What Are These 2 Hooks?

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In the rear, there are two hooks in the ceiling, just aft of the rear seat. They aren't just holders for clothes hangers, because they won't hold my hangers at all. Their peculiar shape suggests that there is another purpose for them - maybe for some sort of baggage restraint (not offered anywhere as an accessory) or maybe for a rod to connect from one hook to the other for hanging clothes.


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    attachment points for the cargo net
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    I don't think so - the hooks for the net are on the sides of the door, and are large metal "D" rings. The two hooks in the ceiling are plastic, and are of a peculiar design. If the net was clipped to these, only two of the four net clips would be used. I don't see how the net can be used here.
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    I saw these hooks a couple of weeks ago...I'm still trying to figure out that they are used for.

    The cargo net attaches to the 4 steel rings on the sides of the car...so it's not for that.
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    Wild stab in the dark - a way to hold the shoulder harnesses out of the way while carrying cargo? My van has some elastic for that.

    Some of the specs around the net talk about "Cargo Area Tiedown Hooks".

    [edit] Bah, neither of those make any sense (I've been skimming the owner's manual).

    They sound like vestigial appendages left over from the 2005 cargo shelf days. :shades:

    Can someone post a pic?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 227,419
    Maybe LATCH anchors for child car seats?

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  • ronwelronwel Member Posts: 57
    Not latch anchors...the anchors are either in the seat, or on the back of the seat. These hooks are on the celing, back by the rear door, on either side. They fold flat to the ceiling. I guess they could be hooks for hangers...but if you hung clothes there, you would block the back window.
  • runoxrunox Member Posts: 156
    2010 For 18 months and I never noticed them since they blend into the ceiling molding.

    They seem to hold a bar with the hook shape notch. At first I thought the cargo security shade would fit, but that attaches behind the rear seat.
  • runoxrunox Member Posts: 156
    I was in the Chevy dealer having a recall taken care of and asked a sales guy. They're clothes hangar hooks, nothing more. He says he seen a bar attached side to side, but it's not a Chevy accessory and it won't hold much weight. Using the bar will block your view in the rear view so I'd be inclined to leave it as is.
  • ronwelronwel Member Posts: 57
    Thanks for asking. (I thought that tthey might be something more interesting than clothes hooks.)
  • lazy_boneslazy_bones Member Posts: 28
    In my first message, I point out that hangers will not stay on these "hooks", as they are wide, flat, and narrow - the hangers fall off. The bottom rail of the opening is too weak to hold any clothes if the hanger is put through the opening - it would break, and even if it held, it's too close to the sides of the car for a hanger to hang there. The unusual shape strongly suggest that it's for something else. My salesman said that he seemed to recall that Chevy once offered a clothes rod to extend from one of these "hooks" to the other, but he wasn't sure.
  • beedublubeedublu Member Posts: 236
    ...hooks for plastic grocery bags?
  • roykulproykulp Member Posts: 52
    I use a hanger pole that attaches to both sides of Nox hanger hooks to hang clothes while traveling; the pole can be purchased at most auto part stores.
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