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BMW X3 Lease Questions



  • I'm trading in a 2000 Jeep Cherokee and looking for a 36 month/15K lease.
  • Hi All,

    I am looking for December 2006 lease information on the 2007 X3.

    Basically, the residual and money factor for 24 & 36 month leases at 15k per year.

    Thanks in advance!
  • tgr99tgr99 Posts: 5

    Please comment on this deal. Here are the details:

    2007 BMW X3
    MSRP: $40,770
    Cap Cost: 0
    Security Deposit: 0
    Bank Fee: 0
    Payment: $439 /month + Sales Tax & MV Fees
    Mileage Allowance: 10K

  • money factor can be anywhere from .0015 to .0040 on 24 & 36 month it all depends on how well you van negotiate. If you get them to .00150 remember you have two options from the dealer 1. they can waive the security deposit but then you'll have to agee to .00165 to make up the difference or pay the security deposit and stay at .0015. Residual for 36 is 68%.
  • tgr99tgr99 Posts: 5
    I forgot to add that this was a 36 months lease.
  • Folks is this good price:

    X3 AWD:
    MSRP 43100

    Payments w/o tax or any fees is is 475. 36 months/15K.

    I believe it is 65% residual? How much should it be? Also if i ask 18K miles is that good idea what will the residual be?
  • I am trying to close on an X3 tomorrow. I have them down to $500 over invoice, which is fine with me. However for 36 months they are showing 67% residual and a money factor of .00190. I thought it was 68% and .00150? Are there regional differences or are they padding the numbers?? Thanks.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    They can't pad residuals.. 68% is for 3yr/30K.. 67% is for 3yr/36K.

    They can mark up the money factor by .0004.. which it appears they are doing in this case..

    There can be regional differences, but BMWFS does this rarely, and I doubt they are doing it here.


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  • I am very close to making this deal:
    2007 BMW X3
    Auto,Premium, Heated Seats, Xenon, metallic paint: list price on car is $43,320

    for a 2 year lease with 15K/ year the best they will do:
    572/month (includes all NYS taxes and all fees) plus $1240 out of pocket at delivery.

    Any thoughts or comments, as I am amount to do this deal? any input pro or con would be appreciated ASAP!
    Thanks to all in advance!
  • I got $390/month + tax for 36 month lease 12K/year with $3500 out of pocket at delivery. Got the cold weather package and metallic paint.

    Not sure how they came up with that price but i liked it. Not sure how Acura with the RDX will be able to compete with that.
  • jeffxpjeffxp Posts: 33
    Actually when you devide the 3500 dollars by 36months and add the tax you're over 500 dollars depending on the city and how you look at it. I only put 400 dollars down, but pay more monthly. As long as we are smiling driving down the road :shades:
  • Just picked up 2007 X3 - Long Island
    Premium, privacy glass, heated seats, xenon, metallic paint;
    1232 out of pocket; 565/month (including NYS taxes) for 2 year lease at 15k/year: Very happy with it!

    Just curious how this deals stacks up with others?
  • blundblund Posts: 6

    Sounds about right- Picked up mine last week: Premium, NAV, privacy glass, heated seats, xenon, metallic paint, back air bags.

    Put 1700 down, 2-year lease, 12K p/y, $550 per month inc. NJ taxes.
  • How does everyone know what the money factor and residuals persentage is? is it stated somewhere? How do I know negotiating a 75% residual on a 2 yr lease 15k mile, and .00150 money factor is sure these are all factors dealers will try and negotiate to help there cause.
  • anyone getting great deals on '07 x3's in florida
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 147
    zeppellin.........the residual value is set by the factory for the months & miles you want if you're leasing through their captive finance arm. The money factor is also "sold" to the dealer at a certain rate, but the dealer CAN mark that up when they quote a rate to you, so they can make money off the financing. So you have to do your research to figure out what the dealer pays for the money. You should insist they give it to you at that same rate if you can. The biggest thing is that you have to negotiate the price they use in the lease, just like you were buying the car.
  • billmv...thx...but where do people get these factors that are all over the internet. if u plug in these factors i should get a better deal than ive been quoted. of course im going to go in and wheel and deal. is it best just to go in an demand a certain lease monthly price? let them figure out how to obtain it?
  • I got quote today,here are the number he gave me


    SALE PRICE=40000
    TOTAL DRIVE OFF=$1.974

    I got quote today,here are the number he gave me


    SALE PRICE=42388
    TOTAL DRIVE OFF=$1.974

  • This is the exact care i am looking to purchase.

    I am willing to put down 4,000.

    I want the purchase price to come in at 42,000 and my montly to be in the low 400's.

    Not sure if it is possible.
  • All,

    I currently have a lease with BMW. I understand that current customers receive the lower money factor without having to make the security deposit.

    If this is the case, how many additional deposits can I make to lower the money factor. Is it still 7, or can I now make it 8 total?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    The initial security deposit is separate from the MSD program, so even if you are not required to make it, you can still only make 7 MSDs.



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  • kyfdx,

    I'm going to attempt to negotiate a lease of a new X3 tomorrow. Please let me know some numbers I should consider. Anything that could help me....$$ factors, terms...Basically, how much should bargain off of the MSRP?
    Thanks in advance!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    From the prices I see in the BMW X3: Prices Paid & Buying Experience forum.. I'd say you should be shooting for $2000-$2500 off MSRP, assuming you get the base MF and acquisition fee..


    $44,000 MSRP
    $41,500 Selling price
    $42,125 CAP cost (selling price + acq.fee)

    3yr/45K lease
    65% Residual
    .0015 MF
    Payment = $482/mo.+ tax
    Due at signing: 1st payment, security deposit, title/license fees (approx. $1200-$1300 total)

    3yr/36K lease? Subtract $23/mo.

    $500 higher selling price? Add $15/mo.

    Hope this helps... The residuals are fantastic this month... I wouldn't count on them being that good next month.



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  • Welcome back Car_man and kyfdx,

    I have this question that has been bothering me for a while now. I'd really appreciate if someone can help me with this.

    In the below lease offer I'm seeing a total lease payment including acquisition fee of 13, 284 and when I divide that by 36 I get the monthly payment amount of 369 which makes me think acquisition fee is 0 dollars. I'm really confused here. When I try to calculate monthly payments for the as shown car, I'm getting only 389 per month instead of 401 per month. Where am I making the mistake? Also if I make a security deposit do I get my money back at the end of the term? How is it different than putting a down payment? Thanks a bunch for your help.

    Lease financing available on 2007 BMW X3 3.0si vehicles, registered outside of NY, only at participating BMW centers on leases assigned to BMW Financial Services NA, LLC/Financial Services Vehicle Trust through January 2, 2007. Monthly lease payments of $369.00 for 36 months based on MSRP of $38,695.00 (includes automatic transmission). (Total lease payments including acquisition fee is $13,284.00). For vehicles registered outside of NY, $3,269.00 due at signing includes first month's payment, down payment and security deposit. For vehicles registered in NY, $3,238.00 due at signing includes $369.00 first month's payment, $2,500.00 down payment, and $369.00 security deposit.) Excludes tax, title, license, and registration fees. Lease financing subject to credit approval. Dealer contribution may affect terms. Lessee must cover insurance and all items not covered under the full maintenance program. At lease end, lessee will be liable for disposition fee ($350.00), any excess wear and use as set forth in the lease agreement and excess mileage charges of $.20 per mile for miles driven in excess of 10,000 miles per year. Purchase option at lease end for $26,313.00 excludes taxes. As shown: 2007 X3 3.0si with optional 18" Double Spoke Wheels, Metallic Paint, Xenon Adaptive Headlights has a MSRP of $40,470.00. If registered outside of NY, $401.00/month with $3,351.00 due at signing includes $401.00 monthly payment, $2,500.00 down payment and $450.00 Security Deposit. Total lease payments including acquisition fee is $14,436.00. If registered in NY, $401.00/month with $3,302.00 cash due at signing ($401.00 first month's payment, $2,500.00 down payment, and $401.00 security deposit). Total lease payments is $14,436.00. Lessee acquires no ownership interest unless purchase option is exercised. See participating BMW centers for details and vehicle availability. For more information call 1-800-334-4BMW

    Base X3 Optioned X3
    Down 2500 2500
    MSRP 38695 40470
    CpCst ">36195 37970
    Resdl 26313 27520.02
    Term 36 36
    MF 0.00151 0.00151
    APR 3.63 3.63
    R% 68% 68%
    MP $369 $389
    AdvrtsdMP $369 $401
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    The advertised lease is missing one variable.. the selling price.

    Without it, you can't calculate the lease payment..

    In the advertised lease, the acquisition fee is added to the CAP cost, before the $2500 downpayment is deducted.. It is my estimation that the discount from MSRP to get this lease payment is about $625.. Which is why your calculation works out...

    Why the numbers don't work out for the more highly optioned model, I'm not sure... They are either working with less of a discount, or there is some other reason... as I would assume $389/mo., as well.

    As you can see, the low payment is more reflective of the lease program, than a low selling price... Which is something to keep in mind... You should be able to negotiate a deal at least $1000 better than the advertised deal.



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  • Thank you kyfdx!

    This is an offer that I've received from a dealer in Springfield, MA

    "With the options you have specified (205
    and with 12,000 miles per year, the
    payment goes up to $361/month for a non-metallic color and $365/month for a
    metallic color.

    I ran the numbers with 6% sales tax. I don't know where you would be
    registering it, but I saw the 860 area code.

    Therefore, for a non-metallic car you would be at $382.56/month including
    sales tax with $4042.06 due at signing (first monthly payment of $382.56,
    security deposit of $400, doc fee of $289, registration fee of $135,
    acquisition fee to BMW of $650, sales tax on your $2025 cap cost reduction
    of $121.50 and sales tax on the $650 acquisition fee of $39 plus the $2025
    cap cost reduction itself) and for a metallic car, you would be at
    $387.36/month including sales tax with $4046.86 due at signing (first
    monthly payment of $387.36, security deposit of $400, doc fee of $289,
    registration fee of $135, acquisition fee to BMW of $650, sales tax on your
    $2025 cap cost reduction of $121.50 and sales tax on the $650 acquisition
    fee of $39 plus the $2025 cap cost reduction itself).

    The monthly payment seems fair, but the $4046 due at signing is a bit high...(?)

    Your valuable input will be greatly appreciated.
    Have a Happy New Year!
  • Hi Folks
    I am fnalizing the deal first thing in the AM.
    I would love you help. I am nervous about getting a great deal.
    Leather, 18's
    3900 Down
    420 Per Month
    36 Months
    12,000 Miles Per Year
    Please let me know your thoughts. John
  • Hi everyone - I just suggested this to a dealer, and if she agrees and I'm offered it, I will sign today - what do you think? I'm waiting to hear back from salesperson.
    2007 X-3
    2500 to cover all costs at inception
    415 Per Month
    24 Months
    15,000 Miles Per Year
  • car20car20 Posts: 12
    I was in today as well...that sounds like a great deal if including tax. Let me know how you do....have you used their navigation system before..from what I am reading it doesn't get the best I'm deciding whether to get it or not.
    but for same car you have above..but without the heated steering wheel, with $12K mileage I was quoted $435.86 including tax and that was with like $3,486 down. But I hadn't done any think it was $800 under MSRP..which now I know from reading here I can do much better. Good luck and let me know how you make out as I may order one on tuesday.
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