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Trying to find out what is new/updated in the 2012 Sequoia.
Does anyone know?


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    I asked this question of my dealer yesterday. According to him, not much will change. He did mention that it will get Toyota's new Entune system. I don't believe that will happen since the Sequoia is sold in such limited quantities. Our local auto reviewer did a write up on the 2012 model (click link below) and never mentioned Entune. Guess we won't know for sure until Toyota updates their website or the models start hitting the dealership

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  • txpackersfantxpackersfan Member Posts: 27
    Does anyone know if the 2012 Toyota Sequoia will be available with Toyota's new Entune system? I've seen a few 2012 Platinum's, but none had the Entune. Today I was going through Edmund's new car pricing. Just for grins I selected the SR5 4x4. When I got to choosing options, it included "Display Navigation w/Entune" for $995 MSRP. What?

    So I checked the limited and platinum models; neither listed Entune as an option. I also checked Toyota's website and it doesn't offer any information about Entune for Sequoia. Perhaps the options listed by Edmunds are wrong for the SR5. I can't believe Toyota is only offering their newest entertainment system on their lowest model. Or perhaps they are just starting to offer Entune on newly built models.

    Hope someone already knows this answer. I may delay my purchase a couple of months if I can get the Entune.
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    Over at the official Toyota site, the "Display Navigation with Entune" option shows up when you default to the SR5 2WD. The voice-activated touch-screen DVD isn't available. I got there by clicking on "Crossovers and SUVs" and then drilling down to the Sequoia.

    Going to the Platinum 4WD, Entune isn't available, but the touch-screen DVD is.

    Beats me. :confuse:
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    Finally picked up my 2012 platinum at the end of May with only 10 miles on the odo. Two weeks later went on a 3 week vacation to MI. Got back and already needs the 5,000 mile service. This is the ultimate road trip vehicle. We have three kids with two teenagers over 6' and everyone was comfortable. I actually was surprised how much luggage we could fit in the truck. Didn't even need a car topper. Gas mileage was about what I expected. I found 72 MPH to be a sweet spot where I'm going fast enough and still get decent mileage (17 MPG). However when driving 12 - 14 hours in a day, we often bumped it up to 78 - 82 MPH and the mileage quickly deteriorates. Probably the worst we saw was about 14 MPG which still isn't bad for a 6,000 lb 4WD vehicle. When driving that long in a day, an extra 5 MPH really adds up in extra distance.

    The only complaint I have is with the navigation. I've never been a fan of any navigation system and this is the first one I've had in a vehicle. I pretty much always knew where I was going since I was familiar with the area, but still plugged in addresses to see where it took me. Not one time did one of the 3 routes match what I expected. Even when I chose a route, it never actually got me to my destination. The worst was when visiting friends who live out in the country; the navi got us to the right road (County C), but we were in the wrong county and over 5 miles away from their actual house. I've seen family use their Garmins and Tom Toms and seem to get the same result. I often resorted to my iPhone to pull up the map and then zoom in and out to find the roads I wanted. It would be great if Toyota's navi system could work that way.

    Still, overall this is an awesome vehicle. We looked at every large SUV out there and this is the only one that fit our needs and seemed worth the price. I can't believe how many Tahoes, Suburbans, and Yukons I see on the road compared to Sequoias. I'm guessing these people have never looked at the Sequoia. I actually like being unique so it's nice not seeing my same vehicle on every corner.
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    Not sure if you've bought the sequoia yet, but i would highly recommend not buying one with ENtune. It has major glare issues that prevent the driver from seeing the display 80% of the time. I've tried all the recommend solutions with adjusting the brightness/contrast, purchasing an antiglare screen...but none have worked. The dealership and Toyota headquarters have offered no other solutions and basically told me that i can swap it out at my own cost....no way. I have had it 5 months and have been going back/forth with the dealership but am getting nowhere.

    Good luck. Other than that, the sequoia is a good SUV! but after the experience with customer service, i be hesitant to deal with them again!
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    Does anyone have experience with the air conditioning in a hot climate like Phoenix? I wonder if the A/C is robust enough to cool such a large cabin.
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    I live in southwest Texas where it's not quite as hot as Phoenix, but more humid. Most summer days here are over 100 degrees. No issues cooling the cabin here even after parked in the hot sun.
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    msrp 63145.00-2500.00 (discount) 60737.00 0% 60/month
    msrp 63145.00-6000.00 (discount) 57237.00 3.25% 60/month

    Does anyone know why the discounts vary so much? Or if I could get more discount off MSRP? Thank you.
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    In the 2nd example, you'll pay $4854 in interest.... Not really an apples to apples comparison.... They want $3500 more upfront, to finance you at 0%..

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