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Infiniti JX

steverstever Posts: 52,572
edited December 2011 in INFINITI
New for the 2013 model year is the three row SUV from Infiniti designated the JX. As in "Just Xcessive"?

"We expect the 2013 Infiniti JX to be more of a dynamic driver's SUV than the hulking QX56, and as such compete against crossover-style, three-row SUVs like the Acura MDX and Buick Enclave. It will also likely command a price commensurate with those rivals; we expect the JX to start at around $48,000."

2013 Infiniti JX



  • Has anyone heard an actual release date? Even the dealers don't seem to know when they will see the JX35 on the lot.
  • dallasmandallasman Posts: 36
    I just heard they will be arriving any day here in Dallas. I would sure like to understand the lease programs that are available for it.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,124
    Ask your JX lease questions, here!


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  • Does anyone have info on the money factor and residual for the JX?

  • augie23augie23 Posts: 4
    When will Edmunds be able to post the invoice and TMV price? It would be good to have this info for pricing negotiations.

    I was told that CA dealers will be getting the car in "early April".
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,124
    There is a link in my last message... that's where you go to ask the lease questions.... :)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • jeshortjeshort Posts: 1
    I was fortunate to test drive a JX-35 in Houston during my lunch break today.

    The JX-35 is simply a fantastic design so far as I'm concerned. The size, the layout, the seat features, the beautiful wheels all seem to come together very well. The dealer I was at said that they have already sold 25 pre-orders WITHOUT having any to test drive, so I don't think that I am alone liking the size, shape, and layout.

    I have not driven any other Infiniti SUVs but having owned a M35 and driven G35's I can say that the handling is fine for a SUV but nothing like the sedans. Brakes on the other hand were pretty unbelievably strong, surprisingly so. BTW I am a car guy; this SUV would be for my wife's daily travels and for weekend trips.

    The 4-camera option is really great! It shows a 360 degree from above the vehicle for slow speed movement in parking lots when moving both forwards and backwards.

    Sounds like they will be selling around list price, or at least certainly at first, and the pretty loaded model I drove was about $50k.

    Great job Infiniti!


  • max117max117 Posts: 4
    Test drove one today at dealership here in florida
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Details please. Driving impressions?

    From your Answers post, it sounds like you ran into a gouging dealer.
  • max117max117 Posts: 4
    It drove really nice , everything I expect from infinity have owned 3 previous infintys , nice layout , 2 nd row with infant carseat in place will NOT allow entry to third row seating as advertised must be carseat not facing backwards for infants. I actually like the moon roof over rear seat but it is stationary does not open. I think I would have liked the blindspot indicator light in the side mirror like the Mdx instead of inside the car where infinity placed it.
  • max117max117 Posts: 4
    You could fill out a pre sale purchase with all the features you want on a jx with no money down and no obligation to buy ie just putting your name on a list... I wouldn't actually count that as sold ...
  • barcarolebarcarole Posts: 3
    edited April 2012
    We have two young children (preschoolers), so considering to buy a MDX for having 3rd row seats. X5 is way expensive for our budget, so MDX looks pretty good. Many other families in our preschool own MDX. But, recently found JX, and now highly considering to buy JX.

    I personally don't much care about driving performance, so less HP than MDX wouldn't be a problem. I love JX's latest features and roomy space. MDX is actually out dated and not beautiful to my eyes.

    What about your opinions JX over MDX? Should it be AWD? or FWD is okay? I'm living in California.

    I will buy around July. Hopefully, at then, I can get a JX with a decent deal. MDX's typical prices look like 5-7% off from MSRP.
  • max117max117 Posts: 4
    The MDX is a nice car but cannot really compare in technology and lack of road noise like the JX. With two toddlers you will already have enough noise :) with out the added road noise from exterior traffic :) my husband has a QX56 and I have had an M45 , when pregnant with 2 nd child knew the m45 would have to go but the road noise while driving the Lexus crossover and the Mdx ... Couldn't do it , heard the jx was coming so I decided to wait ( 2nd child 7 months old!) and I'm so glad I did! The jx is very nice, clearest back up camera, best quitest ride inside cabin ( unless kids aren't napping ) , AWD best for wet road traction and hills/ mountain terrain
  • jx35mdjx35md Posts: 4
    We traded in our 2005 MDX for the JX. We also considered another MDX, but it's just no comparison for the all the new technology and better use of space in the JX. The third row is perfectly comfortable for me at 5'6" when the 2nd row is moved up a bit in the JX. With the MDX, my kids outgrew the 3rd row seating around age 8 or 9, and then hated when they had to sit there.

    Right now the best prices on the JX are $2-3K below MSRP, but you'll get more discount in July as they are starting to accumulate in the Infiniti dealer lots around here. MDX can be had for below invoice, so it's a better value, but not a better car.
  • shaolinshaolin Posts: 12
    edited May 2012
    I think the new JX blows the outdated MDX out of the water.

    The true test will be next year when the new-gen MDX comes out. Then you will have a real battle between the two.

    Infiniti has priced the JX aggressively so we'll see how Acura prices the next-gen MDX.
  • m3armandm3armand Posts: 10
    Does anyone know if the JX has an "auto leveling" suspension? I don't see it mentioned anywhere, but since it has every other practical safety feature, I would hope that it would have this as well. My concern is, when the car is "loaded up" with people and luggage, the rear suspension will drop and the car will be tilted upwards. This would affect handling considerably.
  • I have had the JX since May and have had it loaded to the towing. Handling has remained steady and safe without any issues. The headlights are designed to be adjustable for load situations. I have not seen any offering currently or in the future for auto leveling suspensions. :)
  • mnsheamnshea Posts: 10
    I purchased a new 2012 Infiniti several months ago. When I upgraded my iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5, the Bluetooth in my car would not work. I contacted Infiniti corporate offices and was told their Bluetooth system will not work with their car at this time. In other words, they have not given any priority to compatibility with the new iPhone. My husband owns an 2011 Acura, and his iPhone 5 is compatible with his Bluetooth. Acura apparently has made it a prioirity!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    edited February 2013
    Heated steering wheel available (either that or it's shoveling bacon at your face. :) )

    2013 Infiniti JX35 Long Term Road Test
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