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    You are going to get a wide variety of opinions on this question. I for one am on the positive side. I bought my 2000 V8 sport used in the fall of 2001 so I have owned it for 5 years now and put 65,000 miles on it during that time. The car has been extremely reliable, fun to drive and not bad on gas for a V8. I do mostly highway driving and average a combined 24.5 MPG. I have done to rotors once but I think that is to be expected. I live in the northeast and have used Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires on it and have had no issues in the bad weather (this is a great tire for this car). I have had one window regulator replaced just recently. The trans. is not bad but I understand what have said about the hesitation. I do not see it as a huge problem. My suggestion is buy certified preowned. Get the extended warranty and anything does go wrong you get to drive another car from the dealer. I will give it a recommended buy.
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    Did you ever get your tranny problem fixed? I am having a similiar problem with my 2005.
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    Since it was only 41 in sunny Fla., I tried my heated seats. Neither one worked. ANy thoughts or suggestions?


    78k and still running though expensively.
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    You dont need em in Florida.

    If u think u do, why not - get em fixed? The heated seats were a failure issue early on. When I ordered my 2001 new, the only option I left off were the heated seats because most ALL of them were failing on the 2000 LSes.
    If this is a Fla car since new, I'd bet it has the original seat heaters in it and they probably never worked. You *might* be able to get Ford to do something if that's the case, but I doubt it.
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    It was a NJ car when bought new. My seats worked last year in the winter. Any idea of cost to fix? I was hoping that they were on the same fuse or something. Some thinking on a Lincoln huh???
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    Do the lights come on when you push the button? It could be a fuse since both seats went out. I'd check that first.

    I think it's about $300 for the dealer to fix it.
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    Back in July displacedtexan mentioned the TSB on the contintental 16" tires on the LS w/V6. For some reason I never checked back. A much belated thanks. Will go and talk to the service manager at the local Lincoln dealership tommorrow.

    Got a new problem. Happened only one (so far) but potentially serious. Pulled up to a toll both the other day, paid the toll and started to accelerate away. Went maybe 15 feet and then I had no throttle response. Tach was showing rpms but was going nowhere. Parked it on the shoulder and sat there for a moment. Changed gears, nothing.

    Finally turned the engine off, let it sit for a few seconds, then restarted the engine. Shifted into drive and drove away as nice as you please. No problems since then.

    Software glitch in the computer tranny? Does not appear to be mechanical as in a gear failure.

    Strangely enough had a similar problem about 3 years ago with a Cadillac Eldorado. Wife was driving home from work one dark, winter night and the same thing happened. Had it towed to my mechanic, left it overnight, next day it ran fine. Took it to an independent transmission specialist who had it for about 10 days. Ran all kinds of diagnostics, drove the hell out of it, changed fluid filters and could never reproduce the problem.

    Traded it in on the LS--I did tell the Lincoln dealer about the transmission problem.

    Any ideas?
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    My thanks also to displacedtexan. I began experiencing slight tire vibrations on my 2004 LS V6 about 15K. It became progressively worse and by 22K I concluded that flat spots had developed. I printed out Tech Service Bulletin #18133 and brought it into my dealer. They replaced my stock Continentals with four 225/55ZR16 Michelin Pilote Sport A/S. The invoice (which I did not have to pay) came to $907. I did, however, agree to pay $70 to have the alignment checked just to be sure that the tire problem was their's and not mine. The alignment on the left front wheel had to be tweaked a little but the mechanic indicated that this would not have caused the problem I was having. So far I am very pleased with the Michelins although it's been less than a week since the change was made.
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    Do NOT run the Pilot Sport A/S tires at the recommended psi. The rear tires will wear down in the center. Run at least 34 psi. Some run as high as 40 but I wouldn't recommend less than 34.

    They're great tires. Expensive, but great.
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    Thanks akirby. I checked the pressure (cold) after I got home and saw the dealer had pumped them up to 34 psi. I thought they were just careless and backed them down to 30. Guess I'll crank them back up to 34.
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    Stopped by the dealer today to tell the service manager that I thought the Michelin Sport Pilot A/S tires they put on my 04 V6 to replace the flat-spotted Continentals were great (TSB 18133). Car drives better now than when it was new. Also told him that I was surprised that Ford would mount a far more expensive tire as a replacement ( - Continentals $104, Michelins $189). He just smiled and said "There is a reason for that." But he did not elaborate. Any thoughts?
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    Yeah - Continentals suck!
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    NO, But if you want one, I can have mine towed to your house, or if you live close you may make it there... 01, 60K miles...
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    New to the forum and just got an 03 with the V6. Wondered if anyone could elaborate on the tire issue with the continentals. Want to head down to the dealer to see if I could get them replaced. Any help on where to find the TSB 18133 would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Here is where I found the TSBs:

    Choose the 2003 LINCOLN TSB Lookup, then the 2003 LINCOLN LS TSB Lookup, then scroll down to TIRES. You will see two of them, 17929 and 18133. They are related. It's interesting that these same two TSBs were carried forward into the 2004 model year which were the ones that I used. Print them out and take them to your dealer. It saves a lot of talking. I had absolutely no fuss from my dealer. But they had all my service records since new and saw that I had the original tires rotated at the prescribed intervals, etc. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the reply. Anything to save some money. Everything was done at the dealer by the previous owner and I am thinking that Im going to take it to that dealer even though it is a little further from me.
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    :mad: I have an 02 LS with the same problem on the left side. Replaced the bulb which didn't work. Thought it may be the plug for the wiring harness. Cut it out and wired it direct, still nothing. Mine still says "check left brake light and left tail light". Any ides? The dealer can't tell me anything.
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    Check all the bulbs in both taillights and then check the CHMSL (center high mounted stop light). IIRC I had to replace the CHMSL bulb for the warning to go out. It must be wired in with the left brake/tail light.
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    transmission problems in the LS are related to a faulty solenoid in the transmission. for 2 years it clunked in mine before i finally stomped up and down and lo and behold there is a service bulletin out on it!! replaced the solenoid and it now runs beautifully....i was told it will probably go again in a couple of years and to insist they replace it again.
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    My 02 LS V6 with 69,500 miles eats rubber. This is the third set all around and they are due for a change at my next oil change. Origional continentals P215/60R16 (94T)s.
    Is the michelin Pilot Sport 225/55ZR16 a good replacement?? I usually run 38-40 PSI and the tires just wear out. No high spots etc just loses rubber.. :(
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    I would like to give you a definite answer but my knowledge of tires is pretty slim. I would address your question to Akirby who seems very knowledgeable on just about everything related to the LS. One of his notes to me said "Continentals suck". I've only run my Michelins about 9K which included a trip from Virginia to Minnesota and back and they seemed excellent, particularly in some heavy thunderstorms I drove through. I would suspect, based on the cost difference between the Continentals and Michelins, that they are a better tire.

    Jim in Front Royal
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    Have you had all four wheels aligned?

    Do you rotate your tires?

    I generally get 40K miles +/- out of a set of tires, which so far have included the original Firestone Firehawks, a set of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S & currently Kuhmo Ecstas.

    Sounds like you're running your tires 5-7 psi higher than most do. Why?
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    That is a bit high on the PSI - could be related. 20K-25K isn't unheard of depending on road, weather and driving style. Michelins won't be any better in that regard but they will drive and ride better (for a price).

    Assuming they're not wearing unevenly it's either normal or it's the higher PSI. Check the tire wear rating on new tires and also use the surveys to see what others are getting.
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    I had Michlin Pilot Sport A/S on my 2002 LS and I really liked them....
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    I can run 65/70 on a wide cloverleaf, the tires are really great but they just don't last. They r great in the rain, and snow is not a problem, well once in the driveway,(it's on a hill), and once on ice patches, (did a ueweee). 38/40 keep the tires from looking flat. If they r suppose to look flat then cut down on the profile. Those low profile tires really suck in the snow/ice/rair, (my neighbor has a set of low profiles and they just look pretty, now good for anything else.) :cry:
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    40 PSI seems pretty high to me as well. Highest I've ever run is 35.

    I've got 90Kon my 01 LS. On my 3rd set of tires. All Firestones. THis last set I like the best: Firestone Wide Ovals.
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    Tried that at the dealer and they wouldn't do it. I even contacted ford and lincoln with no luck. The reply I got was the car was one month out of service warenty and there was no official recall on the tires regardless of the TSB report.
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    did dealer cover your cost? what was the solenoid part cost and labor involved? I'm having similar problems, had tranny rebuilt at 15K miles (now I'm at 53K), and thinking of changing out the solenoid pack myself. I changed the tranny fluid last weekend but it didn't help, even though the fluid was quite brown (versus the new reddish stuff).
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    After my 01 was out of warranty I just removed both lamps from the headlight assy and connected a shop vac to one of the lamp holes and let it run until the moisture was gone and then I put new vapor proofing on the "o" rings on the lamps. That was three years ago and is still fine.
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    I have ben reading all the horror stories about the LS. I can only say I have had my car since new. and the only problem I have had is the headlight fogging. I do drive it hard. Non stop trips for 24 to 26 hours and 80 plus MPH. Since warranty is out I do my own service. sorry but if they still made them I would buy another.It is a shame that the choice of rear wheel Drive auto's is going to suv's or the large Town car. I am a true blue Ford person. Buy American.
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    2000-2001 Lincoln LS owners beware...please read my story! 100% TRUE!

    On january 23, 2007 i was the owner of what i thought was a very safe and reliable 2000 Lincoln LS V8. I was driving only about 30 mph (thank God!)and all of a sudden with no warning my driver side wheel broke off! It wedged under my car as i struggled to maintain control and steer it to the side of the road. People passing were absolutely in awe and were pulling over to take pictures! It freaked me out...i wondered how something like that could even happen. After researching i found out there was a recall on that make and model (ones assembled at the Wixom Assembly Plant). SAFETY RECALL # 00S39 FRONT SUSPENSION LOWER BALL JOINTS. I bought the car from Import One and didn't own the vehicle at the time the recall was issued but a man at a Lincoln dealership told me something to the effect of the owner of the car at the time brought the car in to a Lincoln dealership in Lake Charles and was told the recall didn't apply to that car...i'm not sure if the vin wasn't included in the recall or if the defect wasn't occuring.
    I wasn't quite sure of exactly what the hell was going on. This all was just insane and hard for me to process. Why did this happen? How could this happen? Wheels aren't supposed to break off cars!!! It was really scary for me to think of what could have possibly happened if i would have been on the interstate going 70+ mph...especially with my son (who was 1 yr old at the time) in the car with me!
    I no longer have the car but have hired a lawyer and am seeking any information anyone may have regarding this matter. I am not happy and i want answers! I also want to make others aware so this doesn't happen to anyone else with possibly much worse consequences!
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    Keep us updated on the lawsuit. Sounds like it might be tough to prove, though. You say wheels aren't supposed to break off cars, but a worn ball joint will do the same thing. You will have to prove that it was a defect and not just a worn part.

    BTW, my '95 T-Bird I sold to my nephew just did the same thing, worn ball joint and the top of the wheel popped out in a parking lot. Good Luck.
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