Permanent Fix for Key Getting Stuck in the Ignition

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Here is a link to my Youtube video on how I fixed this problem in my 02 Grand Prix. In my case the green and purple wires had come loose from the console solenoid and instead of installing a new wire harness and likely running into the same problem later, I simply soldered in some short extensions.


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    I also offer local repair for the EXACT same repair I did on my O2 Grand Prix. Please contact for details.
  • gearkatgearkat Member Posts: 13
    Sorry my contact information is [email protected] and I can make his repair local to Providence, RI.
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    I had the same problem key was stuck in the ignition for 2 weeks. It wasn't something you could fix by jiggling the wheel and turning the key either as if the wheel was locked. The place I took it to had taken something out of the box where the gear shifter is. I don't remember what it is called (I just remember it was a creamy white color) but it worked. The only thing he mentioned was that I can shift into any gear, reverse, neutral, etc. without having to step on the brake to actually shift. I haven't had the key stuck ever since.
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