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Looking for Dodge Ram owner experiences specifically with the latest
models. Quad Cab, V-10, Cummins Turbo Diesel, 3/4 ton, mpg, etc.


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    As luck would have it, I happen to be visiting in Miami. I stopped in at a Dodge dealer down on Dixie Highway, because I wanted to see the new Dodge Durango (SUV based on the Dakota pickup). It was a real beauty, but a pair of full-size RAMS caught my attention. While my friend and his girlfriend tested the Durango (I think he's hooked) with the 5.3l V-8, I managed to get the salesman slap a plate onto the RAM that had the V-10 engine.

    Does the term "awesome" get overused? Well, get ready for an overdose:

    Performance: Awesome
    Handling: Awesome (in a power sense considering the size and bulk of the vehicle.
    Looks: Positively Awesome (so were the looks I got from others in traffic)
    Acceleration: Aweso... well, you get the picture. A truck this big isn't supposed to be this cool. But it was so hard to drive it back into the dealership.

    They had the diesel model there too, but I'll have to save that for another day.

    In the meantime, if you have a need for a big, brutish but thrilling pick-up, I recommend the big RAM.

    And a note to the Dadeland police: If you heard any reports yesterday afternoon of an unidentified flying object located on N. Dixie Highay, I confess!
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    I currently own a 1994 Ram and am right now ordering my New truck which will be a nice new 1998 Ram Quad Cab with Leather and all the goodies. I'm debating the color and the order will be made.

    I have to tell you...I love this truck line. I seriously went out and looked at everything the others have to offer and the Ram always wins for me.

    It will be great to hear from others
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    If you haven't placed your order yet, you might want to check out our service called "Auto-By-Tel which you can use to "build" the truck of your dreams, order it if you like, and take delivery at a near-by dealer. It can also help you set-up low-cost financing. Check it out...

    Also, to get more detailed info on the '98 Dodge QuadCab, the prices, options, reviews etc. start in the New Trucks section which you can get to by clicking on the hot link I included here, or by clicking on the "NEW TRUCKS" button at the top of this page (on the left side, with the other hot link buttons).

    Great choice of trucks, by the way.
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    I'm way ahead of you. In fact i did use the Auto-by-Tell service and Vacaville Dodge has been really great (Gil Schmidt is the Fleet Manager).

    Edmunds new truck price section is awesome and you can also use the Dodge web site at to "build" a truck with all the options you want. It lets you play "what-if" as long as you please.

    My new Ram will be ordered, built and sold to me at $500 over invoice. Tough to beat that deal.
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    Man, you really ARE a step ahead, aren't you? Congratulations on the purchase! I wish you the best of luck with it. Did I also mention I'm envious? ;-)

    Thanks for the tip on the Dodge site. It's a winner, all right.

    Thanks, also, for your feedback on Auto-By-Tel! Why not post a note in our "Success Stories" area? I'm sure others would be glad to know of it.
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    Woops... here's a link to the
    "Smart Shoppers Success Stories"
    If you hurry, you can be our first success story there!
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    Sorry about the double post. I guess that's what I get for playing with the spellcheck!
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    Here's a link to the info that we have on THIS site:
    Dakota Info

    In the meantime, does anyone out there have some experience with this hot truck?
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    I am in the market for a new pickup and have pretty much decided to go with a Dodge RAM. Does anyone out there have anything to say about the truck line in general and the Quad Cab in particular? I am thinking of a 1/2 ton Quad Cab 4x4 (have not been able to come to a final decision on a short bed or long bed) with the 5.9L V8. I have heard they have a history of paint and transmission problems - can anyone comment on this?

    Thanking everyone in advance . . .
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    I like the line in general. It's solid and priced right. The quad cab is nice. I personally was waiting for this before buying a new truck.

    The transmission problems my aquaintances have had have all been in relation to v-10 engines. THis seems to be a very sparadic thing and crysler always makes good on warantee work. I've never heard anything about paint.
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    The paint on my 96 Ram 2500 is ok but the trans went at 25000 miles, the brakes have been replaced four times in 35000 miles, the truck pulls to the right when you brake. The dealer replaced some parts in the front end to try to stop the pulling, but it is starting up again. A front wheel universal locked up on me. The rear end wheel seal leaked. Besides that it is a great truck.
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    Does anyone have experience with sprayed-on bedliners. I just bought a 96 Ram 2500 with a step-side bed and can't find a bed liner to fit. Any Suggestions?
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    I have been investigating sprayed in bed liners for pickups and I have a friend who actually had his F150 done. I live in Massachussetts and I know of one place so far that does sprayed in bedliners. The name of the product is Rino Liner
    and the company is based out of San Diego. I am told by the distributor that handles all the dealers in Mass. that there are 40 to 45 dealers in California that use the Rino Liner product. I did not get a number for the company, but I am sure if you call information in San Diego and ask for the Rino Liner company you should have success. The cost can vary on the length of the bed and the color you want. If you were to have
    an F150 with and 8 foot bed done the cost is around $400. They can also match the color to your truck if you choose and that costs more. My friend swears by the sprayed in liners and says they keep things from sliding around and they resist stains from oil and gas. Hope this info helps out.

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    I have been wanting a Dodge Ram for the past two years and now my wife finally gave in. I am a little worried about the new seatbelt configuration in the front seats. I have read in the past that seatbelts that are integrated into the seats have been known to cause problems. Has anybody read any recent reports on this. Also I am in San Diego and have looked into the sprayed bedliners, there are a few here in Southern California.
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    Dkell, an excellent source of Dakota info is the Dakota Mailing List Home Page at

    I have a 95 Dakota CC SLT with a 3.9L and an Auto, and have had no mechanical problems with it in 26K miles. I paid 16k for mine and have been very happy with it. If your price includes the SLT pkg. (AC, cassette, etc) it sounds like a good deal. The 6 is plenty of power, but I wish I got the 8. I have not run into anybody that wasn't happy with his/her Dakota. Expect about 18-19 mpg in the summer and 17 mpg in the winter in semi-rural driving.

    Two things you should be aware of:
    1. Check the paint job thoroughly, mine was not buffed out properly, but problem may have been due to a sloppy repair job by the dealer.
    2. The tires (Goodyear Invicta GL) wear out quickly. I may get 30K out of mine.

    Good Luck
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    I ended up paying $20050 out the door for the 98 Dakota SLT (AC, power everything, cassette, etc.) and this included a power sunroof and underrail bedliner. We got $500 in trade on our 84 S10 Blazer (184K miles) that has a badly crunched front end. We were going to junk it! The floor manager came out yelling at us to get it off his lot when we dropped it off. I thought he was going to explode when I handed up the keys and title and told him it was his!!

    I do have to say this was the best experience we've ever had buying a vehicle. All the BS ended and $5500 in dealer markup vanished when I brought out the Edmunds printout on the truck. The saleman looked at my cost figures, agreed with all of them except the holdback. They absolutely refused to budge on giving that up. Took us more time to do the paperwork and wait for them to wash the truck than it did to negotiate the price. We ended up at $256 over invoice. Wish I had more money I'd go do it again!!
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    Anytime you can get yelled at by the floor manager and come out of there saying it was the best experience in buying a vehicle you've had, I'd have to say you must have gotten a GREAT deal! ;-)

    Glad Edmunds could help!

    Now you can be a hero to your friends and tell THEM how THEY can save thousands!
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    Hello folks.

    For those of you who keep your trucks for the long haul, let me share my most recent experience in end-of-year shopping.

    The truck is a 1997 Ram 2500 HD Laramie SLT, a 4x2 with a tow package and camper package installed. It also has 4-wheel antilock, 4spd HD auto, an 8' bed, and that honkin' HUGE V10. This is far more truck than I considered going in, when I was looking for a 1500 or eqivalent. This truck was on a dealer's lot for a long time, the lot isn't that big, and the dealer wanted rid of it, bigtime.

    I asked the salesman, in passing, to put a number on it while working up his best price on another truck. He came back, first time, with a price which was his true cost, within a dollar. He even threw in his $500 incentive from Dodge. If I wanted to trade every 2 or 3 years even this might not be a bargain, but I hold my cars for long periods.

    One suggestion, for anyone: read Remar Sutton's "Don't Get Taken Every Time", put it away for a month, then reread it. He has the coldest, clearest view of borrowing money for major purchases I've ever found, and if you follow his advice, use Edmund's carefully, and are always willing to walk away from a specific deal you will fare much better.

    B.T.W, has anybody else seen a salesman get abusive when the Edmund's report comes out? I had one Ford salesman literally start cursing when I refused to negotiate from the MSRP down. I wonder if this might not be a deliberate ploy to harass or intimidate otherwise careful shoppers. I simply left him on the showroom floor and walked out of the dealership, permanently.

    This turned out long, but hopefully of some worth.

    I take delivery Friday, whee!

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    That's a great story, and you've given us all something to think about.

    By the time you read this, you should be the proud new owner.

    Congratulations, and thanks for sharing that with us!
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    I am an extremely unhappy owner of a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4x4 short bed. Just 2.5 hours after
    driving it off the lot, it had to be put in the shop for transmission problems. Then, twice more within 7 days for th same problem.

    After only 5 months of ownership, I now have a vibration at 45 mph and 60 to 70 mph. The dealer has had the truck 4 times to fix this problem and an a/c problem. I have had 7 rental Dodge Neons in less than 5 months. I did not pay 20k to drive a Neon.

    It is still not fixed and after 2 monthes of dealing with the dodge customer service people, nothing has been done. I will never again buy another dodge product. This was my first new car purchase and thanks to this experience, it will most likely be my last for a long, long time.
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    rjh, i understand the disgust with dodge on their pickups. i have a 94 3/4 ton 4wd auto with diesel engine. i too thought that i had a REAL truck. where i messed up is a bought it with 6000 miles on it. since i had not purchased new, lemon law didnot apply. otherwise, dodge would have bought it back. try checking on your state's lemon law. dodge service was horrible, finally it got by the 60,ooo mark and i have pd 1700 to have transmission rebuilt, it is now in the shop for blown-out rearend. nothing but junk. i have thought about a new durango for me, but i hate to give chrysler corp any of my money. probably will do expedition or tahoe. haven't made lup my mind. in past we have had great performance for ford 150's and chevy 1/2 tons. good luck dealing with chrysler.
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    I am considering having a supercharger installed on a 1998 5.9L 1500 series quad cab. Has anyone done this yet? Have a request for info in to Cliff Black in Canada, but as yet no reply. Thanks for any held/info you can render.
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    Sorry to hear the problems with the dodge trucks
    I am looking seriously at 2 different trucks
    same make model and color. I have asked both
    dealers to pull the VIN on each truck to tell
    me about any and all warrenty problems on each
    truck. I on the other hand am a thoroughly
    disgusted chevy owner. My deisel has been in the
    shop far too much and would not start the day I
    drove it off the lot.....I guess there are no
    species out there without a few blemishes but I'm
    still looking at the dodge cummins deisel for the long haul.
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    diesel, what ever you do i cannot recommend dodge with automatic. will not hold up if you plan on using it. good luck
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    We are looking at purchasing a 1998 Ram 2500 Diesal pickup, 2wd. Our biggest problem is most salesmen don't take us seriously because of our ages, 27 and 30. We just found this Edmund's site and cannont wait to go shopping with the information we found at this website. Initially, we were contemplating going all the way to Houston to find a deal because none of the dealers here in Alexandria, LA will even talk about negotiation. Since we are major TIGHTWADS, your pricing information really excited us. This isn't our first new vehicle purchase, but we could still use any negotiating advice anyone would like to share.
  • MotormouthMotormouth Member Posts: 99
    They can hook you up with someone closer to your home... AND get the good price as well.

    Good luck!
  • deiseldeisel Member Posts: 16

    As a matter of fact I did end up getting the
    staight drive 1 ton and I love it!!! When I pulled the warrenty sheets on both trucks the
    automatic had 2 transmissions put into it and 2
    injector pumps so I thought that was a real bad
    omen. I wanted a truck that would be dependable
    my chevy did not have transmission problems but
    every thing else I replaced the glow plugs, the glow plug switch, the oil pressure switch, the brake relay switch, the computor and a computor chip, 2 injector pumps (1100.00 each) the alternater and both batteries. I feel that if you
    take care of a truck keep it up (oil changes etc...)it should perform for you without falling apart. Now that is not to say that all of the
    major automakers don't throw out a lemon every once in a while but when that happens you do get
    kind of soured (excuse the pun) on that particular
    make of transportation. Hopefully I have a good
    truck now I did get the extended warrenty from
    crysler. so far I am very pleased!
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    I have a 94 ram with 36000 miles. It began peeling or blistering it's paint somewhere before its 3rd anaversary but Dodge says no go to a free repair. They will only go 50% of a patch only repaint. Its driftwood .
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    I use a dodge diesel for towing my rv travel trailer it was a automatic serviced the trans as required had no problems out of 55000 miles 25000 were towing towed a 8000lb trailer.I have since traded for a 97 dodge 4x4 5 spd. my first dodge was a 92 and I thought it was under powered.I could have turned up the inj pump for 50 more hp and 200more lbs of torque but that ould haved voided my drive train warranty.
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    Oops, this is for kmoody. My 95 1500 ram has the same problem with the paint. The dealer gave me the same story. They had it a little over thirty days in the shop for warranty work. When they finally called me their attitude was we finally got around to it, come and get it. My attorney said not problem, the california lemon laws say refund or replace the vehicle. The Dodge dealership had a cow. I'm now waiting for a new truck from Bob Wills Dodge in Salinas California.
  • MotormouthMotormouth Member Posts: 99
    I love hearing about someone who stands up for himself and makes the dealer pay for their mistakes (and the mistakes of the manufacturer).

    Kudos to California's Lemon Law too!
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    I have a 98 quad cab on order. Has anyone got user comments on the new trucks?
  • DodgeTruckDodgeTruck Member Posts: 2
    wondering if dodges are dependable
  • wantaf150wantaf150 Member Posts: 19

    I do not think they are as dependable as Fords and Chevys/GMC's. Just one guy's opinion.
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    Has anyone heard about the new cummins diesel that is supposed to have 24 valves and an electronic fuel pump and 30 more hp.?? I had just about decided to go ahead and get a Dodge w/ the cummins motor and I go to the dealership to order one and they tell me anything they order will have the new motor. The "old" motor had plenty of power for me and it gets fairly decent mileage. I'm wandering if I should order the new one or try and find the truck I want with the old motor.

    I appreciate any responses.
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    Anybody know what benefits there are to getting the 3.92 gears vs. the 3.55's? From a performance perspective, I'd imagine quicker acceleration off the line and better towing ability, but at what price to gas mileage and RPM's at highway speed?
  • mharde2mharde2 Member Posts: 278
    The new Cummins 24 valve engine will be the better deal. It has more power, smother, you don't have to do the valve backlash adjustments on the new engine. Its susposed to last longer, run cooler, be a little less noisy, and only adds $160 to the price. I'm getting the new one!
  • mharde2mharde2 Member Posts: 278
    Can anyone explain the difference between horse power, and torque in very simple terms?
    I am also interested in hearing from anyone with the Cummins w/automatic and 4.09 gears. What kind of milage are you getting? Is the noise level much higher? Thanks
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    Torque affects pulling and climbing power and quick acceleration from a stop.
    Horsepower affects ultimate speed and top end.
    Kind of the difference between a weight lifter and a sprinter.
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    I pull a 32 ft. fifth wheel trailer(10,000) currently with 460 ford 1 ton. Not so good. Want a new dodge 2250 4wd. Can't deceide between diesel or v10. The stats look better from both hp and torque. any ideas? also does anyone pull a 5th wheel with a 4wd. is it as simple as adjusting the trailer springs?
  • paulherridgepaulherridge Member Posts: 2

    Horsepower = torque x rpm
    (with some conversion factors added)

    An example:
    Say you've got 200 ft-lbs of torque at 1500 rpm.

    (1 min/60 sec)x(6.28 rad/rev)= 57 hp

    Write it down on paper and you'll see the units cancel so that you are left with hp only.
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    I have a 1996 Ram 4x4 club cab that I purchased used with 34,000 miles. In only 2 months, it has been in the shop 5 times for transmission problems and a rough idle. The transmission still sticks between 2nd & 3rd gear and I still have a rough idle. Anyone wanting a great deal on this, let me know. I will be buying a Ford F150 Supercab to replace this one.
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    I can't get over the Dodge horror stories. I talk to at least a hundred Dodge truck owners and buyers a year and have heard exactly two examples of such problems in the last four years. Generally, people are more than willing to speak out if they are dissatisfied, so I would think if the problems were rampant I would have heard more about them. By the way, I own a truck accessory store and regularly work on all the big three's truck products.
    Concerning towing a heavy load, the best bet is nearly always to go with a standard transmission, especially with a diesel.My Father-in-law has owned a sign manufacturing company for 20 years and delivers large signs nationwide with a Dodge deisel pickup, putting probably 70,000+ miles a year on the truck. He says you need to own at least one deisel automatic so you will know why you don't want one. The only deisel/automatic combination I would even consider for towing is the Ford with the Allison transmission.
  • mharde2mharde2 Member Posts: 278
    Is there anyone out there that has a Dodge Ram diesel with an automatic that hasn't had problems. I'm starting to get discouraged....
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    anyone had a problem with 1992 Dodge Ram fuel pump? Have a friend who has replaced his at least four times with little help from Chrysler!!!
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    My son has a 1992 Dodge Ram pickup. He is on his sixth fuel pump. The original of course was OEM,& because of the MOPAR price $600 - $700, he had an after market pump installed. Lucky this had a warranty because he ended up with four (4) of these before the truck quit in Connecticut about 2 1/2 hours away from home. He had to bite the bitter Chrysler bullet at that time to the tune of almost $700. The truck ran for (wait ready yourself for this) 8, check that 8, months. Of course the warranty on that one was very explicit.
    12 months 12000 miles. He uses the truck for work, (a painter) and went 17000 miles. So, through this whole thing Chrysler as much as told him to shove it. We have come to this consensus:
    Chrysler doesn't give a hoot about it's customers.
    I doubt if anybody who knows us will ever own a Chrysler product either. I'm certain there are lots of us out there. Maybe we could all band together and afford 1 Dodge truck.
  • bobnilesbobniles Member Posts: 2
    Oh, I should add: My son has also been through
    three (3) automatic transmissions. Chrysler did stand behind those. He bought the truck used and paid dearly for the extended warranty. Chrysler
  • jtwjtw Member Posts: 2

    Since you own an accessory store, I doubt anyone with these type troubles would be visiting your shop to purchase anything. You probably talk to those individuals who have not had problems, but keep in mind these folks only represent a small number of the total Dodge owners - and only the happy ones at best.
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    Would like to hear from any SS/T owners. Am seriously considering a purchase this year and want to hear your input on your selection of options(gearing, etc.) and satisfaction. thanks DPK
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    I am interested in buying a Dodge 2500 ex cab
    diesel, I am trying to find out what I can expect
    on the highway at 65 mph for economy? Any information would be great.

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