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Honda Odyssey Problems

dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
edited March 2014 in Honda
I have a 01 EX-Nav and I have noticed the wiper blades icing up. I believe it's because Honda has them sitting to low on the windshield. They sit about a inch below where the defroster ducts are so never get any heat to keep them melted. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone have a solution?


  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    Yup. Same problem. I've semi-solved it the hard way. I'm using winter wiper blades (rubber boot shielding all the joints and helps protect the blade also) and I add a de-icing liquid to my reservoir. I just keep spraying until it deices the blades. I have also done this to my Pathfinder which has a great wiper system at low speeds because it is the only thing that works at highway speeds. Remember when wiper blades used to be down below hood level, nice and protected??
  • I have a concern about my new Odyssey EX fuel gauge. The indicator needle comes to very close to Empty when only 13-14 gallons are consumed and lights the gas reserve indicator.The tank capacity is 20 gal, so I would expect it should be in reserve when 16-18 gallons used. At half of gauge, only 6-7 gallons are used. I taken it to the dealer twice. The first time they replaced the "sending unit" but still didn't read right. The second time they said it is a "feature" of the Odyssey. I say I am not getting the benefit of having a 20gal tank. Is this a "feature" or do I have problem with my VAN???? If not, how do you keep track of gas?
  • mike734mike734 Posts: 128
    What is the most fuel you have put in your Odyssey? I took an extra tank with me for a while but had to fill up before I could run dry. I put 18.6 in the tank. I would like to know if anybody can get a full 20 in the tank.
  • lsg1lsg1 Posts: 42
    I understand that you can use regular or premium gas in the 2001 Odyssey. The difference will be in the horsepower. Would there be any problem with sometimes using regular, and sometimes using premium? I remember reading on the windstar forum some saying that it is not good to do that because of carbon buildup in the engine.

  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    The only issue I'm aware of in switching between different grades of fuel is that it takes the engine computer some time to compensate for the new fuel (timing, fuel/air ratio, etc.) so the engine doesn't run as smooth for a short period of time. As for carbon buildup, if you run regular fuel in an engine that REQUIRES premium, the engine will run rich to compensate which can lead to carbon buildup and can eventually foul the 02 sensors. However, the Ody doesn't require premium so it will compensate for the lower octane fuel and should not cause carbon buildup.
  • What kind of resistance does the door have to run into to reverse directions? I tried to push on the door while it was closing and it did not want to stop. I have two small boys (less than 2) so I'm afraid they may get "ran over" by the doors. I want to get it fixed, if it is broken, as soon as possible. Any response would be appreciated.
  • mike734mike734 Posts: 128
    I have also tried to hold the door and thought the pressure was excessive. However, I put my arm in the way (against the door jam) and the door reversed with very little pressure. Try it.
  • bajasbajas Posts: 14
    With all the lights inside the Odyssey, and the probability that it will be hauling kids who have a tendency to leave them on, I can't believe the vehicle does not have some kind of timer to shut them off (even my lowly Voyager had that no-brainer feature) after the motor is turned off. Has anyone else contended with this problem? Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing? Help! I'm tired of jump starting!!
  • Hello all - while it's comforting to see I'm not alone, it is sad to see others are having the same problems. We've been back 4 times now for problems with the latches, door sensors, buzzers, etc. I know that's not a record, but it's more than we want. Does anyone know of any "lemon law" replacements due to sliding door latch problems? Odd thing is, we'd only want it replaced with another Odyssey!!! With working doors, of course! Any help would be appreciated.
  • odd1odd1 Posts: 227
    The doors only reverse in the last 18" of travel. That is why they are difficult to push yet retract easily when your arm is in the way.
  • I'm also concerned about the sliding doors and the amount of pressure it needs as jihlee mentioned in a previous post as I have 2 small children also who are not always paying attention! I'm intruding here a bit as I don't own an Ody; I test drove one yesterday and I'm feeling it's a deal breaker at this point. (Which is bumming me out as the Ody seems to clearly be the best) But I thought who better to ask than owners!

    My experience with the doors was this - I could not get the door on the one I drove to switch direction by pushing it or banging it - not even during the last 18'' of travel.

    The only time it switched direction was when the door wedged my arm up against the door jam and squeezed - HARD. It hurt a bit and I'm a grown man - I fear for a child that got in the way.

    Is this the way it's supposed to be or was the one I was test driving not functioning properly? Can you choose to shut the doors manually if you want (switching off the auto), perhaps using it that way when you're transporting small children and using the convenience when you're not?
    I know I could buy the LX instead but the auto doors are a nice option, if only you didn't need the strength of a bull to reverse them.

    Any thoughts or comments greatly appreciated--
  • I have a concern with the door as well. Just bought EX( dealer is ripping me off)) I still cannot stop the door when closing. I was going to ask Honda.
    I never buy the extended warranty but because of the sliding door I bought a ext warr for 1495 ( money back if not used)
  • odd1odd1 Posts: 227
    I've slammed my fingers in a regular old car door more than once. My wife did it with power locks engaged and the owner of the car already in the building. It took about ten minutes before anyone realized she hadn't made it in from parking and go free her to get medical attention. I'll take the slow closing reversing(whatever the pressure is) over old fashion car doors.
  • mzwmzw Posts: 1
    The refuel light comes on in my 01 Ody EX at about 14 gallons used. The most I have filled up with is 15.5 gallons. I asked the dealer how much gas is supposed to be lift when the light comes on, since it is not in the manual, and they said the "reserve amount" is 2 gallons. I thought I might try carrying a gallon of fuel when the weather gets a little nicer and testing it out the same as Mike wrote in post #4. I too would love to know if anyone has come close to the 20 gallons the tank is supposed to hold. By the way Phil, thanks for the frozen wiper blade suggestions. I have been experiencing the same problems when driving in the last two snow storms. I was however pleased that Ody did have great traction.
  • we have a one-week old Ody 2001 and we noticed the whole brake assembly of both rear tires were covered with rust. is there anybody out there who had/has the same problem?

    i will bring our van to our dealer tomorrow and see what they can do about it. any suggestions on what i should ask them to do about it?

    i asked a local mechanic about it and he said that it shouldnt really post as a (mechanical) problem as most of those are made of cast iron. he did advise me to ask the dealer to clean up the rust and paint it with a rust inhibitor (as doing it myself might void the warranty)
  • I have a new Honda Odyssey with the same problem with the Fuel Gauge. When the Gauge reads empty, I can only get 14.5 gallons of fuel into the tank. This means that even though I have a 20 gallon tank, 14.5 gallons is usable. I spend alot of time either filling the tank or biting my nails off because I am driving around with a fuel gauge that reads empty even though I have 5 gallons of fuel left. Has anyone had any luck with the manufacturer in getting them to acknowledge that a problem exist and then to put together a fix for the problem. After exploring a number of chat sites, it seems that this is a systematic problem that alot of Odyssey's have.
  • maxbustermaxbuster Posts: 13
    Honda Southeast Customer sevive has writtenme that they "can offer no repair at this time"
  • msaittamsaitta Posts: 4
    While I had my EX I tried the sliding door pressure test and came up with the same results. When my arm was in there, it stopped with very little pressure but I could never "hold" it back. As far as the lemon laws, I got Honda to refund my money due to a "clanging" in the front suspension somewhere.
  • imhip2imhip2 Posts: 30
    I currently own a 2000 LX with a vibration problem since new.

    Other than the Michelins, traction control, seat height adjustment, LATCH system, and intermittent rear wiper are there any other changes to this model.

    I am interested more in the suspension differences. Specifically a strut brace that I have heard is now part of the suspension on all models of the 2001 that was not on the 1999 or 2000 models.

    Also, have any of the owners of the 2001's experienced a vibration (75MPH shimmy)? It does not appear to be that common anymore as I look through the discussions and I am wondering if maybe this strut brace could be the reason.
  • gsarchetgsarchet Posts: 8
    I am new to Hondas: Is there ALWAYS a light on over one of the heating/cooler directional buttons? Is there any way to turn them off? I turn the fan off, yet a light is always on. Is this supposed to be this way, or is there a problem? Thanks--
  • jacklewjacklew Posts: 6
    Most I filled up was with 18.4 gallons. I just ignore the light when it comes on and let it go just below E before filling up. Best mileage was 25.5 mpg driving up 101 from L.A. to the Bay Area in the rain. That 55-60 limit certainly helps. I complained about the gas tank being too small in our 1989 Camry and Toyota wanted to rip it apart to see (maybe a ruse that I could never agree to).
  • johng14johng14 Posts: 31
    This is normal
  • hondaluvhondaluv Posts: 4
    Is there a way to turn off the maintenance light with out going to dealer? For example if I get the oil changed not at the dealer shop, how to turn off the light? I have a 2000EX
  • 3senough3senough Posts: 17
    I haven't tried it, but according to the manual you can turn off the light by doing the following:

    1: turn off the engine.
    2: Press and hold the select/reset button and turn the ignition on.
    3: Continue holding the button for 10 seconds, until the indicator resets.

    I'll have to try it soon myself.
  • beeman2beeman2 Posts: 1
    I am on a waiting list for an EX. I also have concerns about the sliding doors. Does anyone know if there is an override that allows you to use the doors in manual mode only (like the LX)?
  • purljampurljam Posts: 2
    Hi everyone. I've had my 2001 EX for just under a week now, and discovered when driving it home from the dealership that the gas tank knocks when I either stop the vehicle or begin moving the vehicle from a complete stop. In addition, you can hear the gas "sloshing" around in the tank on a pretty much continuous basis.
    I called the dealership and arranged to stop and see a service manager today. He informed me "there is no reason for me to even come out and listen to the knocking and sloshing.....Honda is aware of this problem and it is unfixable."
    Hey....I paid cash for this vehicle and have a three year old daughter and a baby on the way in two I being unreasonable for being concerned that there is a problem with my GAS TANK?!?!?
    I called the "800" number for Honda and was informed that ALL 2001 Hondas do this, and I shouldn't worry about the safety of the vehicle. The customer service rep said "maybe we can get someone to surround your gas tank with insulation, but there is no official fix as of yet."
    I have a friend with a 2001 EX and has no such problem....
    Are there any 2001 EX owners out there who can just take a moment to inform me if they have this problem or not? Your input and information would be very much appreciated...
    Thank you!
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    The sloshing sound is characteristic of the vehicle and has been listed here literally dozens of times in the past. The flat tank design required by the magic seat creates the sloshing sound.

    I heard it in my Y2K EX the first couple of weeks because I was listening for it - now it blends in and I don't notice it. I would not worry about it.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    All Ody's do this. It is a characteristic of the van. All new Ody owners comment on it (including myself 6 months ago when my 2001 EX was new). It is a characteristic of new Ody owners :-)
    As robr2 sez...don't worry about, it's only there when the tank is near full and you soon stop hearing it.
  • 3senough3senough Posts: 17
    There is a switch on the dash which allows you to disable the power feature of the doors and use them manually; however, in this mode, the doors are hard to operate, it should not be looked at as an alternative for day to day use.
  • Ever since we bought new. The doors have been hard to open. Especially when it is cold and damp. you have tug like hec to open them. Imagine a child trying to do it. Both cables that open the door from the Handle have come apart. Now my wife pulled on the driver side door and the cable came apart and the handle broke off. The pressure of the door closed puts pressure on the rubber seal at the top of the chassis for sealing. When you open the door the metal from inside the door sticks to the rtubber seal and it acts like a suction cup or just plain sticks to it.
    We want it fixed or get us a new one that works. I paid cash and got junk.
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