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Recommendations for cargo space

aquamarineaquamarine Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Toyota
I want to add space for cargo on the roof of my 2001 Corolla. (Also I like the idea of the carrier making my vehicle "taller".)

But those hard carriers with the curved look are funny to me. Don't they make a boxy one that gives you more inner space? I want to get as much space as I can, within reason.

Or, I am considering adding a roof rack, and getting a carrier made for another vehicle, and strapping it down to the roof rack. Rails may be better in that case.

I would like a cheap way to achieve this. I will spend if needed, but if I can get something decent for cheaper, I will.

I was planning to buy parts and find someone unemployed to install them cheaply.

Also, what's the deal with trunk racks and blocking the rear windshield. That's illegal in some states and not others? Illegal only if you block the drivers' side?

Ideas please?


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