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Eye catching, I know right? So I have my dad's old car and it's not really in that great condition. It's a 1995 geo prizm with the base engine (automatic I don't know how many speeds) and standard locks and windows. He inherited it from his mother when she passed so I want to keep it going for as long as possible. The best way I can figure how to do this is to basically make it a project. New interior, engine, transmission, suspension, external (I mean door handles and stuff cuz that's flimsy too) and anything else to think of. It's gonna take a long time because of money and lack of knowledge, but I need to have ideas to start off. I wanna make it nice but not ridiculous. Help for engine and suspension compatabilities is a big concern because these cars are almost phased out by now. It's basically a toyota corolla of the same year if it helps any. Hit me with something creative but not too crazy. Help with how to follow through is appreciated too. I'm a rookie. lol


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    1995 Geo Prism California Model: I have replaced the 1.6L California Model engine with a regular 1.6L engine. I have changed the top of the intake manifold and find the hole in the head for the EGR tube on the California model is not on the regular model. What do I do about that? Does it matter. The bolts are there for the EGR tube, but the hole is not.
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    If anyone can help me!
    I have a Gio Prizm 1995 and 177,000 miles in it witch I just got, this one is in good conditions but the only problem that it has is that when it gets to serten temperature the motor sowns like if its the valbs or it needs more power in the gas, then the car looses its power. What should I do?
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    Well since the car is an unknown to you, first thing I'd do is let a mechanic at least listen to it---if the valves are clattering badly, first thing I'd have done is a valve adjustment and while you're in there, an inspection of the camshaft lobes to check for excessive wear or oil starvation. If the valve clearances are good and there's no indication of any damage, then do a compression test to be on the safe side before you start tearing into things. With high mileage engines like yours, it's hard to just guess what the problem might be.
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    sounds like a seal, dose the your engine over heat at all, and if any have you done a complete tune up when you got the car upped the hood and changed all the plugs, oil, wires, filters, check around the block if you see and excessive oil, but what is sounds like is then the motor gets hot a gasket is not expanding withe the block so get the seals checked, the local auto parts store should be able to help you
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