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I have an 2011 Equus. When I first bought the car I noticed that the sound system did not sound right. I waited until the 6500 mile service to fix it. The dealer replaced the entire driver information system. When I got the car back from the dealer I tried to put an address into the GPS. I could not find the state Alabama in the menu. So I took the car back to the dealer and they also discovered there was no state of Alabama in my GPS. The information was sent to Hyundai tech support. After a four day wait for a return call it was discovered that no one knows why it is missing and nobody knows how to fix it. They said if they replace the driver information system (3rd one in the car) it will have to bench tested it before it ships. They said that they were truly stumped.

Now this is how Equus Customer Service handles a problem.

I just got off the phone with Equus customer service for the fifth time and their answer is there is nothing they can do right now. They said that have to "do more research the problem before a plan of action can be put in place."
It takes a week just to get a return phone call from Tech Support. I wonder how much time it takes to "do more research?" a day? a week? a year? They will not say. They just said wait.

To me it's not really about the GPS. Its the way they are handling this issue. It's like since this is a problem that customer service didn't train on what to say. They just get dumbfounded and tell me to wait. In one conversation I was told that they are showing their commitment because they have "already put one $7,000.00 system in the car" Well it doesn't work.

Realize the fact the a critical part of the car with a major problem got all the way from design to production through quality control all then to the customer without this problem ever being noticed.
What else could be the same way? How do I know the traction control doesn't have a problem. or any other electronics? What is next?

The car is less than 90 days old.

Is this the return of the original Hyundai? It seems like it to me.


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    Well, ennesco2011, I've had a similar problem and, though my Signature Equus has been at the dealership for 14 days now, the Customer Service rep can only hope his efforts to obtain a new radio unit will expedite its delivery tomorrow. Apparently, there's not a new spare radio in the whole United States because this one's coming from Korea. How can a company launch a new, first-class machine without sending along replacement parts to each of their Repair shops?

    I only got my car at the end of June and the radio began cutting itself on and off during the second hour of use. The car has less than 400 miles on it. Once the radio cut out, only the Equus icon showed on my nav screen--not even the map or back up camera showed. Useless and annoying.

    Like you, I also wonder what else wasn't checked out, what else will go wrong, and if there will be parts to fix that problem. How about a sense of urgency to diagnose, repair, and return my vehicle in a reasonable amount of time without my having to call the Regional Customer Service number to get some help? My lack of confidence in the dependability of this car is exceeded only by my disappointment. Customer Service seems sincerely sorry, but they're not as sorry as I am. If I experience other problems, as you have, I'm going to Lemon Law it as fast as I can.
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    I have been considering an Equus after several test drives of other cars. I loved the ride of this car BETTER than the XJL Jag I bought a couple of months ago. However, I was concerned about the rarity of this car and its repair parts. NOW I know that I should buy a car that has been tested...thanks EVER so much for all of your help!
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    I have a 2011 ultimate equus which has a key storage to plug your key into in the glove compartment. The key was left into the storage for 1 week while I was away....result..dead battery.....the headlights will not go off automaticaly as long as key is plugged into the storage. I like keeping my key plugged in all the time so that I don't have to search for the key on my desk.....is this the way it is suppose to be?
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    glosaul, It's probably not a good idea to leave your key in your car when you get out of it anywhere, anytime--making it available for anyone at all to drive the car away--nevermind running down the battery, as you've learned. Maybe you could find a small storage container or a certain place on your desk that you always put your key in, eliminating the search.
    In any case, I also had a dead battery from leaving the overhead light on for a week, MY fault--but thank goodness for Hyundai's excellent Customer Service. Within 30 minutes of my call to them, a locksmith arrived with his own machine and had my car charged and out of the garage in no time, at no expense to me.

    I must say that once the initial problem involving the Information Center was solved (the bill to Hyundai was $8,800!), my car has been a joy. Hyundai's Customer Service is the best of any car company I've ever dealt with, including Mercedes (especially when they were with Chrysler) and Lexus.
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    I have a 2011 equus ultimate. My trunk opens up randomly by itself and Hyudai does not want to resolve the issue. I have videos and they donot want to believe video. I do not think they are ready for luxury market if thy do not know how to treat customer.
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    Hi, I noticed your comments because I am looking at a 2011 Signature leftover. Did they resolve your problem and if you still own the car, what do you think of it today? Your thoughts are very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Hi, I am currently interesed in this car........did they resolve your issue, if you still own the car.......what do you think of it today. Many thanks for your thoughts in advance.
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    Please see the bottom of message 5, on page 1. I still have the car, and still feel the same way.

    On recent road trips, we not only enjoyed the comfort of this car, we were pleased to see 25.5 mpg on the dashboard display--really! At least once a month some total stranger in a parking lot, checking out my car, will remark that they haven't seen one and admire the way it looks--fun! I expect to keep it a long time.
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    Just got my Equus 8/17/12 (3 days ago). Traffic part of navigation was not working out the door. Called Sirius customer service, who told me they could not fix it, and that in 7-10 business days, someone would call me to address the issue! Next, I called the Equus service line. Was told by the first agent, Kristin, this was not Hyundai's problem, nothing they could do! I spoke to supervisor Mike, who told me basically the same thing. It's Monday, and I have not heard back from Hyundai or Sirius. I called Hyundai again, supervisor Maryanne said the same thing-not Hyundai's problem. Actually Maryanne spent more time making excuses for Sirius than anything. She told me I should wait to hear back from Sirius. When I pressed her on whether she thought Sirius' response to me of 7-10 business days to get a call back was reasonable, she told me she could not say, as she was not an expert in that product!

    Terrible customer service. I expect Hyundai to stand behind their product, especially the Equus. Instead every person I spoke with has immediately passed the buck to Sirius and refused to help. I would expect them to replace the unit or lean heavily on Sirius to fix this timely. No such luck and no one at Hyundai seems to care.
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    I'm surprised to see the complaints on the Equus. I have had my 2012 since November of last year. So far, I've had no issues with the vehicle.

    Navigation works fine, including the Traffic feature. I will say that I did have a fight with Sirius over them adding the Traffic feature. This also happened on a previous car, so I believe it has nothing to do with Hyundai.

    They have come to pick up my Equus three times now (oil changes and tire rotations) and have provided me a Genesis each time. Very helpful service each time.

    I love the car overall. If I had to choose something to improve, it would be the iPod/iPhone interface. It takes forever to find a song if it isn't in a playlist.
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    My 2011 Equus Signature has a few problems. Local dealer attempts to fix did not work, probably related to lack of experience with Equus. Called the much ballyhooed customer service line, several times. No help. Told they will "research" the issue and get back to me with fix. Nope. Nothing. Nada. When I called back, I got the "take it to the dealer" speech. Obviously, Hyundai is not interested in providing any customer service. They only want to SAY they provide customer service. Come on John Krafcik -- step up to the plate. Be a man. Answer the questions, fix the problems. I would not buy another Equus. The company does not stand behind their product. You have been warned.
    Surge/dieseling at cold start (already hit garage door)
    Glovebox scuffing terribly - bad vinyl
    Drift to right - alignment ok
    Front seat problem
    Squeeky R door
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    I have the same problem on a 2014 Equus from day 1. Called Hyundai customer service, they had no Idea how the Nav should work. I thought this was an XM problem, but It was not. The traffic menu Is 'grayed out' and can not be accessed. Then It worked for about 30 mins. and I was able to get to get to the traffic menu and It's sub menu. I brought It back to the dealer, they had no Idea (a $63000 car and they have no Idea) So the service manager called Hyundai and Lexicon and they decided to send a new head unit, It should arrive by the 27th of Sept. The traffic menu Is not the same as "NAVTRAFFIC' from XM.. I'll keep everyone updated on this.
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    I bought a new 2014 EQUUS after my Genesis, which I loved, was washed away in a flash flood in El Paso (with me in it). I have loved every single thing about the car and now have 28,000 on it. Service has been great, picking it up and leaving a user. Fast and complete service, like no other I have ever had on any luxury car Ive owned.
    I have property in Louisiana, and needed to buy a car to leave there, Found a 2011 EQUUS with 25,000 miles, not one ding or scratch or any wear in the interior. Was thrilled with it, until it refused to start one day for no reason, and realized the new battery was dead. Charged it and everything was fine, but am not sure what is causing it. Did a little research and found there are intermittant electrical problems with some of them. Sure hope I didn't get one of those. I left the car completely charged a week ago, and will be back in 2 more weeks. If the battery is dead, I will know there is a full time drain somewhere. I drove the car from Florida to Louisiana for 12 hours nonstop, and it was wonderful, Evidently not an alternator problem. Very puzzling. I hope if the battery is drained AGAIN, that someone will be able to FIND the drain source.
    If anyone had a problem with this, I would appreciate any information you can give me.
    thanks, David
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    It could be a battery drain. There are some simple tests a shop can perform to determine if that is your problem. It also depends on how long you leave the car parked. Some cars don't seem to like to start after 2-3 weeks of being inoperative.
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    They say this car is limousine caliber in Korea. Well I currently own 2 2013 Equuses, one a signature and the other an ultimate. These are the flagships in my town-car fleet business and when they are in service people love the experience inside them. Until the transmission jerked several of them around. Well the signature went kaputt at 44,000 miles and Hyundai after much contemplation chose to replace it. So they did but with another that also did not work as well. So I do believe that they have collected the money and now have left the errors of our vehicles as collateral damage hoping we will just trade them in on a newer item as so many Americans do. With a promotion like their warranty I made the choice to trust their products. So fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice........well?
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    well they tried harder for you than they have for me
    my 2015 equus has died in traffic twice, almost killing me and 3 passengers the second time, and so far all i have gotten from them is "we're still trying to fix it"
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    I bought this accident-free 40,000-mile car 9 months ago, relying on my research and the good reviews. However, it appears that the Hyundai Equus model has yet to master the finesse that is required in high-end vehicles. Now at 48000 miles, the leather covering of the dashboard has lifted from its base (see pics). I took it to Rick Case Hyundai service department (and to many other experts in the upholstering business) and was told that the leather covering of the dashboard has shrunk and may continue to shrink further (see attached pictures). The dealer claims that several similar issues had come up and if this car is over 5 years old, it is no longer under warranty and may be fixed at a cost of $4,500.00. The high cost is due to the front windshield and the dashboard that must be removed. I was also advised that the Equus and the now G90 models are warranted for 10 years or 100,000 miles for power train (engine, transmission, and differential) only. The electronics or any other component is warranted for 5 years or 60,000 miles. In addition to the above issue, when cruising (with cruise control activated) on the expressway at 75MPH, the car would suddenly shut off, slowing down considerably, and would self-power-up a few seconds later. At other times, the brakes would self apply when passing or being passed by vehicles on the adjacent lanes almost causing me to be rear-ended at high speed. I was advised that one of the taillights showed condensation inside of it, a fissure on the taillight assembly that allowed water to get in thereby shorting the entire electronics. Dealer cost for the repair, $1,800.00. I called Hyundai and was flatly told that it was my problem to have it fixed, not theirs as the car, just recently being over 5 years, was out of warranty. I ended up fixing the tail light at a cost of $1350.00. I still have the tail light assembly, it had about one-half gallon of water inside, however, the technician was baffled as to how the water was able to get inside of it as the unit appeared well-sealed, without any cracks and unbroken. Although the vehicle is a performer, it appears that Hyundai is lacking in the area of quality control that is required in high-end vehicles. The above-mentioned issues, if not properly addressed by the vehicle manufacturer, will eventually result in fatalities. Also, small and annoying defects in these vehicles are proven to be super expensive to repair. Hyundai/Kia is going to have to do a lot of work to regain my loyalty. Hello BMW, CADILLAC and MERCEDES...
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