Is this a good price for an 01 Forester

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Looking at an 01 Forester L AWD Auto with 118k on it. Body is near perfect and it runs perfect. Is $4900 a good price to pay? The Edmunds numbers seem to show it is but wanted some opinions.


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    I think so. Miles are high but it's still young.

    Check the maintenance records, and drive it in a tight figure 8 to make sure all the diffs and AWD are working properly. Turn off the radio, open the windows, and listen carefully for odd noises.

    Check the engine for oil stains - front main seal, rear main seal, and head and valve cover gaskets.

    Good luck.
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    Two things to check are the timing belt and head gaskets. The rubber belt is supposed to be replaced every 107k, and damages the valves and pistons if it breaks. The head gaskets are prone to leaking coolant after many years and miles, which can also damage the engine. Before buying the car, you should know the status of those two items in case you need to factor in their maintenance and repair costs.
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    At 118k make sure that the following items have been done:

    Timing Belt w/Tensioner, idler pulleys
    120k service which for a non-turbo forester would be:
    Front and rear diffy fluid changes, Oil Change, ATF Change w/filter, Coolant Change, Brake Fluid Flush, spark plugs changed

    Here is what we charge for such services, if they haven't been done, you could use these prices to try to bring the price down by that much. 2

    The 90k is the same as the 120k service.

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