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Chevy Traverse Air Conditioner Problems

shooter5743shooter5743 Member Posts: 5
edited July 2016 in Chevrolet
We have a 2009 Traverse and are having problems with the air conditioner. I posted on the Acadia forum as someone else had started a thread with the same problem. We bought the car new Feb 2009 (2 1/2 years) and it has 55,500 miles. The problem started about 90 miles into a trip the face vents stopped blowing air although the fan speed or no other controls were changed. I stopped the car for about 20-30 minutes to check fuses, leaks, etc and when we started back up the fan came back on. Only there was a weird noise coming from just in front of driver's side dash. After a 4-5 minutes it stopped. We noticed the air started blowing warm. When we reached our destination since there was no GM dealer in the town I took it to a reputable shop that was recommended by 3 auto parts stores. The shop had been in business for over 30 years I believe. After the tech checked it out he found the problem was with the evaporator. Since he knew this was an expensive fix he had another tech check it out also and the second tech found the same problem. This was a labor intense job that involved among other things removing the dash. It would be at least an 8-10 hour job and be over a $1000. He said on a 2 and 1/2 year old vehicle there is NO WAY an evaporator would go out no matter how many miles it had. He advised me to take it back to the dealer even with it out of warranty. I called and spoke with the service manager at the dealer and he said they could not do anything that I would have to contact GM customer service to get a . I have an appointment to go to the dealer tomorrow to have it checked out. It was mentioned on the Acadia forum that once you are assigned a representative and have a claim number you are STUCK with that rep. If you ask to speak with a supervisor or try to appeal it to the next level you can't do so because it is counted against them and they want everything handled at the initial level. has anyone else had a similar problem with their A/C or and guidance about GM Customer Service? Thanks for ANY advice. Shooter

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  • mej1965mej1965 Member Posts: 6
    I have started noticing my air conditioned doing weird things lately so I think I will have my dealership look at the evaporator as well. But I have been dealing with customer service issues for two years since I bought the car. You are right you cannot get to a supervisor to save your life. I have asked for a new car or to bought out of this one 6 times. My major problem is my car eats steering gears. they have surpassed this car being a lemon but will not let me speak to anyone high enough up the food chain to get anything accomplished. Good luck with "customer service"
  • mc87121mc87121 Member Posts: 1
    I to am having the same problems with my 09 Traverse. It has been the shop three times which which was resolved each time only temporarily. I am again having the same problems only issue is it is off warranty. This time I am being told the hvac system is sticking and has to be replaced. Previous fixes where resetting the hvac system then next couple visits the ac controls were replaced. I asked the dealership if GM would cover it since it is the same problem. Problem I am getting now is they diagnosed it with a temp door actuator failure. Dealer said it is a different component then what was previously replaced so no assistance. I am currently in communication with the warranty center trying to get it resolved but do not think it looks good. I have been looking at various post with this issue and it is clear their is something wrong with this ac system on the lambada vehicles. It is clear GM needs to do a recall on this vehicle. Good luck!
  • jswyerjswyer Member Posts: 1
    We have a 2010 Traverse and we have had the A/C recharged 3 times since Oct. 2009. They keep saying that the system is empty but they can't find the leak. Now they are telling me that if they find the leak it may not be covered under the Extended Warranty!!! This is one of many problems that I have had with this vehicle.
  • gkoestergkoester Member Posts: 1

    My 2010 Traverse 18,000 miles. So far a $600 vapor line was replaced. Now at 19,000 and the evaporator expires. $1200. Car is 4 yrs old. Since the 1st problem was originally under warranty it was covered. In the evaporator repair I paid $300. I am requesting the $300 back. Will see. Mean time the transmission line leaks and a front shock. The air conditioner should be recalled,  I see a lot of posts on this subject. 

  • traverstytraversty Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a used 09 Traverse and am having the same A/C issues That are listed on this forum. I noticed GM customer care has been monitoring this thread of complaints for years now, with no solution for the Buick line or any of the sister line vehicles such as the Traverse. They aren't even monitoring the Traverse thread on this site. It is an obvious Manufacture Defect And should be brought to the attention to the powers that be. (Not GM) Your State Attorney Generals Office, and Better Business Bureau. Complaints can be made online In Most states I believe. If Enough of us complain to these authorities maybe GM will be forced to do the right thing by customers that are being trapped into a money draining product without prior discloser. I will be taking my vehicle in to be checked. Making copies of the findings and forwarding the Info and complaints to the BBB and Texas Attorney Generals office. These are expensive vehicles and should not have this kind problem across all the GM Brands.This A/C Manufacture Defect was identified as far back as 2008 throughout all the sister models that use the same original GM parts. I Urge Everyone Who Has This A/C Problem To Contact BBB and their State AT. The Word Needs To Get Out To The Public So They Will Be Informed Before They Enter Into A Financial Commitment That May Last Longer Than The Vehicle Life
  • mislcatmislcat Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 Traverse with the same a/c problems. This has been going on for two years and getting worse. The car was bought new and has about 60,000 miles. I have a GMC pickup with 160,000 miles and the a/c works perfect. Don't understand why GM will not back up the claims we have with our units. Maybe legal action will make them respond. I am tired of having the a/c blow hot air! We didn't pay this kind of price to get something of this quality! :@
  • jld9jld9 Member Posts: 2
    Completely agreeing with everyone, Chevy needs to recall their 2011 and other year's Traverse's for their issues with the a/c. Mine too is completely shot at 58,000 miles. The flaw seems apparent as noted by the numerous complaints. Upon voicing my opinion Chevorlet's social media specialist addressed the issue on-line asking for further information publicly while privately avoiding the issue and not assisting in the matter. This problem should be fixed free of charge. GM has completely disappointed all of my expectations and I will no longer purchase a vehicle with their label. I've never had apparent manufacturing problems like this with any of my previously owned vehicles from other manufactures.
  • jaimerodriguezjaimerodriguez Member Posts: 1
    Chevy made a terrible vehicle! My traverse has been in the shop 3 times this past 3 months and the AC keeps breaking down. Each time a different part causing the AC to not work. 1st was engine mount. A couple days later an AC hose had ruptured because it was weakened from the engine moving too much from the bad engine mount. Now the AC motor/resister might be bad or an actuator or a stuck/jammed ac door flap is broken. Wait there is more! The car has a hard time starting up when I put gas in it. What kind of ridiculous crap is that? The car radio is also going bad. I own a 2011 Chevy traverse and there have been way too many problems with it already. My coworker's parents have a Chevy traverse with AC problems! I convinced them that as soon as they get the AC to work they are to trade their bad car choice in for a reliable one that doesn't break down all the time!
  • traversenomoretraversenomore Member Posts: 1
    We bought our not so inexpensive 2010 Traverse new--new, new, new, so hopefully we would spend zero dollars in repairs for at least a few years. Wrong, wrong, wrong!! Here are just a few (yes, just a few) of the repairs we've had--- mass air flow sensors replaced, O2 sensors replaced, power steering issues (Chevy covered a portion of this cost...should have been recalled however), now it is the AC (and none of these repairs were cheap!). In June the AC only blew from the defrost/feet/rear. In for repair. Then there was water dripping on the feet of the front passenger, this was a clogged "AC tube"...now, there is NO AC from any front vent, but the rear still works. This has been so much fun to address in 100 degree weather. We may just trade it in and be done with it... We will NOT buy GM again. Have never had this many issues with any of our other vehicles...especially under the 5 year mark!!
  • pmjonespmjones Member Posts: 1
    My 2011 traverse has had a front fan noise from about 50,000 miles and the rear air fan has now stopped completely I have a stack of recalls for it and a 2009 HHR it looks as if GM had planed to go bankrupt and leave us all with a bunch of lemons.As it is I will try to find the problem myself as don't trust a dealer to fix the problem with out a tremendous bill
  • afoor85afoor85 Member Posts: 3
    My 2011 Traverse has had problem after problem since buying it in February of 2014. Over the course of the almost two years, we've had to have it towed about 4 times, replaced the water pump, ac condenser, air actuators, and it's most recent list of bad behaviors include the throttle body malfunction, Stabilitrak on the fritz, and once again the ac actuator....don't get me started on the TPS sensors. I will not pay another almost 500.00 to get this fixed. It is blowing hot air down on the driver side pedal area, and freezing everywhere else in the car. It is also stuck in the floor position. I will purchase the part and install it myself. I will start taping the repairs for documentation on these chronic issues. This was my first GMC vehicle, and it will be my last. Fed up to the point of tears. This is a fairly new vehicle, and I am not looking forward for years 5+ problems.
  • russo02russo02 Member Posts: 1
    Wowwww I have a 2011 Traverse with exactly the same problems ac actuator, an ac temperature sensor, problems with the wires going to the window regulator, breaks sensor problem and now I think is the ac evaporator. I here from the dash a weird noise. So yes I'm thinking doing a trade in and no more GM (Chevy)
  • lisamargolisamargo Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 Traverse that has a similar a/c problem. The compressor stopped kicking on all of a sudden and the cold button blinks three times and shuts off. Any suggestions? It is out of warranty of course. With all these complaints, GM should be held accountable.
  • softlilangel99softlilangel99 Member Posts: 1
    I have always been a loyal Chevy customer until now. I bought my 2011 traverse thinking I wouldn't have any problems for years to come. WRONG! I have had nothing but problems after about 2 months of purchase. Most recent has been my ac. The light blinks 3 times and blows hot air. $1700 job. This car/ year is definitely a lemon. All these same complaints from other owners falling on def ears from Gm. Gm apparently doesn't stand behind their products any more and certainly isn't a quality vehicle. While trading this car in, I wont even consider buying another Chevy.
  • bmac1977bmac1977 Member Posts: 10
    Leasing what was a brand new 2013 Traverse (ends next month) and have had the AC go out on us every year that we've had it. Our main beef with the car other than the crappy gas mileage.
  • hcarroll01hcarroll01 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2016 chevy traverse I've only had it 25 days it has 21,000 miles on it I picked it up from the dealership after having a clicking noise that was coming from the driver side tire I thought it was my CV joint come to find out the nuts on my axle were loose I get it home then leave to pick up my kids from school and the AC just quit blowing it didn't matter what i did turn it on and off but 10 min later it started working again I called the service department back and the guy told me it had to be worse and keep an eye on it I was like are you kidding me any suggestions 
  • sugapiesugapie Member Posts: 3
    Why is it on my driver side vent near peddles hot all the time and passenger side not. Also, When I turn on the A/C my driver side is blowing HOT AIR while the passenger side is blowing COOL AIR - Chevy Traverse 2012 and I'm just now having a problem just recently after brought this vehicle 3 years ago!. Mileage is 87 thousand.
  • sugapiesugapie Member Posts: 3
    Why is it on my driver side vent near peddles hot all the time and passenger side not I also noticed that when I turn on the A/C the driver side is blowing HOT AIR while the passenger side is blowing COLD AIR!! I brought this vehicle 3 years ago!! Now, I'm starting to having a problem!!! It's Chevy Traverse 2012 - with 87 thousand mileages.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    sugapie said:

    Why is it on my driver side vent near peddles hot all the time and passenger side not I also noticed that when I turn on the A/C the driver side is blowing HOT AIR while the passenger side is blowing COLD AIR!! I brought this vehicle 3 years ago!! Now, I'm starting to having a problem!!! It's Chevy Traverse 2012 - with 87 thousand mileages.

    Might be a "blend door actuator" problem. This is a little motor that opens and closes vents depending on whether you ask for heat or AC. A proper scanning tool might pick this up if that's the problem.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,147
    edited May 2018
    X2 on a blend door not working correctly ,if you have dual temperature capable AC. There are two different blend doors.

    A possibility is IF you have a single zone system without the dual AC/heat options, some GMs in past had the AC freon going into the cooling coil in a pattern that air going through the coil ended up going to, for example for example, the passenger side vents and they got normally cold air. BUT the freon had all evaporated to gas doing the cooling by the time the freon got to the other parts of the coil. Those got warm air. The freon is undercharged due to slow leakage, e.g..

    If you are capable of being careful and safe about loose clothing and a running engine, you can locate where the two tubes go into the firewall behind the engine for the freon. One has freon going in and the other the freon returning.

    With the air blower on high and the engine running for a few minutes, the tube going in should be cool not super cold and the tube with the "used" freon returning should be very cold. That means the entire evaporator inside the car got cooled by the liquid freon.

    There are other ways to test, but by then you're better off taking it to a professional for evacuation, leak checking, and recharging.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • bubbles56bubbles56 Member Posts: 7
    I bought a 2013 Chevy Traverse brand new and since then I have had to replace the rear blower (or rear evaporator), I can't remember which one three times and now it is needing replacing again. I just found out from the Stonewall LA dealer there is a bulletin less than a year old that reads the blower is releasing dust and copper dust that is causing corrosion to the rear evaporator and needs to be replaced with a new model one. So why am I not getting this paid for since that problem caused all the repairs to the same item in my car? First I bought a Saturn Outlook that was a lemon and when I finally got the replacement, the sunroofs leaked and they never addressed the fix for that. Now I have this. I am wondering if it isn't time to go to another manufacturer. Sick of these same problems
  • travelbug77travelbug77 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2012 traverse. I bought it 2 years pre-owned and have had nothing but problems with multiple different things. Unfortunately all are very expensive things. Last year my power steering rack and pinion went out which was a $2,700 repair and now my air conditioner is hissing and not blowing cold air. This seems to be a very common problem with both of these for the Traverse yet there are no recalls. 2 years ago my rear hatch cylinders were faulty and the tailgate crashed down on my head. A rear seat belt won't  lock into place either. All things that are pricey. When you try to buy American you get screwed. 
  • Kat32600Kat32600 Member Posts: 1

    sugapie said:

    Why is it on my driver side vent near peddles hot all the time and passenger side not I also noticed that when I turn on the A/C the driver side is blowing HOT AIR while the passenger side is blowing COLD AIR!! I brought this vehicle 3 years ago!! Now, I'm starting to having a problem!!! It's Chevy Traverse 2012 - with 87 thousand mileages.

    Might be a "blend door actuator" problem. This is a little motor that opens and closes vents depending on whether you ask for heat or AC. A proper scanning tool might pick this up if that's the problem.
    I have had this problem twice on my traverse. Once on the passenger side and then a few years later on the drivers side. To buy a new actuator is 95 dollars and you can watch a YouTube video on how to replace it. If I can do it you can too.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,147
    I'm not familiar with the suv end of GM's designs. The symptoms could be a blend door failed.

    Diagnosis for me would be what does it do if I turn the temp to full hot--I assume you have dual temp controls.
    Do you get full heat out of both sides the same. That might indicate the blend door is moving and not broken or bound up.

    Another factor may be what happened on H-bodies in the 2000-2005 era: the freon level dropped some and the freon went into a part of the evaporator where the air going tot he passenger side of the vehicle passed through. That air got cooled nicely. But the freon was "used up" by the time it got to the side of the evaporator where the driver air passed. So the drivers would be warm.

    When the temperatures were mild and not as much cooling needed, the system seemed to operate correctly.

    So if the blend door actuator can be verified to be moving when your head is under the dash, then have the state of charge of the freon checked by a dealer or a good quality shop.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • CassinatorCassinator Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2019
    2010 Chevy Traverse having the same problem AC is only blowing hot air even after recharged. After it's been recharged the driver side blows cold air and the passenger side blows warm air not hot but a definite difference in temperature even though they are both set at the same temperature. It will blow cold air for maybe two to five days and then back to the same stuff. Same issue with the with the back vents.
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