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Hyundai Veloster Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 187,388
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  • weswazweswaz Member Posts: 23
    I've been looking/ shopping in Southern California... I've haven't seen anyone that will budge from MSRP, seen one dealer put $1999 premium above MSRP on them with other dealer installed options bringing a Maunal w/ Style and Tech Packages to $27K+. Curious to hear what others are experiencing in their attempts to buy one of these. Nice car. Suprisingly roomy.
  • moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    $600 to $1000 under MSRP at a couple of dealers and most were at MSRP.
    $600 was not too difficult, $1K off is at a very aggessive dealer that sells by volume day in and day out. I'm in Chicagoland area so there are a lot of choices for dealers.
    Automatic with style pkg. is the equipment priced.
  • moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    You can save an additional $500 by using Motozuma. Motozuma program description on Hyundai website
    How it works is you have to open a Motozuma account, the account has to have been open for at least 30 days before you purchase the car, Hyundai will match up to $500 the amount in your Motozuma account.

    I opened a Motozuma account just in case I do buy a Hyundai. It does not cost anything to open or maintain an account.
    If I do buy a Hyundai I will place $500 in the Motozuma account at least 48 hours before the car is purchased and I will use a credit card to fund the account.
  • hybrid93hatchhybrid93hatch Member Posts: 35
    There is no way, what a ripoff! I drove 150 miles to another (Scion) dealership to save $300 / prove a point to the local dealership several years back.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Member Posts: 1,681
    I think Hyundai has...

    1) their special APR financing and matching cash down for $500. You could always refinance at a lower rate if you can find it.

    2) Motozuma for $500 cash down matching...which is separate from #1 (I think...); only thing is you need to have an active account for 30 days

    3) College grad $400

    4) Military $500

    I'm not certain but I think 3 & 4 is anybody in immediate family (haven't confirmed yet)

    I think everybody should be able to get 1 & $1k under MSRP at a minimum.
  • redluffyredluffy Member Posts: 1
    I live outside of chicago was wondering what dealerships you found that where willing to give the best deals
  • marysia2marysia2 Member Posts: 1
    It's "Boston Red," automatic, neither option package, but came with cargo net and tray, carpet floor mats and wheel locks - none of which I particularly wanted, but they're on the invoice (about $300 for those extras). After the test drive, I looked at the invoice and said, "What's up with this dealer added value making it $22K???

    The salesman said, that's what "they're" gonna want. I said no way. He said, they aren't going to take less than the total price of $19,600. I said no way. He said, "It's a hot new car, they're in demand and low supply..." I said, "No way." So I show him an internet printout I had with me (good thing!) of another dealer that had the same car (red, auto) with a total price of the same $19,600 but were selling it for $18,833. We go inside, the salesman takes the printout with him, comes back after the requisite 15 minutes and says, "Will you buy the car today if we sell it to you for this price [the competitor's price]. I said, Yes. The 18,833 includes the $760 for shipping. I'm happy enough with this price...
  • rayt2rayt2 Member Posts: 1,208
    Purchased my "V" on 11/8/11 from Danbury Hyundai in Connecticut. Marathon Blue 6spd m/t base model. Only options were mud guards, carpeted floor mats, rear cargo tray, wheel locks & window vin etching. Paid $17000.00 plus shipping $775, dealer prep $399 & tax. Took the 3 yr 1.9% financing offer which saved me another $500.
    Presently have 4500 miles on it and other than a ECM flash for stumble problem and new radio head unit under warranty no issues.
    Car is an eye catcher for sure.
    Dealer originally was asking more but when I brought in an ad from competing dealership for $300 less they matched it. Glad they did because the other dealer would of had to order the blue, this one was already on the showroom floor in Ct.
    My "V" replaced a 2003 Mini Cooper which was destroyed by the October snowstorm when a tree took it out of commission. I had planned on buying a V in the spring but the hunt for a blue V was moved up after the snowstorm.

    Ray T
  • fowler3fowler3 Member Posts: 1,919
    Here's one for you. I was looking at new Hyundai and Kia models at a nearby dealer lot this morning. I was startled to see the prices on the window stickers are very close. The three models I looked at: Elantra Limited, Kia Rio-5 EX, and the Veloster are close in price, only $200 apart! How could an entry-level car cost as much as the luxury Veloster? It doesn't make sense and neither does the dealer's $999 doc fee! What do you think?

    The Kia Rio-5 EX bottom line is $22,600, the Veloster (next door, same dealer) is $22,830, and yes, it has the turkey roaster glass roof. My reason for shopping, I would like another hatchback after 11 years with a reliable Mazda Protege. This dealer also posted a $999 doc fee.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 187,388
    This dealer also posted a $999 doc fee.

    That has to be a record... :surprise:

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  • carfan34carfan34 Member Posts: 1
    After reading the posts, I'm happy to write that I had a great experience when buying our Veloster. We live in the hudson valley region and I went to a few places, but they were way too agressive. Only after I went to healy brothers in Beacon, NY did I purchase. They were not pushy , I was expecting more of the same , but they were nice, so nice , even after I told them I had my own financing!!!

    .james was so kind, cannot say enough. As you all know car shopping can be one of the best or worst expereiences, so I'm greatful to have had a great expereince.
  • steven39steven39 Member Posts: 636
    the doc fee is almost always negotiable.i recently purchased a 2013 hyundai elantra with the preffered selling dealers doc fee was listed as 899.00..i told them that i have been to a few other hyundai dealers where the doc fee was much lower and that if they couldn't lower it i will take my buisness it down to 399.00 from 899.00...the dealer will not loose a sale due to the doc fee so it can be negotiated down....
  • stogastoga Member Posts: 1
    Out the door price base model, white color with manual transmission, floor mats, mud guards and wheel locks = $14,700 + tax & license from the San Francisco Hyundai Dealership with following rebates:
    -$500 military discount because my wife had honorable discharge from the ARMY (Honda only does if active military).
    - $500 for financing
    - $500 because I own a Honda Civic.
    - $500 Motozuma savings account

    My last 4 cars were all Honda's purchased new. After test driving a new Honda Civic Coupe, I saw the Veloster, but figured I could not afford it. I used and got the above price, no haggling.

    If you benefitted from this review and are planning on signing up through or Hyundai's Motozuma savings account, please reply to this post and I can send you a ref-a-friend invite. Thanks
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