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2008 Subaru Tribeca nav screen black

ttentelhttentelh Member Posts: 46
edited August 2014 in Subaru
Since dec 31 my Nav screen goes black while driving, they only way i can bring it back is by shuting down and restarting the enging. But keeps doing it. Took it to deal they said they rebooted whole navi system but still doing it. Anybody with same issue and solution?


  • cardoctccardoctc Member Posts: 2
    Same situation with my sisters 06 Tribeca. December 30th. I have questions for you that may help us both. Where there any incidents leading up to this failure of the screen? Like a dead battery? Jump start? When my sister starts the vehicle, the Subaru stars display across the screen. This occurs 2 or 3 times as if it keeps trying to initialize. There are buttons bellow the screen that blink 3 or 4 times and then the screen stays black. I've talked with 3 Subaru technicians, different dealerships, all saying it needs the information center replaced. It can send out to rebuild in CA.(will take 3 weeks) Some dealers say $250.00, other say $600.00. Was told if i ordered a new one from the dealer, it's over $900.00. That is the part only. This condition occurs 75% of the time. She can still hear the radio and change channels, but can't see anything on the screen.Totally black. (not dim) Checked for used part. Question on the "06" is if has Nav and if it has ability to play movies on it. I'm waiting for a reply from my sister on the movie question. I am an auto technician, but for another car line so this is system is not so simple. Even the Subaru guys cringe when asked about this. Sometimes it's other things as well. Please reply. Maybe we can help one another.
  • ttentelhttentelh Member Posts: 46
    Dec 31st started on mine. Ever since doing it from time to time. No incidence prior to that. Battery very good, my car is 3 years old with only 26K miles. When screen goes off, rear camera is off also and yes the red panel lights underneath the screen blink constantly. Well the movie screen should be infected if the whole screen is out.
  • cardoctccardoctc Member Posts: 2
    Still doing research. Will report if and when I find out anything worth reporting. Good or bad. I don't want to throw parts at this and hope its the right one. I'm leaning toward a faulty information center. Her extended warranty expired 2 months ago. Maybe you bought one and forgot? Being its a newer subaru,I would DEFINATELY contact Subaru representative for a one time "good will" repair. Something like this is not unheard of. Just ask. Contact should be in owners manual. Can't find it? Contact me. I have some contacts that can get that info. Expecially if you've been a loyal customer. (Services done at dealership,owned other subarus in the past). Let me know. Ttyl
  • ttentelhttentelh Member Posts: 46
    I dropped my car at the subaru, I had already contacted subaru headquarers and reported the problem. The are in contact with the dealer. Dealer removed the screen and sent it to subaru, expenses covered by subaru. Will take about 2 weeks for results. I will keep you posted with any updates.
  • cpizzlecpizzle Member Posts: 1
    Hi guys...any updates? I have a 07 with the same symptoms plus a few more. Occasionally I get the subaru screen and then black screen/flashing lights. Other times I get the normal warning/OK screen scrunched up to the left and the backup camera has a black line down the middle of it. It started around December when the weather got cold. I thought maybe the disk was fogging due to moisture but the disk looked fine. I removed the screen and refitted the connections to the unit but no change. BTW, I have the rear DVD which works fine but once the screen goes black you cannot see it the front screen. Would like to know what the dealer came back with and if it corrected the problem.

  • ttentelhttentelh Member Posts: 46
    edited April 2012
    it's an issue with all Tribecas, there is something wrong with the motherboard not the DVD disk. I contacted the headquarters at Cherry Hill, NJ and told them about the problem. Mine was doing the same thing on 2008 model. After the dealer did several attempts nothing fixed it. Headquarters advised dealer to take it off and send it to them, of course free of charge. After about 2-3 weeks I got it back and ever since has not done it again, works perfectly. I dont know if its new unit or the same fixed. The day I went back to get it installed there were 2 more guys with tribecas and all claimed having the same issue with their navi. One of them had a brand new one 2011 2-3 weeks old and was very pissed with the same problem. Bottom line speak to headquarters and have them order your local deal to remove it.
  • sergio12sergio12 Member Posts: 2
    Dear Cpizzle,

    I read about your experience regarding the usual problem with tribeca NAV and how subary recongnize the problem and fixed/replaced it without charge.

    I live in Argentina and I have a 2008 tribeca and my Nav is having the same problem that you described.

    As I understand Subaru replaced or fixed the Nav unit unless it was exceded the warranty time.

    Do you received any information from Subaru or something else that may help me here to present to Subaru reps to get the same result as you??

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • ttentelhttentelh Member Posts: 46
    First you have to notify Subaru's headquarters to open a ticket. Explain what the problem is, then you have to make an appoinment with the dealer that services Subaru in your country. Subaru dealer needs to gets authorization that headquarters will cover the cost so you won't pay anything for the work. The dealer will remove your whole screen and send it to Subaru for service or replacement. Mine took about 2-3 weeks until i got notified that was returned. After got it back no more issues.
  • sergio12sergio12 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks a lot for your prompt answer.
    Do you have headquarters contact information to send the request of repairment ?? or how to get it ?

    thanks again.
  • ttentelhttentelh Member Posts: 46
    visit subaru in your country or google it
  • boringpieboringpie Member Posts: 2

    Now my 2008 Tribeca has the exact same issue, and it is outside of warranty. Can anyone tell me whether what the problem is, how to fix it? Thanks.

  • boringpieboringpie Member Posts: 2

    Here is the clip to better explain the issue.

  • canlafrecanlafre Member Posts: 3
    I am having the same issue with my screen. Is it the screen or the navigation system that is under the drivers side seat? I purchase the latest version (9) hoping that this would fix the issue but nope it didn't.
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