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Here is the text of the TSB:

Some vehicles built prior to 9/27/2000 with a 3.9L engine and 5R55N transmission or built prior to 10/17/2000 with a 3.0L engine and 5R55N transmission may exhibit delayed Reverse or Drive engagements, harsh upshifts or downshifts, erratic upshifts, or delayed downshifts near 32 km/h (20 mph). This may be caused by the calibration of the Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

If you have these symptoms see your dealer.



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    Ford can reprogram the auto climate control that displays an ambient temperature lower than what's actually outside. TSB 00-3-2.
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    Some Lincoln LS will automatically lock you out of the car if you exit the car (say to scrape the snow off the windows) and you leave the car running. (It happened to me) This is not a fault with the automatic electric remote control door locks but the manual locking devise. There is a retro fit fix for this that your dealer should have or be able to get.
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    where are the 2002's what could be wrong with them for ford to hold them back I heard a rumor that there was a problem with the engine but the engine is the same as last year isn't it?
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    We just came back from Wixom and Dearborn. The 2002s are being produced. We saw them coming of the line. Lots of new colors and the addition of the LSE Package. You will like them. There was a problem with a Vendor supplied part that was causing a few to Overheat. The issue has been corrected. By the way it is a great engine. An interesting tidbit about the V8 many don't know about is that it can run without water if there is coolant loss. Like Cadillac's Northstar.


    Some LS Owners have already seen the 02s at the lots.

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    I took delivery of my 2002 LS Sport last Monday, it was born on 6/29/01 and was held up due to the defective coolant module problem. Other then a problem with the paint job on the passenger C pillar I'm very pleased with the car.

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    My right rear window mechanism went bad and had to have it replaced on the road. the dealer said that there was a technical service bulletin issued that if one side went, they are to replace both mechanisms. Unfortunately they did not have the left one in stock. When I got to my destination and made an appointment with my local dealer for service, they will not replace the left one because it is working. Does anyone have a copy of the Technical Service Bulletin that says that both window regulators must be replaced?
    If you do, please foward this to me as I would like to bring it over to my dealer. Thanks
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    If the other one is working I wouldn't worry about it. Even the new parts are prone to failure. There is a redesign underway to replace the plastic part with a metal one but that won't be available for several months. It's also caused by high heat so the cool weather should help. You should also use your rear windows periodically - lack of use plus high heat causes the failure. In my experience having the TSB number or even the TSB verbage won't help because the dealer won't even look at it. You could try to get them to look up the TSB and check it. The number is 01-01-02. The OASIS code is 102000.
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    I can't help you on the bumby ride, but I suspect it is a tire problem the way you describe it. The original Firestones work pretty well for most people and last forever (sport model Firehawks), and are really cheap for a supposed performance tire so look into replacing what you have since 24,000 miles is getting close to the limit, especially if the car was driven hard.

    As to the headlight, these should be replaced under warranty unless you are out of warranty for some reason (time?). Originally, L-M was replacing all the fogged up headlights then they stopped and required some analysis. It seems that there is supposed to be some way for moisture to enter and then leave the headlight assembly. In other words, the fact that they fog up in car washes or in driving rain AND THEN CLEAR UP will not result in replacement, but if it persists or does it all the time, they will replace it. If the warranty does not cover it for some reason, you might want to go to E-bay as there always seem to be LS headlight assemblies on there. Apparently it is a very popular aftermarket item since it will fit many of the small Japanese imports that are so popular with just some small modifications so kids are always buying or stealing them.
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    The bumpy ride is most likely due to cold tires. They have a flat spot from sitting all night and it takes a few miles for them to warm up.
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    The cold tire bumps were very common when tires used different materials. In these days of radial tires it is very rare. I would believe that this should be looked into because it might mean something is amiss inside the plies of the tires which can be very dangerous. That is why I suggested it might be worth looking into replacing them.
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    ONE--you have lost track of your cap lock key.

    TWO--Your turn signal broke. There is no rash of broken turn signals as far as I know in the LS line. I have had my 2000 LS V8 Sport for almost three years and have never had a turn signal problem. Stuff breaks. That is why they have a warranty. Recurring problems on the LS (early build) involve the rear window regulators and the dreaded 52 mph drone. Otherwise it is a pretty normal car. I have over 30,000 miles on mine and have never had an unscheduled visit to the dealer. That doesn't mean nothing has ever broken, just that nothing has ever broken that couldn't wait until it was convenient to visit the dealer (various mileage oil changes). The warranty items made it so I could get a loaner car. I have found it to be extremely reliable and while not bullet proof, fairly rugged.
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    Anybody have trouble with noisy injectors. My 2000 ls with 3.9 has noise under hood. I took it to dealer thought it was the lifters going dry but he says it is just the injectors. It comes & goes but seems to be getting worse.
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    If it's a ticking noise, some owners have had their engines replaced by the dealer so the engine can be sent back to Lincoln for diagnosis. In most cases the engine was running fine. Either way it should not be making a noise - if it's the injectors they should be replaced. You could push back on your dealer or try a different one and have them check with Lincoln. Techs are not allowed to open this engine at all - it must be replaced and sent back to the factory. This problem is only occuring on the V8s.
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    rblundg - the injectors on the LS do tend to be noisy at times. Although it's not loud, it is noticable when the hood's open and the engine is running.
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    Have a small oil leak that the dealer can't findd... out of warranty :-( Thought I saw a TSB about this but can't find it now. Anyone experiencing this problem also??

    Thanks in advance
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    When I had an oil leak on ny 2000 V8 LS, it was found to be a cracked oil filler pipe. It is made of plastic and will crack if over tightened.
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    Have them check the valve covers closely. Several of the older ones have developed leaks here...
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    My 2000 LS V8 has a definite whine in the engine when accelerating. Can't seem to pinpoint the problem, but it even may be the transmission. Anyone else have that problem? Or is it a problem at all?
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    Sounds like the infamous V8 cam chain whine. It is normal.
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    Read several posts recently about engine whine, but mine is more of a drone at about 52 mph / 1500 rpm. I have a 2000 LS V-8. I'm new to the board, but thought I saw a previous post concerning this annoying sound. Any suggestions?
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    That's the infamous 51 mph drone. Have your dealer replace the rear half-shafts. There's a TSB for it. Email me if you have more questions about it.
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    What are the details for this TSB. I have a 00 still in warranty LS8 with an engine light and rough idle and running. Yet the dealership is claiming a code for a servicable part so they want to charge me. Need some details so i can rebutt. Otherwise I'll just buy the helms manual and do the work myself. thanks for any input.
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    I just brought this situation to the attention of the dealer. I was informed that they will "seal" the offending headlights, not replace them. Is this the right solution? If not what is my recourse?
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    I believe the current process is to attempt the resealing and, if that fials, replace it.
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    I'm having an ongoing problem with my 2000 Lincoln LS and would appreciate any suggestions. Four times [so far] I have found all my
    power windows open. The first time the driver window was halfway down, and I thought that I must have hit the button by accident. The second time [end of October] they were down all the way and the moon roof was open. At the time the car was parked and locked at the train station. I took the car back to the dealer who replaced the driver door module [per a TSB]. Two weeks ago I found all the windows down approximately 1". Again, took it back to the dealer. There was an update to the earlier TSB, and he replaced the timer module. Just went outside and found both front windows down approx. 1" and the back windows down approx. 1/2"[very uniform, huh]. I called the dealer and he's at a loss. I had been thinking it had something to do with the keyless entry system, but this time the car wasn't locked [although I had used the keyless system to open the trunk]. Has anyone else encountered this problem, and does anyone have any idea as to what the underlying problem might be?????
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    If you press and hold the unlock button on you key FOB all of the doors will unlock, all the windows will open and the moonroof will open.
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    Am I the only LS owner that can't drive this car when there is any amout of snow or ice on the roads? My tires just keep spinning and spinning. The tech told me that this car is not for driving in the snow. Yet, my manual reads that it will be a pleasure. My V8 car has both trac.contol & adv.track. Can someone help me. Ford and the dealer will not.
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    I had this same problem. Dealer said (& I quote) it was supposed to do this. I took a picture of the headlamp and called Ford directly. They put me in touch with a person holding more authority at the dealership and as soon as I emailed them the picture showing the faulty headlamp they replaced it...what a hassle though.
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    i too had major problems driving in the snow last year. i got stuck on flat ground.of course i live in tennessee so we dont have to worry too much about snow here. i was told to drive in second gear, but i tried everything and still got stuck so if you find out what to do i would sure like to know too.
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    I have a 00 LS that has been in and out of the shop since last summer, it was there for almost 2 mo. at one point and it is still not fixed. One thing is the check advance trac indicator lights up under normal driving conditions , and the biggest problem is it acts like it is running out of gas and sometimes the engine dies.( it starts right back up ) At times it runs fine , and then other times it misses and skips the engine seems to "bog" down but the rpm's jumps up and the light's dim . I'm on my 2nd tech and dealership, but they can't seem to find the problem either. The first one said the theft modular was bad and my car thought it was being stolen , he replaced several parts , but it is doing the same thing. The computer say's random misfire. I have a friend with a 00 model that is starting to do the same thing! Anyone else with this problem? What is the solution?
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    My V6 LS had a misfire that would show up on the computer (bought my own diagnostic tool - not cheap - but might come in handy in the future for me.) The Diagnostic check showed that one of the Coil-On-Plug units was misfiring & told be exactly which one. If it was one of the COP's I would think that it would say which one was exactly (even more than one - as mine did show was happening last year was misfire on the 2nd and 6th cylinders - that only leaves 4 - not exactly smooth running...)

    Now, my brother has a 99 F-150 and was getting the engine light and a little rough operation from the engine. I put the diagnostic on it and it said random misfire. His ignition system is different in that it has 2 coils, one for each bank of 4 cylinders and I don't know if the system can tell which cylinder is misfiring. So I can understand the "random" misfire for his engine.

    Have you changed the fuel filter, tried a different brand of gas, do you use 91 or better octance gas?
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    My car is at the dealer ship and they have put in new plug's and a fuel filter, and I only burn the high octane gas , the tech say's he is stumped but he will figure it out , I will tell him what you said . Thanks for the insight
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    Sounds familiar to me. At first I thought I had water in my tank, it happens. After running a few refills of gas it kept getting worse. I took the car to my local Lincoln dealer. They took a test drive with me and ran the diagnostics.

    The problem was faulty ignition coils. They replaced only thoes coils that were bad, there is one per cylinder. So far so more problems. I hope this is helpful to you.

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    COP or coil on plug problems are common.
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    I live in Michigan and of course we get a lot of snow and I have a major hill where I live. The first winter driving was scary in rain and snow. Getting up the hill was next to impossible. I changed my tires to Cooper Lifeliners and the traction is much better and I am not afraid to drive in the rain and snow any more.
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    I am about to purchase a 2001 Lincoln LS with 25,000 miles. It is a certified vehicle by Lincoln dealership. Problems: hum/quiet roar in rear while normal acceleration, and a minor vibration while cruising over 70 mph felt on smooth asphalt. Dealer claims that the halfshafts need to be replaced. Will this cure the problem. Will you please make available the TSB? Thank you!
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    If you do not trust the dealer check to see if the dealer is aaa approved repair facility then and become a aaa member if not already. I am not a aaa sales person I just know from experience that if you have trouble with a aaa approved dealer they will mediate the disagreement.

    The nhtsa website has a full list of tsb's for many makes and models of vehicles. I think you can even find them here on yeah check right here

    In my humble opinion you cannot go wrong by taking this car to the dealer for repair and maintenance. It is monsterously over engineered which requires knowledgable people that has direct access to the engineers that built and support it. It is a pleasure to drive but with pleasure comes pay and that is all i am going to say.
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    on my 02 I dumped the original tires - they were awful.
    bought michelins off tire rack and no problems with Ohio winter and 3000 miles a month. will likely do the same with my 04.
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    2004 LS V8 - 15,000 miles. transmission slipping at 20 mph. since it doesnt throw a code, the dealer finds nothing. anyone else?
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    any chance it may be breaking traction and the traction control is kicking in? If not do you notice any other symptoms?
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    good question. the only other thing I get is a big sweep of the tach. Will be looking at your idea first thing in the AM. thanks.
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    I think when the tract cntrl kicks in the tach kind of peaks and dives a bit but there is the rev limiter at around 3200 rpm.

    let me know what you find.
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    do not think it is anything with traction control. since I am high mileage it should not be too long til I can get it to the dealer when it is behaving badly. of course if there is no code - who knows what they do. I am not noticing anything else but a huge tach sweep. thanks for checking.
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    I found the TSB, but they don't give the fix, not much good except to know there is a TSB on a problem you may be having.
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    I also have a 2000 lincoln ls that makes a "hum" between 48-52 mph. It happens as I accelerate and decelerate to that speed. It also has a slight vibration between 50-80 mph. I have had two new sets of tires put on , put two new rims in front and rear tie rod ends replaced due to wear and tear. Help!
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    If you have a V8 and the "hum" is sort of a high pitched whining sound, it is the cam chains. You can verify this by simply sitting in your driveway, put it into neutral and reving it up to about 1600 - 1800 RPM and see if you hear the same sound. If you do there is nothing you can do about it, it's the cam chains.

    If the "hum" is a lower pitched noise that seems to come out of the rear of the car, it a drone from the half-shafts resonating with the drive shaft. This occurs when the torque converter is locked and the engine is under load. This can be fixed by replacing the rear half-shafts with updated parts.

    As far as the 50-80 vibration goes, it could be from the tire's and wheels or it could be from the drive-shaft.
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    Vibration can be a real bitche to diagnose. It could be uneven lugnut torque, rotor runout, road surface, shocks, worn joints, tires, wheels, driveline imbalance, etc., etc....
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    in regards to the vibration.... you may want to find a tire shop that understands the concept of tire advancing when balancing the wheels.

    If you do not know... basically the balance operator will try to find the wheels and the tires high spots and roate them out from one another before the application of weights. The reason being is that the more weight you add from center the more likely you are to have wobble.

    It takes more time and may cost you more but is well worth it.
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