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Infiniti G25X transmission problem

We are experiencing intermittent transmission problem with our six month old Infinity G25X. In stop and go traffic or slowing down, the car makes a noise of varying intensity that can startle the driver. The dealer diagnosed the problem as the transmission shifting to first gear improperly. Infinity has admitted they have no fix for it, but claims that the car is performing as designed. All the offered are a couple of free oil changes instead of fixing the problem. The car also hesitates when taking a sharp turn after stopping . Driving this so called upscale car has been an unpleasant and disappointing experience. Instead of its top rating. Has anyone else had such an experience? Consider you options before buying one.


  • I've had my infiniti G25x for about a year and have fortunately not experienced these problems.
  • Our G25X has an issue where it makes a strange noise and "thud" when I'm slowing down to a light or stop sign. Sounds similar to your issue. It only does it once in awhile which is strange. I took it to the dealer but the car acted normal for their test drive, so I'm just living with it for now. Overall, I like the car, but don't like this particular issue.
  • kuttanakuttana Posts: 3
    edited February 2012
    Yes, this is what I am expereincing most of the time. This car's transmisison has a defect.I was not able to demonstarte it when I drove with the service manager, so I left the car at the dealership for a day and sercvice manager drove it home when he experienced it. Contact Infiniti though they will deny there is a problem or tell you that they have no solution. I do not enjoy driving the car since every time I break it is in the back of my mind. I do not know if there are enough people for a class action.
  • I have a similiar problem with the 2-1 downshift. There is a software download for most of them. My car still downshifts rough sometimes but it is not as bad. You may look into the transmission and engine control module reprograms.
  • in_fin_8in_fin_8 Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 G25x with 7K miles. Have had new tires, new drive shaft and is currently having a new rear differential fitted due to vibration at 55-75mph. Getting close to :lemon: but love this car so much.

    I also have noted this issue with downshift from 2-1. This is most noticeable in "DS" and when braking hard from 30mph to stop. Car shifts hard into 1st almost like hitting a pothole. This is not a common symptom but has happened 4 to 5 times.

    I am suffering more with Vibration. The vibration is much more noticeable. From 55mph and up.
    Symptoms: I have a low frequency resonance through the car with vibration of rear view mirror. Very noticeable. Sounds like a helicopter overhead. Night driving is hard due to vibration of rear-view mirror. And 3hrs of this resonance is maddening... :mad:

    With all the items above I finally had to have Inifiniti USA send an expert tech to my dealership look at the vehicle as the dealer does not know what to do and is washing their hands. Infiniti expert asked for rear differential to be replaced. More to come I will keep you informed as to progress... :confuse: :sick:
  • g25xg25x Posts: 2
    edited October 2012
    My new G25X does exactly what yours does: vibration over 55 mph, loud droning noise in the back of the car. Very, very unpleasant. Absolutely ruins the driving experience on the highway. Dealer tells me it's "road noise" and "road feel". Ha!

    Did the differential resolve your problem? I really need to get this fixed and am interested in your outcome
  • A new software update that came around in mid 2012 seems to reduce the problem if not elimnate it. The dealer can check to see if you have the latest update.
  • I have 2012 with approximately 28000 miles. I experienced the raving and slow accelartion in turns. I complaimed for over year. Finally the service engine light came on. First attempt dealer resets circuit says it s a fluke. days later lights comes back on performing very bad low gas mileage. Dealer replaces 2 sensors. Go back 3 days later lights on again. They talk to infinti and re tighten ground wires and resit service enginr light. I pick it up drive one block go into turn ,loses power. Take it back dealer. No answers ask me to drive it a couple days to see if problem corrects itself. Drove 2 days, service engine light back on. Take back to dealer and thats where it is now. apparently only one other car in their data base expereinces the same problem. No resolve. Keep you posted. Im leaning towards a buy back. I love the car but its performance is unpredictable and a safety hazard
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