Calif.It only turns 1900 rpm at 75 mph.
    My 2000 LS Manual is right at the start of the torque curve at 75 mph. With 5 people in the car,it will climb Mountain Springs Grade at 75-80mph. This is a 4000ft ascent from the desert floor west of El Centro to the mountain plateau east of San Diego in the space of about 5 miles. No need to downshift. Could not do that with my 1983 5 speed manual Cressida! I'd be in third gear by the top. Amazing!
    Around town,with mostly freeway blasting,I'm lucky to cut 20 mpg. But my Cressida did the same mpg,and the LS outweights the Cressida by 600 lbs and has 67 hp more.Somewhere there is more efficiency in the LS despite the weight penalty.
    If the 540i has a rear ratio of 2.81,it must have a killer first gear or a super hp/weight ratio.
  • stanny1stanny1 Member Posts: 962
    Great Work as always Brian. One has to be patient - I have a cable modem running above T1 and I almost gave up after 4 minutes but it's worth the wait.Once loaded,you just go back to the LS Mania pics and it's Instant Replay! Then it's time to call the old lady and kids in to show them what Daddy did that Saturday !!! What a RUSH again! Here comes the adrenalin ! For you who could not attend LS Mania, this is as close to the real thing as you can get, and the most fun you can have sitting down. You just have to imagine the G-forces. Watch that non-sport LS dance,dance,dance!
    Great music too,Brian. Used as theme music in 1988's "Bright Lights,Big City" with Michael J. Fox.
  • reneleblancreneleblanc Member Posts: 144
    They began using oxygenated gas here in Arizona 4-5 years ago, and we have the same experience of a very noticeable fuel mileage penalty. I first noticed it on the '75 BMW R90/6 I had at the time they started it, and I agree that it seems to cause about a 10% increase in fuel consumption. However, I could tell on my R90, which was extremely sensitive to octane, that the oxygenated fuel seemed to have somewhat higher octane. Since they can't use the oxygenated fuel here in the Summer, because it is too hot here, I don't think they ever changed the octane postings on the pumps.

    Now, they're beginning to learn that the oxygenated fuels, at least those involving ether, constitute a groundwater polution threat. Take your pick, do you want to die from bad air or contaminated water?
  • mkovalskmkovalsk Member Posts: 114
    First gear in all Taurus/Sables is 2.771:1. The LS auto first gear is 3.24:1. Fifth gear in the LS auto is 0.75:1. The Taurus/Sable needed that high final drive to get the proper cruising RPM with the 0.694:1 overdrive.

    Changing this ratio also changes second gear ratio because second is overdrive times first. Gear spacing is very important. Too tall of an overdrive would put second gear ratio too close to third gear ratiot. There would be a big step on the 1-2, followed by a small 2-3 step.

    The current overdrive is not ideal, but close. 0.71 would be a very good overdrive ratio.

  • mkovalskmkovalsk Member Posts: 114
    What a great video LS1BMW0 and TWOSCTRJNS! That really captured the fun I had running the autocross.

  • thomas_lthomas_l Member Posts: 134
    Great show! Was there any video taken from outside??? We have gotta put something like this together for those of us on the right coast that didn't make it to Irvine. Anywhere less than a day's drive from ATL and I am THERE!
  • jdonneejdonnee Member Posts: 56
    I downloaded the file yet it was not placed on the desktop. Where does the download put the file and what is the name of it so I can do a find. I have the player already loaded.

  • drolds1drolds1 Member Posts: 247
    Somewhat off topic, but those Lincoln guys continue to amaze.

    Latest issue of Popular Mechanics states that there will be a V12 Town Car. Dick C.-Details? Is this a "performance" edition TC or for bragging rights?

    I can only imagine the conversations going on in the Cadillac planning room right now- "They've done it to us again!"
  • ls1bmw0ls1bmw0 Member Posts: 782
    I'm giving the fine folks from Lincoln a couple of months break before I breach the subject of the next get-together. I'm probably going to talk to Jim and Dick about it sometime in April or May. Based on the feedback so far I'm going to suggest possibly something similar to the SVT Experience, which was a factory tour and a road circuit. Leavy knows a company that races karts and possibly could get them to come and set up a friendly match between the engineers and the owners. But that would be if it were in the Wixom area. There is a road track there, but I can't remember the name yet.

    We also have to institute a relatively small fee for this. While Lincoln has been a gracious host, we don't want to take all their revenue and use it for events :) Probably $30-$50 range is what I would guess. This would pay for some freebies along with being able to get group deals on hotels, car rentals, happy hours, etc.

    As usual email me with ideas about the next event and I will compile them and pass them along.

  • ls1bmw0ls1bmw0 Member Posts: 782
    Yes there is outside video that I took of the pros driving the timed course. I also have 2 hours worth of uneditted 8mm Sony video of the whole event, including just about all of the presentations by Dick, Jonathan and Mark. However the sound quality is a bit low due to where I was filming from. You can hear them clearly if you turn the volume way up. If any of you are editting wizards that would like to volunteer to edit the video and perhaps enhance the sound I can send you a copy.

  • cwzcwz Member Posts: 72
    Just spent 3 days in Tokyo and did not see any LS's or any that looked like the Wards picture. MB and BMW still king of the non-japanese cars here.

    Will check Hong Kong and Singapore next!
  • ls1bmw0ls1bmw0 Member Posts: 782
    In talking with Dick and Jonathan they indicated that a major portion of spongy brake feel had to do with sensitivity to brake bleeding. They said that if you had a spongy feel take it to the dealer and ask them to bleed the brakes. That should take care of most of the problems. They also said that the Sport models do have a harder brake compound and the pedal feel on these models would be a tad stiffer than the non-Sport models.

    My LS-8 does not have a spongy feel, even when I compared it to the V-6 Sport models at LS Mania.

  • rayainswrayainsw Member Posts: 3,177
    From drolds1:

    “re tires. I sat next to Dick Cupka Fri. night at LS Mania. He made it quite clear that the 17" tires were designed specifically for the LS and NOTHING is going to make you happier. This is the head Lincoln engineer talking, guys. That's enough for me.”

    I have to take exception to this statement. Or perhaps the underlying assumption. I expect that the OEM Firestones fit the parameters agreed upon by LS engineers and marketers for the LS Sport package. But I would submit that their priorities do not necessarily match those of all LS owners. They may (for instance) have placed cost above ultimate lateral grip. I believe that each owner has different priorities and different areas where they would and would not be willing to compromise. And therefore something else might fit those priorities better – and make them “happier”.

    Just my $.03 (state and local taxes included)

    - Ray
    Who will probably not replace the Firestones with exactly the same tires – when the time comes….
    2020 BMW M340i
  • noller2gnoller2g Member Posts: 60
    I messed up the color in my previous post.

    I have a new in the box non-sport (with wood) steering wheel for my LS8 (has radio control buttons built in).

    My interior is medium parchment, or tan as I call it, and the wheel is darker than the seats. Like a real light brown.

    I can send part numbers off the box if you like.

    For Sale.

    Wichita - who prefers the all leather wheel.
  • airwolf1000airwolf1000 Member Posts: 225

    I had a similar conversation with Jonathan Crocker and he advised me not to change my tires, he told me to stick with the Firestones. He said that of course they tested other tires.

    For what it is worth, all of the guys in the vehicle dynamics team for the LS have racing experience, some were on the Benetton team, and one was on Mansell or Schumachers team (Someone remind me which pro drivers). These guys know what they are doing and all have racing experience including Jonathan. I think he said he used to race a little Super 7 or something to that effect.

    I personally am not going to make any mods to the Suspension. All the parts are meant to work as a system and if one is Off(Even if it is a better part) it messes up the whole system. A case in Point is JR's Car. As Jonathan told him "What did you do to my car?". Jim had some suspension upgrades that messed up the characteristics.

    I learned you can't just go around slapping parts expecting an instant improvement. A configuration has to be tested.

    In any case after the drive I realized the Suspension configuration is very optimized. Any upgrade I do more than likely will only be detrimental to the configuration. Especially if it is not tested and tuned.


  • stanny1stanny1 Member Posts: 962
    It IS too easy to spend money and end up with good looks and deteriorated performance.I would only go with a wheel upgrade if indeed it was SIGNIFICANTLY lighter,had the same offset,and was maybe a little wider.I feel that a diameter change above 17" would bring marginal improvement and introduce a whole bunch of complications.If someone finds a lighter wheel at a reasonable price,please let me know.
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