Best color combination for my new 2012 X5

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I'm buying my first X5 and have been driving a white Lexus Rx350 for years. My husband thinks getting a white X5 will look too much like my current car (trying to go for a sportier look). I was thinking white with cinnamon brown or espresso leather for a nice contrast. He thinks Vermillion red with light leather seats. Any favorite color combinations? Please send your commens. If it matters, I'm a 42 year old woman. Worried red might be over the top for this car. ???


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    Personally, your ideas sound better than his.. :)

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  • jamielovesbobjamielovesbob Member Posts: 6
    thank you! Just as I as picking my color I realized through forums that my Blackberry Bold is NOT compatible... I have to have this for work and just got my new one yesterday. I've got to post about this and see what I can find out. Verizon confirmed it's not compatible. It's SHOCKING to me... I have a Blackberry Bold and people claim they work for awhile and then you have to reboot/reset bluetooth. Good grief!
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    For a minute there I thought you meant that your phone color didn't match the car and that was a deal killer. :shades:

    There's lots of posts around the forums about phone compatibility issues with all sorts of car makes and phone makes. Most manufacturers keep a compatibility list so you may want to double-check what Verizon told you with BMW. But it's difficult for everyone to keep up with all the changes, and if you get a phone that works today, your next one may not.
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    That is so funny! Thanks Steve. BMW won't confirm with works (not on list) and nothing has been tested on the 2012 so I'm hoping that someone will have a new model and a Blackberry Bold and respond.
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    I am in the market for an X5 too and same age as you. I think the red is too bright. I am considering going for the sparkling bronze metallic and sand beige nevada leather or platinum grey metallic with black seats. No sure yet. Some posts have said the leather develops cracks after a while and these cracks are not so obvious on the black leather. Once again not sure since I am still searching for answers. Does any one there have a contribution?
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    I LOVE the red and it's not bright at all, it's a very deep metallic red and only has a tint of orange in certain lights but I've seen other years where the red is very orange or very bright and I was worried about that too. It's definitely the prettiest color I've ever seen and I'm so glad I chose it. I do love the bronze/beige combo and personally won't do black seats because we live in Vegas part of the year. My beige seats do pick up dark denim stains but can be wiped down and I've had the car since July and there are no cracks in the leather. Only the Premium has real leather the other models don't even have real leather which I found surprising. I've always driven a Lexus with light leather and they do show wear a lot more than the black so if you are worried about that you should probably do the black. Good luck!
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    Thanks for your reply. Do you know what the platinum grey looks like? Been looking out for it but not seen it yet.
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    I have seen a few on the road and it looked nice but I couldn't see it up close like I saw the bronze to see how metallic it was in different light. The lighter grey one is boring in my opinion but I did like the platinum grey but not sure it was as metallic and sparkly as the bronze. I found the bronze very masculine in a good way but I'm a woman so my husband thought I should go for the red. Not sure if you are male or female but I only see women driving the red one for some reason! I would definitely pair the platinum grey with black or light grey leather fwhichever creates the most contrast.
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    Thanks for your reply. I am female. I think I will go for the platinum grey since I want black seats. Don't think the bronze would go with the black seats. You think it will?
    I see you love your car and I am really looking forward to getting my first BMW.
  • jamielovesbobjamielovesbob Member Posts: 6
    I agree the bronze would look awful with black seats. Go for the grey and maybe walnut burl trim for some interior contrast. I have bamboo trim and it really doesn't pop as much. I do love my car but I will tell you that i probably won't get another one after the lease is up. I will get a larger Lexus. The gas mileage is AWFUL on the X5 so prepare yourself. I love the sporty look and feel but it's a little finicky!!!
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