07 Outlander close to 100k on it

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I have a 07 xls with 38000 miles on and was planning on keeping it as long as I have the warranty in effect. I was wondering if anyone is close to 100k mark and how has their Outie held up?? Any major problems? My car has been flawless with the exception of crap tires I replaced .


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    I also have an 07 XLS with 4WD....I have 56,000 miles so far on the clock and I have had no problems....I will keep it to 100,000 miles and then probably trade for another Outtie...I too got rid of the Goodyears (good for a year) tires and put on Michelines.... :)
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    43K on my '07 LS AWD> I've replaced tires and thats about all. It's gonna need brakes soon, but otherwise it's been a great vehicle. I plan on keeping it for a long time..
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    I have an '07 with about 75,000 on it. I did replace the junk tires at about 25000 and got the Geolander HTS and have been great since. Also just did a full round of breaks and rotors at about 72K. I also use full synthetic.

    First time since owning it, my check engine light just came on, Autozone said it was an O2 sensor ($300). I am going to wait ton i go to the dealership.

    Also, I have been having a tiny vibration when the engine is cold and the car is stopped with my foot on the break. Other than that. The car has been awesome. I have owned only chevy blazers before this and by now I would have dumped tons of money on repairs into it.

    All in all a great car. Stll gets 25-26 MPG on highway and 15-19 in the city.
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