96 Infinite shock absorber replace

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I am planning to replace shockabsorbers for my 96 Infinite I30t. It has about 60k mile and everying runs fine. I hope to keep thiscar for another five years. Perhaps new shocks will make the car ride better? What is the life of shocks in normal drive.
Is it wise to have someone else besides the dealer for installation? Thanks, Ochee


  • q45manq45man Member Posts: 416
    Shocks slowly wear the seals over time providing less and less dampening, usually the sloppiness is quite noticeable by 60,000 miles. But depending on road roughness and vehicle weight it varies alot, but 60k changes should return the new ride if other wear items like mounts, sway bar bushings....all rubber isolated items are changed.
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    You might look at Bilstein shocks if you want a firmer tighter ride...they are expensive, but worth it. I'd agree, 60K is about shock time, maybe some cars can go a bit more...but for a Japanese car, that's about right.
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