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2011 Corvette GS Engine Failure

pbageepbagee Member Posts: 2
2 weeks from the day I bought my new showroom floor 2011 GS Convertible the "service traction control" light came on. At the exact same time my entire engine started to shake, my gas pedal was barely working & there was tons of smoke coming out of my tailpipe. I pulled over immediately & shut the car off. I tried to turn it back on after a couple minutes & it wouldn't turn over. The engine started making loud clanking sounds & smoke started flowing down the road from my tailpipes. Eventually I ended up getting it towed and I was wondering if anyone knows what might be wrong w/ it & if I have a good chance of returning it since it has less than 500 miles on it.



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    bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    Hey, give the dealer a chance to work this out. I don't see much connection between traction control and all those other horrible symptoms. But there may be.

    I also doubt there will be much of a chance to return the car. Dealers don't like to do that.

    Something you can do, is get on the computer and try to find the 'lemon law' conditions for your state. These differ significantly from state to state. Many of them require something like 3 tries to fix an individual problem, and/or 30 days being without your car. These are just examples, find out what the law is in you state. If there are extended problems with the car, the lemon law might be your out.
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    gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Please keep me updated on your situation and what happens at the dealer.
    GM Customer Service
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    pbageepbagee Member Posts: 2

    As I'm sure you aware the dealership wasn't willing to do anything more than what would net them a profit in the end. I called the General Motors line and had a reference number opened w/ the Tier II because they considered it a catastrophic engine failure. GM's executive office took over the account and was only willing to give me a new engine and nothing more. After have a vehicle two weeks and the engine has to be replaced doesn't really instill a lot of faith in the vehicle. Even though I expressed several times that I didn't want to remain in this vehicle, both the dealer & GM didn't seem to care. In the end I ended up w/ a new engine, but continue to wait every day for the engine to blow again. They can replace an entire engine, but you can't replace the piece of mind when it comes to this vehicle. In the end, this will be the last GM vehicle I buy.
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    reller829reller829 Member Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem with my 2010 GS Conv. It turned out to be a bad ignition wire. Chevy replaced it at no charge and I was on my way in less than 1 hour. I believe there is a bulletin out on it.
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    kjames2kjames2 Member Posts: 1
    Unfortunately I've noticed so many forums stating problems with corvettes. 
    I myself have a 2008 Z06 corvette with 56K miles. Just before my power terrain warranty expired I brought in my car for audible engine noise and check engine light. 
      The system recorded misfire cylinder 6 which  caused only passenger side Catalytic converter to go bad. 
    After replacing the CAT. Nothing was done to address the engine noise and now check engine light is on again for the same issue. 
    I have had several phone calls and emails to GM and have losing case #'s finally had to restart and record another case. Only to get told GM isn't warranting original date or honoring it and I wasn't even given a full estimate as it would cost $3k and they would have to tear my engine apart to tell me and could cost about $14,000 to fix I was told. 
         This is not what one would expect when you purchase a $76,000 car and they don't properly fix the car when brought in for warranty work!
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