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Do you have a bumpy ride from the XC60?

sjsmsjsm Posts: 8
I have a 2011 and 1/2 XC 60 T6 AWD (have the car since Feb. 28, 2011 with 6800 miles now). I feel the ride is pretty bumpy (it's even worse when drove over a bump in low speed) compare to my 2004 Sienna van and others cars that I have owned. I thought this is normal for a AWD SUV ( this is my first SUV and AWD.) I know different people have different perception about the ride (bumpy or smooth). Today I got a XC 70 loaner from Volvo dealer for my first regular maintenance. The ride is much better than my XC 60. It's not bumpy at all.

Is there something wrong about my XC 60's suspension or this is normal for a XC 60 AWD? Thank you for any feedback.


  • rkurlanderrkurlander Posts: 58
    edited August 2011
    I have 9,000 miles on mine (2/15/11) and don't experience any suspension issues. You might want to be sure the tire pressure is at 35psi, and not over inflated.
  • idmdidmd Posts: 23
    I have an R-Design which has an even stiffer suspension but I test drove the regular XC60. Also, I've owned other CUVs including the Rav4, Pilot, XC70 Cross Country and test drove the Q5, FX35 and MKX for comparison.

    I think Volvo is trying to edge their newer products more towards sporty which inherently comes with a stiffer suspension to try and control body roll, drive, squat, etc. Like most things it's a balancing act - too soft and performance suffers. Too hard and you're breaking teeth. Some car companies like BMW and Audi do an exceptionally good job at finding that balance.

    That said (and I'm coming from a sports sedan) the ride seems taunt but not too hard or harsh. The XC70 is comparatively (too) soft compared to the XC60 and I can see there being a very noticeable difference in a direct comparison. I guess in my head the two cars are philosophically different in what they are trying to accomplish. JMHO.
  • lwd2lwd2 Posts: 2
    Yes. Have had this car 3 months. Have owned Volvos for 20 plus years, six different models and this one is unduly harsh. My tires are the Pirelli, not Michelin as I would have preferred. Is it possible that part of the issue is tire design?
  • lwd2lwd2 Posts: 2
    The ride is killing me. Two years and counting. Have owned 240s, 960, 780, v70, xc70, xc90. This is by far the worst ride. I was suspicious of the Pirelli's but my dealer discounts that as a cause.. Can someone tell me if it is the tires or the car? Thanks..
  • rockinheadrockinhead Posts: 2

    Nice on the freeway, but bumpy on bumpy roads. That's about the only negative with this car.

  • I've own my 2017 Volvo XC60 inscription 1yr I have the Pirellis and on LA roads the ride is stiff, not uncomfortable and ok on the highway and I run pressure 35, I've notice the tires like to ride in the grooves, I'll be looking for a alternative in my tire choice.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Is that car running run-flats?
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