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2013 Nissan Pathfinder



  • alaicoalaico Member Posts: 5
    I asked salesmen about the following, but their answers were vague and unsure. Is it possible to use the Voice Activated Navigation to direct you to a specific, named place? Example: can you simply say: George Washington High School in (City and State) or ask for a restaurant that is NOT near you by stating name, city and state? I know the system in Ford products allow this. Nissan seems to be so specific in what you may request.
    Thanks for any help
  • kosta1kosta1 Member Posts: 11
    player but it wont recognize it, it just powers it. However, when I hook up ipad, iphone it recognizes the files. I want to play one movie for the kids through the usb and one through the dvd player. Anyone, knows how to go about it?
  • dave_justdavedave_justdave Member Posts: 29
    Dont know of any vehicle that will do what you are attempting unless you have the in-vehicle DVD system in the headrests. DVD players are not "smart" players, ie they dont pass any info to the car music system. An Ipod, Ipad or Iphone are smart devices - they have connectivity via the USB port and thats what the vehicle recognizes. If you have the In Vehicle DVD system, then just connect the output of the DVD player to the system (not the USB) and it will work fine to show you any DVD. Dave
  • ddm7903ddm7903 Member Posts: 8
    A new recall! At least I know I wasn't losing my mind. And glad that they identified the problem and are going to fix it!

    http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20131023/AUTO0104/310230059/1361/Nissan-to-re- call-153-000-vehicles-for-braking-issue
  • greenhkgreenhk Member Posts: 48
    Just got email notice of it today from NHTSA!

    NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 13V445
    Manufacturer : Nissan North America, Inc.
    Make / Model Years : INFINITI / 2013-2014
    NISSAN / 2013-2014
    Subject : Increased Stopping Distance when using ABS
  • andy194andy194 Member Posts: 1

    Thinking of buying a certified 2013 Platinum Pathfinder that has 14k on it.... Is this transmission problem fixed or is it still problematic? Love the car, but sounds like there's a lot of issues.. Thanks so much for any insight

  • ahightowerahightower Member Posts: 539

    Hi all. Joining the forum as we just got a new Pathfinder last night, to replace our 2005 Yukon XL.

    We decided it was large enough for us and our three boys. The Acadia/Traverse were larger behind the third row, but the 2nd row in the Nissan is fantastic. The third row really will be occasional use only, and only half of it at that, so cargo space was not a concern. We were insisting on 2nd row buckets to have two kids in the middle and one in the back, with no seat movement necessary. But for wife and kids' daily errands, she'll have two in the 2nd row and one riding shotgun. With all of us on board for short trips, the bench is wide with lots of leg room, no problem to fit three across (as we've discovered with my Accord), and for longer trips, it is easy to access the third row. We will always have at least half of that third row available for storage. With third row completely folded, it is more than adequate. No more little kids in car seats, so it fits us fine. Under floor storage is good. Sub takes up some space, but it still easily holds all the emergency gear, umbrella, blanket, air compressor.

    Materials and ride quality, and most importantly price, the Pathfinder got us a lot more content for the money vs 2nd place Acadia SLT. It's an SL Premium, Cayenne Red over Charcoal leather. Hooray for actual color. Everything but nav (don't need it) and DVD player (don't want it, we're old school like that). Proximity key, memory seat and mirrors, dual sunroofs, backup cam, heated seats front and rear. FWD with tow package. I don't need to go off road or tow, but I will put my cargo platform on the hitch now and then, and we camp several times a year. So enough ground clearance to bounce down a two-track now and then. We're in TX, so if it snows we'll be closed that day. ;)

    Reviews indicate it has less sporty handling than some other CUVs, but that is not the purpose of this vehicle. We tested a Durango and did not care for the "trucky" ride. Of course our Yukon was a truck, but it had a longer wheelbase and cushier ride. Traverse was comfortable, but rather floaty by comparison. Pathfinder strikes a good balance. Flex had some chintzy materials, and Escape and Pilot (and every minivan, despite my efforts) were ruled out on looks alone. The CVT is very responsive. VQ35, need I say more? I've seen the various reviews about CVT issues, but it seems to have been addressed this year. And it's a lease with full warranty coverage, so I'm willing to risk it. It lacks the immediate torque of the Yukon, but the whole vehicle is far more refined in every way. Materials quality was far nicer than the GMs.

    The dealership was fantastic - no fooling around, no harassment, and very close to my office.

    I'm anxious to see how fuel economy pans out. 20/26 est. versus 13/18... There's $115 a month off the top.

    The Beast will be missed, but wife is pleased, so I am too. Now to go and sell the old car. Will give CarMax a shot, and then turn to my own devices if necessary.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited June 2014

    Nice review, thanks and congrats!

    I had a "modified" Pathfinder engine in the '99 Nissan Quest that I recently sold. I had quite a few issues the last year (fan, AC), but the engine and drivetrain sure seemed bulletproof (some injectors and distributors less so). First car I ever had that I managed to put 200,000 miles on. It's a bit surprising that some flavor of this engine is no longer on Ward's ten best list.

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