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Honda Odyssey Problems



  • Does anyone know how to get a hold of Honda?

    After visiting and talking to various dealerships on the net, by fax, by fax and by email, I ordered a 2002 EXL-NAV on July 6 at a local dealership. I was told that I would get the van no later than October, but probably in September, 2001. The dealership informed me a few weeks ago that the order had gone in for October production and I should have the van anywhere between October 15 and November 10 (did not mention the possibility of September, now that I had given my deposit and ordered the van through them!).

    I just got a call saying that Honda had changed the order without informing the dealership why (they say this is the first time they have had this happen since 1999, when the current method of ordering Odysseys came into being) - they have got an allocation for a MB EX without leather or the NAV!

    This is terrible especially since I sold my previous van 2 months ago. The dealer says they have talked to Honda's regional rep and others but have not come up with any answer on why this happened. They also do not know if they order again for November production if the same thing will happen! I believe this is a good dealership but am without words to express my disgust at Honda.

    Has anyone heard of something similar? Any recommendations on what I can do (besides getting a different vehicle, which I am now considering)?

    Any input will be greatly appreciated.
  • 33183318 Posts: 2
    I own a 2001 ody and have a sound that is driving me and my wife nuts ! It is mostly heard when you are in overdrive in low rpm's. The dealer said that it is a problem with the cable to the transmission and that H onda knows about it but doesn't know how to fix it!!! Anyone out ther with the same problem, and how did they fix it? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ..i would have been treated differently. when we purchased our '00 ex/nav (in 2/00 del 4/00) without a test drive or even a peak at a sold one. we were told that we would get an new map disc every year for 10 years. i thought that that was quite generous since many do not keep a car for a decade and the map probably does not change that much year to year. anyway i called the dealer to check when my new disc was coming and (of course it was not in writing and my salesperson is no longer employeed there)he said that he would check into it. i didn't hear from him for 3 weeks when i contacted the parent dealership and immediatly received a reply. he said that he tried to call me--(but there was never a message on machine and nothing on caller id) anyway he said that they are a purchase item. he then quizzed me on the maintence that has been done to the van ie oil changes i told him that my husband or mechanic changes /3000miles.he made a big deal about the oil viscosity,and only the dealer would have the proper oil+ oil filter and that i could do alot of damage to the car if i did not use honda filters. he stated that honda looks at routine maint.done at the dealer and if i needed a warrenty item taken care of it might not be covered it i do not use the dealership. WHAT????!!!!!
    he would never have said that to my husband
  • My 2001 Ody left front suspension makes a tick sound (sounds like the word tick) when going over bumps especially at low speeds. It feels like the suspension is bottoming out and I can feel it through the steering wheel.
    Does anyone else have this problem?...and what is the fix?

    I took my 2001 Ody in for service at 5 months, 5400 miles, to fix this tick noise. Honda service drove the car with me and heard the noise. They replaced the front left strut and the W-S/ABS unit (whatever that is). This did not eliminate the tick sound.

    Again, I took the van to Honda service at 6 months, 6400 miles. The service tech drove the car with me and heard the noise. This time they tightened lower control arm bolts, lubed front brakes, door tracks and rubbers. This did not eliminate the noise.

    I paid a lot of money for this van and expect a quiet ride. It doesn't bother my wife (she listens to the radio and can't hear it), but it bothers me.

    Honda service tells me there is no fix. No way!
  • doobadooba Posts: 1
    2001 EX - Having trouble with the car's main computer. My TCS Light (Traction Control System) starts blinking while driving the car. When I come to a stop and try to accelerate, the motor revs for about 5 - 7 seconds and then starts to accelerate at a very slow pace. The PCM (Powertrain Control Module) was replaced once and it is at the dealer again. Anyone ever run into this. Engline Light is on continuosly also.
  • fla3fla3 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 EX, recently there has been water leaking through at the top of the A pillar where it meets the roof liner. It seems like the seal around the windshield in intact, and the driver's side window is sealed as well. We have the van scheduled to go in for this, but I have little faith in the dealerships ability replicate the problem and resolve it.
  • Has anyone experienced failure of the rear ceiling a/c vents to deliver any air? The fan back by the rear door is blowing like crazy but nothing comes our of the vents. (Yes, the sliding open/close mechanism is in the open position). Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • mike734mike734 Posts: 128
    Sounds like the air may be coming out the floor vents. Check the distribution selector and make sure you have selected blue for cold air.
  • hvan1hvan1 Posts: 8
    The front brakes on my Odyssey have been making clunking nosies when I go forward or when I put the car in reverse. The Dealership informed me that this is normal and that the disc brake is preparing itself for use. If this was normal then why did it start at 15,000 miles? I am inclined to have them replace the front brakes. Has anyone else had this problem, if so what was your resolution? I'd appreciate some advice.

  • rjc8rjc8 Posts: 16
    Any way of resetting my PIN in the Nav system. For some reason my PIN no longer works and I keep getting the incorrect PIN message.
  • It appears that the lights were left on over night, and when I came out this morning, the battery was dead. This unfortunately has happened too may times before, but the real bummer is that now my radio is dead, and I get a message requesting a "code" which my dealer says I got when we got the car. If I don't have the five digit code, they have to pull the radio out ($68) to get the sertial number so I can get the code from Honda. Any suggestions? My husband's a handy guy, and with some instruction could probably pull it out himself.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    First, check in your owner's manual/paperwork pile. My dealer wrote the code on my paperwork.

    Second, many dealerships keep track of that stuff since many times they need to disconnect the battery when doing some work. If this is not the selling dealership, contact them to see if they have it.

    Third, there is a sticker on the inside of your glove box. IIRC, that is your radio serial number but I am not completely certain of that. But it is worth a shot.
  • Thanks robr2. Your message compelled us to dig through a box of old paperwork, and there it was (like a $68 dollar lottery ticket!). Thanks again for responding.
  • A couple of weeks ago I tried unlocking my car with the remote and the car didn't respond. Thinking my remote battery was dead I went and got a new one. It still didn't work. I came home and tried my husbands remote. Still didn't work. So I called the dealer and they told me to come down and they would reprogram the remotes "no problem". Well, they couldn't reprogram them either!! They made me and appointment so they could "spend more time" with the van and figure out what is wrong. So another visit later they say they have to order a "multiplex" unit. Another appmt. later they tell me they were sent the "wrong side?" I guess there is a right and left side to the multiplex. So then again another visit today after they called yesterday saying they "have the right part". After 2 hours with my 3 year old and 11 month old in the dealers they come out and tell me it seems to be a "wiring problem" and they have to keep the car until it is fixed. Needless to say, I am LIVID!! We bought the car brand new with 5 miles on it in August. It's a 2001 EX. After 3 months I certainly never anticipated a "wiring problem" to come up. The whole reason we got a Honda was because of their reliability. I have an 11 year old Acura with almost 200,000 miles on it and never had a problem with it. Still has the original clutch!!

    Anyone ever heard of this? I'm just so disappointed!

  • I picked up my new exl-res today. The van always pulls to the right like it want's to follow the crown of the road (but worse). I read there is a TSB about this but I don't know where to find the info on it because I'm new to this board. Can anyone help me? My van is a 2002 and I mentioned it to the dealer on a test drive and he did a 4-wheel alignment and put 10-15 miles on it before he said it was in spec. I have about 60 miles on it now....
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    You can check the NHTSA site for TSBs and recalls for 2001. Unfortunately, there is nothing listed yet for 2002.

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  • mbishop289 Dec 6, 2001 11:01am
    If your dome lights were on overnight because the sliding door button on your key fob was accidentally pushed (as has happened to me many times), then they should have turned off after about 3 minutes - according to the manual. Our Odyssey came with the dome lights malfunctioning. They didn't turn off if a door was left open. We discovered this after our battery died. Luckily, our radio didn't require it's code to be re-entered. Hope this helps.
  • I'm new to Town Hall, but after reading the last 60 or so submissions, I think I have you all beat for problems.
    The first thing to go wrong on our Odyssey (EX 18,000 miles) was the driver's side sliding door. It wouldn't latch shut after it had closed. I ended up pushing on the door and got it latched so that I could drive it to the dealership (an hour away). It dented the door - but they repaired the dent under warranty.
    A month later, the window on the door suddenly shattered. We were driving on the freeway with no cars around us (we live in rural Utah). And with a loud bang, the whole window was cracked. It stayed in one piece and we got out to look at it. No marks on the outside of the window. But by the time we got to the dealership, pieces of the window had fallen out and they claimed that a rock hit it! (Has anyone ever heard of a rock breaking a side window on a car? Without leaving a mark on the outside?) After a lot of phone calls to the regional manager and a lot of complaining, they finally agreed to cover half of my insurance deductible to repair the glass. (Oh yes, during the replacement process they spilled glass in the sliding door tracks - that crunching sounded great! I wonder what damage it's done to the motor in the door?)
    Shortly after this the fuel gauge started registering full when the car was turned off and on occasion we could watch the needle moving up and down as we drove. We were so fed up with repairing this van, that we just watched our miles and didn't bother to repair it until the next breakdown - which happened about a month later.
    Now the passenger's side sliding door wouldn't latch. I didn't dare push on it this time, and the trick they told me (just turn off the automatic doors and close it manually) didn't work. My husband had to hold the door closed on the hour drive to the dealership (yes, it's the closest one)! To repair the gas gauge, they had to install a new circuit board which reset our miles to zero. So now we have to remember to always add 18,161 miles to our odometer reading - lovely!
    After our third experience with rental cars (and it being just a couple days before Christmas), you may understand why I've opted not to take my car back in for the malfunctioning dome light (it usually won't come on when you open the driver's door) and the dash that was improperly put back after the circuit board was changed to fix the fuel gauge so that now all the lights on our instrument panel are crooked and improperly illuminated - oh, and they cracked the dash, too. I'm now negotiating with Honda about selling this possessed car (as our service manger called it) back, and getting a new one that wasn't built on a 'three-day-weekend Friday' or a 'hang-over Monday.'
    By the way, my brakes also squeak when backing up. One of my seat belts wouldn't retract even after messing with it for an hour while at a drive-in movie (but the dealer couldn't duplicate the problem). My transmission thunks when shifting out of Park on an incline (putting the parking brake on before you release the foot brake helps with this). And I've noticed an annoying clicking sound in the engine area in front of the steering wheel on occasion - anyone know what that is?
    If we don't buy a Toyota Sienna instead, we hope that our next Odyssey will be relatively trouble free. I've had experience with numerous Honda's, both mine and my extended families (my sister's had three new Odysseys, one every year) and no one's ever had anything beyond maintenance. So I think I've just got a dud.
  • I have a 2000 LX with 15K miles on it, and recently it has begun intermittently emitting a strange chirping sound from the area of the front passenger footwell. Sometimes you would swear there is some sort of bird down there. I believe it may be related to the AC system, but am not positive. Has anyone else had or heard of this or similar problems?
  • To those wondering about hard-to-find door noises in the rear doors, here is one possible solution. This problem drove us crazy, with intermittent 'clunks' coming from the rear door(s).
    After looking through posts and seeing similiar complaints, I was thinking something was defective from the factory. It turns out the 'problem' was the middle row seatbelt(s) being twisted a half turn so that the metal part of the clip was touching the plastic armrest of the rear seat!. After turning the belt a half turn so that is hung untwisted from the retractor, the knocking noise from the door disappeared. As we usually had booster seats with the seatbelt threaded through the shoulder of the booster, the noise was intermittent. Just had the traction control light and engine light come on, thanks for maintaining this discussion site, it's nice to be able to get information from someplace other than my dealer (he stinks!).
  • I have a 2000 model from Canada that I purchased state side at Honda of Fife, in Fife WA. I have had several issues with the speakers buzzing without the radio actually being on, the lights on with the light switch off, the car doors buzzing to indcated they are open with out the lights on the dashboard showing they are open --the doors were closed and I was driving down the road at the time. Has anyone else had any electrical problems with the wiring system?
    I have been told that there are 300 fuses within the car 150 of them run the doors alone. I have 32,000 miles on it now, still love the car -- hate the dealership -- the owner is rude and HATES children! Hard to get service when you feel un-welcomed! I do not recommend FIFE HONDA to anyone -- shop wisely, and really look into TRUE OLD FAHSION CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Hard to find it these days! I am sorry I didn't purchase somewhere else -- like Renton Honda -- Next time I will....
  • len_alen_a Posts: 44
    I'm far from an audio enthusiast but since the beginning I've found the sound system in my Ody to be less than adequate. It's difficult to describe but certain parts of music just sound garbled almost like a vibration as if the speakers can't handle even the most basic low volume music. Honestly, I think my 1990 Civic sounds better. I know the weaknesses in the sound system have been discussed before but the search engine here doesn't seem to be working.

    I was never sure what to do about it but yesterday I had the van into the dealer for it's 15k service and explained the problem to them. They said I could have the SPEAKERS replaced under warranty if I wanted. The thing I'm worried about is just getting another set of the same sub-par speakers put in. The dealer said the part number of the speakers had not changed since 2000 indicating that Honda has not changed the speakers available for the 2000 Ody.

    So I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with getting the sound system fixed through the dealer? If you had speakers replaced did it help? I guess I have nothing really to lose by letting the dealer replace the speakers since there is no cost to me but it might be just a waste of time.

    Please share your experiences with fixing the sound system in the Ody especially if done through the dealer.

    BTW, why is the "Honda Odyssey and Sound" board marked 'read only'? I would think this post would belong there. Yes, I'm new.
  • jl926jl926 Posts: 4
    Just got ours 2 weeks ago.

    has anyone had the following problem:

    Rear Air - turn the fan on high, ac compressor button off. Fan speed in the rear sometimes fluctuates as you are driving around town. This only happens when the fan speed for the rear is on high.

    Fluid levels- Both power steering and coolant levels were at high with cold engine. Now after 400 miles with engine cold, levels have dropped about 1/2 inch from the high mark. Is this normal during the break in?


    Any break in tips.
    I hear that there is special break in oil in the engine and one should not change this oil until the first 5k miles or 5 months whichever comes first.

    Thanks all for your help!

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  • Not really a problem but this seemed like the closest forum for this question. I have 3 sons, 10, 2 and infant. Where are people putting their childseats as a rule?

    I'd like to put the infant in the 2nd row right seat pushed to the middle and my 2 year old in the 2nd row left seat. My 10 year old can basically sit anywhere.

    I like this arrangement because it allows me to use the 3rd row magic seat without having to touch the childseats. Is safety a concern? Should I have one of the children (probably infant) in the center seat of the 3rd row? Or is anywhere but the front row more or less equally safe. (Especially considering this is about as safe of a vehicle as you can ride in).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • len_alen_a Posts: 44
    It would seem this message board is not very active. Only a few new posts this year and they are mostly questions or comments to which no one replies. There must be a better forum for Odyssey questions ...
  • sgergensgergen Posts: 155
    Go to

    Lots of information on all Odysseys!

  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    in the owners area and choose the "other" Problems forum. It's very active. You will also find the main comments area. I'm not sure why the moderators have not consolidated all the topics.
  • Hi!
    I have 2000 Honda Odyssey EX. I have driven about 18000 miles for two years.
    Welll, it has started about 6 months ago that my driver side sliding door wasn't closing. So, I took to the dealer, and guess what. They already had plenty of part ready for my problem (sliding door latchet? I remember that I had to wait a week to get my climate control switch for my old Dodge Caravan). Anyway, this guy told me that Honda had a recall on 1999, which is same as my car but year older. He told me that my passenger side will go bad as well.
    Guess What!!!
    It happend about two months later. Oh well, now I have brand new door latchet for both of my sliding door.
    Is my problem over? Nope.
    About Month ago, (two months after they fix them), my drive side sliding door goes nut. This time, it stop working completely. Oh well, dealer told me that my computer stop working for the door. Hmmmmmm. Now Computer?
    Anyway, I am on his watch out list. He asked me to call him directly, if I have same problem.

    Hmmmmm. What happen if I ever moved to other city after the warranty expires?

    Anyway, I think HONDA should recall the sliding door and should extend our warranty. Because it's not the mechanical problem (?), rather it's a design fault.

    By the way, I have tried to put some review on this site, and it's not showing up (I did twice).
    Do they only accept a good review for Honda?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    They don't automatically appear when posted. It can take up to a week before they are listed on that particular model page. Check back in a few days.

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  • canuck12canuck12 Posts: 5
    I had a problem with my CR-V and after broadcasting info to various forums, several Odyssey owners reported similar problems.
    Be Prepared.....
    See for full details
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