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Dodge Ram Owners



  • I love hearing about someone who stands up for himself and makes the dealer pay for their mistakes (and the mistakes of the manufacturer).

    Kudos to California's Lemon Law too!
  • I have a 98 quad cab on order. Has anyone got user comments on the new trucks?
  • wondering if dodges are dependable
  • DodgeTruck:

    I do not think they are as dependable as Fords and Chevys/GMC's. Just one guy's opinion.
  • Has anyone heard about the new cummins diesel that is supposed to have 24 valves and an electronic fuel pump and 30 more hp.?? I had just about decided to go ahead and get a Dodge w/ the cummins motor and I go to the dealership to order one and they tell me anything they order will have the new motor. The "old" motor had plenty of power for me and it gets fairly decent mileage. I'm wandering if I should order the new one or try and find the truck I want with the old motor.

    I appreciate any responses.
  • Anybody know what benefits there are to getting the 3.92 gears vs. the 3.55's? From a performance perspective, I'd imagine quicker acceleration off the line and better towing ability, but at what price to gas mileage and RPM's at highway speed?
  • mharde2mharde2 Posts: 278
    The new Cummins 24 valve engine will be the better deal. It has more power, smother, you don't have to do the valve backlash adjustments on the new engine. Its susposed to last longer, run cooler, be a little less noisy, and only adds $160 to the price. I'm getting the new one!
  • mharde2mharde2 Posts: 278
    Can anyone explain the difference between horse power, and torque in very simple terms?
    I am also interested in hearing from anyone with the Cummins w/automatic and 4.09 gears. What kind of milage are you getting? Is the noise level much higher? Thanks
  • Trucknut:
    Torque affects pulling and climbing power and quick acceleration from a stop.
    Horsepower affects ultimate speed and top end.
    Kind of the difference between a weight lifter and a sprinter.
  • I pull a 32 ft. fifth wheel trailer(10,000) currently with 460 ford 1 ton. Not so good. Want a new dodge 2250 4wd. Can't deceide between diesel or v10. The stats look better from both hp and torque. any ideas? also does anyone pull a 5th wheel with a 4wd. is it as simple as adjusting the trailer springs?
  • Trucknut,

    Horsepower = torque x rpm
    (with some conversion factors added)

    An example:
    Say you've got 200 ft-lbs of torque at 1500 rpm.

    (1 min/60 sec)x(6.28 rad/rev)= 57 hp

    Write it down on paper and you'll see the units cancel so that you are left with hp only.
  • jtwjtw Posts: 2
    I have a 1996 Ram 4x4 club cab that I purchased used with 34,000 miles. In only 2 months, it has been in the shop 5 times for transmission problems and a rough idle. The transmission still sticks between 2nd & 3rd gear and I still have a rough idle. Anyone wanting a great deal on this, let me know. I will be buying a Ford F150 Supercab to replace this one.
  • dburrowdburrow Posts: 11
    I can't get over the Dodge horror stories. I talk to at least a hundred Dodge truck owners and buyers a year and have heard exactly two examples of such problems in the last four years. Generally, people are more than willing to speak out if they are dissatisfied, so I would think if the problems were rampant I would have heard more about them. By the way, I own a truck accessory store and regularly work on all the big three's truck products.
    Concerning towing a heavy load, the best bet is nearly always to go with a standard transmission, especially with a diesel.My Father-in-law has owned a sign manufacturing company for 20 years and delivers large signs nationwide with a Dodge deisel pickup, putting probably 70,000+ miles a year on the truck. He says you need to own at least one deisel automatic so you will know why you don't want one. The only deisel/automatic combination I would even consider for towing is the Ford with the Allison transmission.
  • mharde2mharde2 Posts: 278
    Is there anyone out there that has a Dodge Ram diesel with an automatic that hasn't had problems. I'm starting to get discouraged....
  • lc2lc2 Posts: 1
    anyone had a problem with 1992 Dodge Ram fuel pump? Have a friend who has replaced his at least four times with little help from Chrysler!!!
  • Hi,
    My son has a 1992 Dodge Ram pickup. He is on his sixth fuel pump. The original of course was OEM,& because of the MOPAR price $600 - $700, he had an after market pump installed. Lucky this had a warranty because he ended up with four (4) of these before the truck quit in Connecticut about 2 1/2 hours away from home. He had to bite the bitter Chrysler bullet at that time to the tune of almost $700. The truck ran for (wait ready yourself for this) 8, check that 8, months. Of course the warranty on that one was very explicit.
    12 months 12000 miles. He uses the truck for work, (a painter) and went 17000 miles. So, through this whole thing Chrysler as much as told him to shove it. We have come to this consensus:
    Chrysler doesn't give a hoot about it's customers.
    I doubt if anybody who knows us will ever own a Chrysler product either. I'm certain there are lots of us out there. Maybe we could all band together and afford 1 Dodge truck.
  • Oh, I should add: My son has also been through
    three (3) automatic transmissions. Chrysler did stand behind those. He bought the truck used and paid dearly for the extended warranty. Chrysler
  • jtwjtw Posts: 2

    Since you own an accessory store, I doubt anyone with these type troubles would be visiting your shop to purchase anything. You probably talk to those individuals who have not had problems, but keep in mind these folks only represent a small number of the total Dodge owners - and only the happy ones at best.
  • dpkdpk Posts: 1
    Would like to hear from any SS/T owners. Am seriously considering a purchase this year and want to hear your input on your selection of options(gearing, etc.) and satisfaction. thanks DPK
  • I am interested in buying a Dodge 2500 ex cab
    diesel, I am trying to find out what I can expect
    on the highway at 65 mph for economy? Any information would be great.

  • deiseldeisel Posts: 16
    well with mine non highway I am getting 19 mpg.
    every day and that is 3 mpg better than my chevy
    did with the v-8 the dodge that I have is a straight drive 1 ton.
  • pullerpuller Posts: 4
    I owned a 92 Dodge diesel automatic, and as long as you service the transmission as per owner instructions, don't tow more than the trk is rated,you should'nt have any trouble.I towed a 8500 lb travel trailer approx 20,000 miles, and had no problems. Temp never got over 190 degrees.
  • lwflwf Posts: 223
    I spent an hour or so composing a nice long
    letter, finished it, and then did a spellcheck.

    My letter diappeared from the face of the earth,
    so I never got the chance to post it.

    Great software you have here.
  • I used the data from Edmunds to get three dealers to agree on $500 over invoice, now I'm letting them fight for my business! The real choice now is do I get the 6ft or 8ft 1500 Ram Quad. Any suggestions?

    P.S. I did use the AutoVantage, but the dealer was 2 hours away? But I still used the the E-mail to beat the dealers down.
  • I am considering purchasing a 1998 Ram Quad Cab 1500 4x4 SWB p/u. I would like comments on 5.2 vs 5.9 (performance, hauling, mileage). Also is any info available regarding side impact crashs on Quad Cab doors? Any owners comments will be appreciated.
  • Anyone out there own a Dodge "V10"? I'm interested in what kind of performance (i.e., gas mileage, towing power, etc.) I am looking at ordering a Ram Quad, 3/4 ton, with automatic trans., 4wheel drive. I know the diesels are suppose to be the thing, however, I'm not convinced the price and cost of fuel justifies not having the V10....tell me what you think.
  • A note to the person who asked about Dodge Diesel fuel mileage, I drive an 1995 extended cab 2500, 5 speed. I pulled a heavy boat + full load from Dallas to Seattle and averaged 22 mpg with the cruise set to 75. If I don't pull something heavy occasionally, my mileage will drop to 17 to 18 mpg's.

    It's a great feeling to pass EVERYONE climbing a hill, pulling a boat, loaded like the Beverly Hillbillies.
  • I'm about to buy a '98 Dodge ram 1500 SWB 5-speed. A/C, Am/Fm cassette. not many frills. Edmonds tells me it's about 15000 dealer invoice. The Dealer says they have a few for 12,999. What gives? I guess they just got a good deal from the manufacturer or another dealership. Any comments? Is this really as good a deal as it looks?
  • My father - in -law has a 96 Ram Sport Club Cab. Changes the oil every 3K and services it regularly. The dip stick has developed rust above the oil line! Water droplets form above the oil line. The dealer knows nothing, and just replaced the dip stick. That was one week ago and it is rusting. HELP!!! Any ideas, suggestions? The oil is always clean and free of metal flakes. But I wonder if the rest of the engine is rusted and pitted like the dip stick!
  • I hope i'm doing this right, this is my first time writing to everyone. I just bought a 1997 RAM 1500 with the 5.9 v-8 4speed auto. it's the sport model and it was pre-owned. the kid before me put on dual exhaust. i drove the truck once. anyone know what else can be done with these trucks to give them more kick? and i just read through most of the 63 messages, and i'm sorry to say it looks like dodge isn't quite as good as i thought it would. my truck is the 4 X 4 single cab long bed. if anyone out there has it, or knows about them, could you please tell me how their reliabilty is?
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