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  • jukelatitudejukelatitude Member Posts: 1
    Fri March 11th 2011, At 8:48 pm est, Via Koons Nissan Falls Church, VA..

    Although we did our home work days before and were in constant contact with the salesmen.. Upon arriving.. We had to fight tooth and nail to acquire the car. Having informed the salesmen that we are coming from columbia, Maryland.. (through 495 at peak rush hour) we would be very disappointed if we were not able to drive back home with a new juke.

    Not only was the trip to Falls Church, VA a head ache.. (passing three accidents) and minor delays.. we got to the dealership within the allotted time frame.. trouble was.. I forgot my chair.. having lower back pain and searching for a vehicle that I can actually sit in.. has been very hard.. but I've sat in a juke before.. and for nearly 6 months.. the juke is all the wife talked about. I told her the juke has a "rally" look about it..

    Never the less.. the transaction took longer then we were promised.. I was drawing very close to returning to our "other" vehicle, but learn the dealer had already taken off our plates.. Informing them that I wanted my plates back on our vehicle.. They seem to have stepped up the transaction.. (strike one)

    The next issues was.. we had a price (payment) range.. and they didn't meet our expectations.. Again.. I started heading out the door.. at this time one of the salesmen had our plates in hand and was just about to return the old plates on our other vehicle. (strike two)

    After nearly 4 1/2 hours at the dealer.. I was getting tired and couldn't find a chair to sit in and drinking more then my fill from the water fountain.. we were finally brought into the finance room.. Not only did the dealer give us payments we could afford, but included allot of extras we thought was impossible.. lowering the price of the juke and giving us more for our trade..

    We are now the proud owners of a "Black Sapphire" AWD/Variable Trans 2011 Juke S. (home run)
  • jukiemcjukejukiemcjuke Member Posts: 1
    The Juke is in high demand and low supply, so weren't fixated on getting a good deal. All we wanted to do was buy a Juke at few hundred bucks below sticker and drive it home.

    It is VERY hard to find a Juke with all the options you want without ordering it and waiting 3-6 months. Miraculously, one Saturday afternoon, I tracked one down in a nearby City over the phone. I asked them (Lake Manawa Nissan) the price and options it came with specifically, and told them we would be there right after they opened on Monday to look and possibly buy.

    When we got there it was obvious the car didn't have a spoiler like they said and the sticker price was marked 2,000 dollars over MSRP. They said that was just if we got the OPTIONAL weatherization package, that near as I could tell, was $2,000 for Scotchguard and Turtle Wax. Not interested I told them. No problem they said and we sat down to make a deal. After coming to a reasonable price we were again hassled about the weatherization. Again we declined. Then a sales manager came out and tried to convince us so buy it again. We refused. THey said OK and sent in the finance manager to set up the deal. He gave us some big condescending lecture about how the bank would be more likely to accept our loan request if we showed we wanted to protect our investment with $2,000 worth of car wax. I told them we could care less what the bank thinks because we are going to write a check, for MSRP, and not a penny more, take it or leave it. Then they said that the Juke was far too nice a car to sell to people who were not going to take car of it, and if we didn't buy the weatherization package we couldn't buy the car. After them having said it was optional a hundred times, and then trying to extort us into accepting it, I lost my temper and we stormed out. They lied to me, cause me to miss a day of work for no reason and make an unnecessary out of town trip, then after insulting my intelligence repeatedly, they decided I was too smart to trick so apparently they thought they'd move on to extortion. Never got to Lake Manawa Nissan!

    We finally ended up buying from Sid Dillon Nissan in Lincoln. They are a top notch dealership! The buying experience was easy and from the test drive to signing the papers there was never any pressure. We got our Juke for $800 below MSRP and nobody ever tried to sell us anything in addition to the car, besides the extended warranty, and that was a low pressure affair as well. Long story short, we cut them a check and drove home in a Juke. When we have brought it in for oil changes they are fast and friendly. Some of the best service I've ever seen. Sid Dillon of Lincoln really knows how to treat a customer with respect. The difference is astonishing!
  • bhapibhapi Member Posts: 1
    I am thinking about buying a Juke SL, FWD. The sticker price of the one I want is $27,080. From what I can tell by reseaching the Internet that is "at least" $2,000 to0 high. Can anyone help me out on a fair price? Also I keep hearing that the MPG qouted is way off from what you can actually get. What can I honeatly expect and can regular gas be used as I have read on this forum? Any help/information would be "greatly" appreciated!!

  • marylandjukemarylandjuke Member Posts: 14
    On march 18th 2011 @ 8:45 pm est we drove off the Koon's Nissan Lot with our new Nissan Juke.. However, we got to the dealership at 4:30 pm est.. every time.. and we even called in advanced.. "Don't toy with us" we said.. they claimed they ah all the paper work done and all we had to do was sign it and drive off.. The Juke it's self was very surprising and still is. very fun to drive and corners on a dime. Thou more then we wanted to pay for it.. and my wife was a bit upset at the dealer for lied about the interior color.. (she wanted the black/red) but got the black/silver instead.. Knowing that we drove 3 hours to get there and waited.. and waited.. really ticked us off.. I was inches from heading out the door.. when the deal was done. Furthermore.. They had even lost our temp plates and real plates.. So it would seem that every dealership is just like this.. claiming one thing and [non-permissible content removed] footing around.. they always have an always will.
  • nebraska_jukenebraska_juke Member Posts: 3
    We took the train from Lincoln NE to Burlington IA so we would just have one car to drive back. They didn't have any SL's in Lincoln. We knew what we wanted, added a few extras like the cargo cover which they installed upside down but my husband figured it out, the upgraded rear view mirror, the LIGHTING PACKAGE which is REALLY cool!! and the lighted kick plate. I still hear the ticking noise when we drive over 55 mph which we distinctly hear under the gear shift. I know we need to take it in but I don't want to give up my Juke just yet... If you're buying a Juke for a daughter, get the lighting package, it changes colors! She'll love it!
  • ods2010ods2010 Member Posts: 12
    Looking for 2011 AWD, SL. What to expect and dealer suggestion in north CA.
  • sfedmondssfedmonds Member Posts: 1
    I am planning to buy a 2012 Nissan Juke SL and would like to know how much do people pay for the car around the country?
  • marylandjukemarylandjuke Member Posts: 14
    For us?.. to much.. We were sucker punched into buying the Nissan Juke S model.. Although it has been fun to drive.. there has been twice my wife and I have wanted to get rid of it.. the past three recalls and poor gas milage have depressed our view on this small car.

    Although I can't give you what we paid.. but the average is around 420.00 a month.. but here is a word of warning.. while we were looking at the Juke, the dealer (which will remain nameless) took our trade for a test drive, then removed the tags and lost them. clearly this was an attempt to keep us at the dealership. If it wasn't for the fact that the dealer took our tags off.. I would have walked away from the car..

    Time is growing short.. and the Juke is leaning slightly to the Lemon side.. at least ours is.. If these three recalls aren't corrected soon.. you may see a big sticker on the Juke that reads "Lemon"

    Note: Anyone reading this or any one with advice on what actions we should take in handling any recalls.. done that been there.. and no help.. and still waiting on parts.. Apparently Nissan has informed our dealer that "Replacement Parts For Your Juke Are On Hold"
  • fushigifushigi Member Posts: 1,459
    What are the recalls for? Do they impact safety in a way that applies to you?

    I've had cars with recalls before and it didn't bother me. Normally you drop the car off, the repairs are made, and the issue is settled. On my wife's car there was a recall that impacted safety; in that case the manufacturer reimbursed the dealer for providing us a loaner/rental for about a week while the car was down (it, too, faced a delay while waiting for parts).

    Personally, if the dealer lost the plates on my trade I'd tell them they have 10 minutes to find them. Then I'd pull out my cell & call the police to report them as stolen. They have no business removing the plates until the car is no longer yours.

    Finally, I would out the dealer both in this thread and in Edmunds dealer ratings area at Tactics like theirs are why the auto sales industry has such a bad reputation. Only by calling them out for it will we bring change.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • marylandjukemarylandjuke Member Posts: 14
    Addressing the Recall Notices:

    First of all..

    After 1 month and 2 weeks of waiting, I was beginning to worry so I emailed Nissan (the 4th time) and asked them to contact our dealer and find out why our parts are taking so long to arrive.. Just got their response moments ago..

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact Nissan North America, Inc. regarding you vehicle and apologize for any incovenience this situation may have caused you.

    We contacted the (Dealer Name Hidden) and were informed by the Service Department that the parts for the two recalls arrived at the dealer just yesterday. A service advisor from the dealership will be in contact with you.

    Thank you for taking the time to write.


    Nissan North America, Inc.

    Charles Smith Factor
    Consumer Affairs Representative
    Nissan Consumer Affairs

    Funny how when you use the word "lemon" in your emails.. Nissan must have finally read my complain and jumped to attention..

    In less then two minutes after posting this on my blog.. I get a call from the dealer.. letting me know the parts came in and they've scheduled a monday appoint for me.. Mind you this is not the above mentioned dealer.. We're not driving 4 hours to that dealer ever again.

    Addressing the Actually Recall Notices:

    I believe at the time it was three recalls..

    1) Turbo Air Intake Tube (scheduled Monday service)
    2) Fuel Pressure Sensor (scheduled Monday service)
    3) Chip Reflash (completed)

    ..and possibly a forth recall notices.. Something to do with the door seals/hinges/windows letting water to enter the windows hardware and in cold weather climates.. these would freeze and you couldn't get into the car.
  • michaelscaimichaelscai Member Posts: 75
    Nissan Juke S, negotiated price is $17370, about $19270 OTD

    I changed my mind and want to do a lease, dealer quoted me:

    $233 x36 mo at 12000 miles/yr (233 is 214/mo plus tax) total payment $8388
    redisual value is $12175 + tax of 1095 or about 13270

    is this lease deal i'm offered a lousy deal?
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