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1999 Nissan Quest Problem Code P1105

supernissansupernissan Posts: 1
edited December 2011 in Nissan
Hey Guys

Well I have a Problem,I got a Check engine light about mouth ago, Check with a diagnostic, it was a P1105 which a MAP/BARO Sensor, We replaced it Reset the code and still Check engine light came back on, scan again it was still P1105 and since I live in NY failing an inspection is a big no no and I have inspection next mouth so do you guys know what could be the issue? any and answer Suggestion would be Great.



  • There is also a MAF (Mass Air Flow sensor) mounted inside the air intake that I think is also associated with that problem. I would check for dust/obstructions, air filter, electrical connection,etc.
  • Hi all...Thanks you for important tips and sharing info on forum
    I have a Nissan Quest 94...Battery is just 2 yrs old , shows 12 volts..
    I came home yesterday (outside temp was 65 )...I put van in Park and Suddenly all the lights gone.
    When i open the door , door lights didnt turn ON...Usually the seat belt comes off by itself once i open door. It didnt
    So i tried to start Van again ..No sound No clicking nothing...Wht might be wrong..??

    All i know was brake fluid had gone below min level and brake light was ON...
    I drove like that for 6 miles...during that once ABS sign also lit up; just for 2 seconds. Then its gone. To be specific, I happen to drive almost 4 miles after that ABS light disappeared...Thank god the van reached home But now its not starting at ll..Wht could be the proble....?? pls help
    Appreciate your tips...
  • dejmandejman Posts: 1
    you clearly have an electrical fault, check your fuses, you probably blew one, or you have a wire disconnected from your battery
  • oggie4oggie4 Posts: 1
    Have a 1999 Nissan Maxima, came to my car that was just working fine. Thunderstorm and heavy rain, which has happened before, and now has no electronics at all. I mean keyfob doesn't unlock the doors. Mechanical seats buttons don't operate. Key works to mechanical dors and turns ignition switch. battery is not even a year old. What would cause all the electronics on the car to go out. I was thinking the circuit board or the main fuses, but I find hard to believe that all the fuses are out
    thank you and advance
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