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1998 Toyota Camry valve cover replacement

mr_bubblemr_bubble Posts: 12
edited October 2014 in Toyota
My mechanic recommends to replace the valve cover on my '98 6 cyl Camry due to leaking from the rear cover. I got a couple cost estimates which range from $550 - $625.

After doing some online research, I learned that some also advise to replace the Spark Plug Cover Seals at the same time. Please let me know if this is a good approach, since it was not mentioned when the initial recommendation was made to replace the valve cover only.


  • Correction: I meant to say "valve cover gasket replacement" in my previous post.
  • mr_bubblemr_bubble Posts: 12
    edited February 2011
    Just wanted to close this thread on the replacement of my front and rear valve cover gaskets. I learned that the spark plug tube seals are generally replaced at the same time on the 4 cylinder engine. But on the 6 cylinder (my car), the configuration tends to protect the tube seals from gasket/oil problems, so they are not typically replaced on the 6 cylinder. Also note that the engine area around the valve covers should be cleaned well after the gaskets are replaced so any future leaks will be apparent.
  • Dear Mr. Bubble

    About a year after my engine started to overheat, from a failing water pump, I noticed a oil leak. My mechanics did about $650 of work replacing bypass seals, gaskets, crank seals, oil pump seals, and a cam s seal. While they were at it the timing belt was replaced because it had to be removed for the work. Later the oil continued to drip. So I used a oil stop leak from the lube techs when they changed my oil, it worked for a year, then I had the toyota dealership do a tune up and they replaced a valve cover gasket, about $150. I think my car still leaks oil. Grrrrr!!! CBs or come backs, are what the mechanics would call it.
  • mr_bubblemr_bubble Posts: 12
    Luckydriver, what model year is your Camry? 4cyl or 6cyl? Mileage?
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