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2013 Nissan Pathfinder



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Someone got some quotes around invoice over in the Pathfinder Prices Paid, but I don't see where anyone has reported that they purchased one yet.
  • Just purchased SL Premium in Boston area. Talked to several dealers and several were didn't even give a price below MSRP, like everyone is saying, an abundance of 2012, limited 2013s, and Sandy wiping out a lot on the east coast, seems to have kept price firm.

    I got mine for $37,200. They were not going any lower on the price, but came up from 2000, to 4500 on my trade (2000 honda accord 125k miles) which was 1000 over KBB fair trade.

    I could have gotten another 500 off if i went with Nissan financing which was terrible.. ended up paying cash, and getting reimbursed through local credit union for 72 mod at 1.99%

    As for the car, it looks sharp, drives really smooth like all nissans, and has tons of room. My wife is primary driver, and she seems to love it.

    Hope this helps

    Happy hunting
  • I purchased the 2013 Patherfinder Platinum 4X4 two weeks ago and would like to share some thoughts. It drives extremely well compared to my old 2001 Infiniti QX4 4X4. Very smooth and quiet, nice steering feel (almost sports car like) and great gas mileage on the freeway. However, my ‘city’ driving is not typical since I live in a slightly hilly area with ave. speeds between 15 and 30. My city mileage is far below the 19 marketed. I am getting about 10-12 mpg and 17 combined. When I drive on the freeway more frequently, I expect the combined mpg to increase to the low 20’s.

    Regarding bluetooth/navigation…The auto manufacturers and the bluetooth/navigation manufacturers need to work with the phone manufacturers for a better Bluetooth experience. Luckily, I have the iPhone 4 with 5.0.1 iOS which works fairly well with the nav/bluetooth system. For those who own an iPhone 5, there are major issues. I won’t purchase the iPhone 5 until the issues are resolved with a technical service update applied to the car. Nissan’s Bluetooth support center said to stay away from iOS 6 as well on any older 4 or 4S phones.

    I really enjoy the cooled/heated seats. Looking forward to utilizing the heated steering wheel this winter when I take the family up to the mountains. We’ll probably get to use the 4X4 mode too!

    I also considered the 2012/13 Toyota Highlander Limited and/or a used 2009 Acura MDX with Tech Package. The Pathfinders ride, freeway mileage, technology, seating and storage make this the perfect family crossover. So far, I am very happy with my purchase and hope this car holds up as well as my 12 year old Infiniti which never had any major problems.

    Note: The Pathfinder did have some issues which caused me to drive back for service:

    1. The cooled/heated seats did not work. A pin on the relay was loose and was fixed.

    2. Front left fender panel was slightly ajar below the highlight. They fixed it but now it popped out again.

    3. Weather strip on left passenger window slides up so that needs to be fixed as well.
    There are always minor issues with a newly designed model.

    I expect the transmission, engine and technology (Navigation and Bluetooth) to last at least 10-12 years.

  • hockeyfoolhockeyfool Posts: 30
    edited February 2013
    Thought I would do a quick review of my new Pathfinder. I've had it almost a month and put over 2,500 miles on it so I have a good feel for it at this point. Keep in mind that I am coming out of a 2010 Toyota Tundra Double Cab so my perspective may be a bit different than others. Also don't think that I don't like the PF based on the number of dislike items below because that would be wrong. I really do like it but I think it is more important to identify to others what you don't like so people can make a decision themselves as to whether or not it may be a deal breaker. Saying you like something in my opinion doesn't really help the perspective buyer make a decision.

    1. Comfort - seats are comfortable with plenty of adjustment. This is extreamly important to me as I've had 2 back surgeries and a broken neck so I absolutely need to be comfortable.

    2. Driving experience - handles very nicely. Not a sports car but definitely better than the truck. I've had other sportier cars but for the size the PF works very nicely. It also accelerates very well once get past 20 mph or so (see dislikes)

    3. Fuel economy - I've averaged about 22 mpg. Note this is calculated. The gauge on the PF is routinely 1 to 1.5 mpg optimistic. My range has been from 20.4 to 22.9. This is on winter gas so I am hoping for better as it breaks in more and come summer time. Also I just put a Yakima cross bars and ski rack on and am noticing about 1.5 mpg lower mpg (accounts for the 20.4 mpg noted). My truck routinely would get 18.5 mpg in summer and 16.5 mpg in winter.

    4. Back up camera, leather, amount of room

    5. Love that I can put it in 2wd and it is front wheel drive. Why no one else does this is beyond me. Adds about 1 mpg as best I can tell and for 98% of the time is all that is needed.

    6. Heated seats - love the heated seats. Nice that there are heated seats in back as well.

    7. Love that you can see actual tire pressure for individual tires.

    8. TBD


    1. automatic HVAC controls you would think would be pretty straight forward, but not on the PF. Need to read the manual on a few things -i.e. - how to turn off the "rear" controls; why the AC button some times comes on and other times does not; why when in auto after the car has been driven for over 30 minutes it goes into auto defrost and can't be shut off, etc.

    2. Nothing from Yakima or Thule fits the 2013 PF cross bars. This may change in time but doesn't help me now.

    3. Nothing from WeatherTech fits 2013 PF for floor mats.

    4. When ever I plug my iphone into usb port to charge it automatically changes the source on the radio to Ipod. This is irritating as I don't use my iphone for music so radio just goes silent and says "no songs found". So have to scroll through "source" until get back to where it was.

    5. Over head light buttons are small and not lit up so difficult to find in the dark. Much prefer the honda and toyota buttons which are the lights.

    6. The blue tooth for the phone is not as good as was on my truck. Doesn't connect as well and I've been told that doesn't sound as good on the other end as my truck did. My girlfriend refuses to talk to me on the blue tooth now.

    7. Not sold on the "leave key fob in pocket" and open door using button on handle. This is okay except when others are getting out to the car before you and have to wait until you are there to open the door. What use to be automatic (pull out the key fob from pocket and open door from a distance) I now have to think about. yes this is nitpicky but hey isn't that what reviews are for.

    8. I have the stutter/bump issue in certain acceleration situations at about 15-20 mph. feels like going over bumps in the road. I read somewhere that there is a programming fix to adjust the CVT so I need to get that done.

    9. Would like more storage compartments. Tundra had a ton of compartments.

    10. The buttons on the rear view mirror do not light up. I had the same auto dimming rear view mirror in my Tundra and all of the buttons lit up at night, not just the green on button. This is a pain as sometimes I want to shut off the auto dimming but can't see where the button is.

    11. Crossbars are screwed into the roof rails and there is no adjustment - seriously, this makes no sense. I put all kings of things (bikes, boxes, surfboards, kayaks, etc.) on top of my vehicles and often need to change the spread of the cross bars.

    12. Location of the USB connector is inside the covered storage bin. This is where I plug my phone into charge so the cord has to snake out through a small indentation in the cover. Works ok as long as I move the cord into the exact right spot each time before I close the cover, but I obviously don't do this as is indicated by all the new dents in the cord.

    13. I've been told the back seats are not very comfortable (seating position is too low) I don't sit back there so I dont really care but others may.

    14. Can only put into 4wd lock from a start and then falls back to 4wd auto when get above a certain speed. I like being able to lock into 4wd when driving during a snow storm and yes my speed gets above 30 mph. Should be able to stay locked in and not depend on auto mode which is nearly 100 percent of the time in 100 percent front wheel drive even during bad conditions.

    15. Hesitates a bit when first getting on the gas. Is extreamly hesitant if starting out on a steep incline (such as my driveway just as I turn onto a main road). Not good if trying to pull into traffic.

    16. Small radio and phone buttons on steering wheel are too close together and too small. Requires that you look at them to figure out which button you need to push.

    17. Why is the outdoor temp in the drivers display and not on the main display so everyone else can see it like most every other car out there?

    18. TBD
    I'll try to update this at a later date.
  • scao1scao1 Posts: 7
    I just bough 2013 pathfinder 4x4 SL Premium pkg. Recently, I have noticed that the Passenger Airbag Off light does not work like to Manual said. Base on the Manual, if the small adult (100pds or less) or child sit at the pass. seat, then the Passenger Airbag Off sign is illuminated to tell the secondary airbag is off. But my 9 year old daughter weight about 55pds sat on the front pass. seat, the "Passenger Airbad Off" sign did not illuminated, so I think that mean the airbag is enabled???
    Have any one has the problem??? or explain it to me pls. I took the car to dealer and they could not explain it to me why, but they said they ran all test and did not find any error.
  • gratefuldrivergratefuldriver Posts: 7
    edited February 2013
    Can you tell me if the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder SL has a transmission cooler? Also, if it does have an internal one should an external one be added to avoid previous radiator problems? thanks
  • Tow Package on 2013 Pathfinder includes transmission cooler.
  • harv8harv8 Posts: 2
    "3. Nothing from WeatherTech fits 2013 PF for floor mats."

    They have them for the front now. I just got mine yesterday. They fit great. :D
  • vchd4vchd4 Posts: 2
    According to my dealer, there is no seatbelt chime in the Pathfinder. There's a whole section on it in the manual but that doesn't seem to matter. Does anyone know anything about this?
  • vchd4vchd4 Posts: 2
    Pathfinder SL w/towing package. After driving this for 2 weeks, here are my thoughts:

    1) I love how it drives - it has a little growl when accelerating but is otherwise very smooth and quiet.
    2) Love the heated seats - I much prefer these to any others I've had.
    3) Reports from the backseat are that it is very comfortable.

    1) The placement of the USB port could not be harder to see or access.
    2) No chargers in the 2nd row.
    3) The memory seats don't light up so they're not visible at night. These are also very awkwardly placed especially for my husband whose legs are bigger than mine.
    4) Weird size and placement of controls - the Trip Reset button gets prime space and, really, how often would you use that? The brightness controls dominate the control panel screen in the middle - do we need 3 of them to control the brightness?
    5) There are two ways to set maintenance reminders - one on the dash display and one on the center control display- these don't talk to each other. Who needs two anyway? And if you have two, why not connect them?
    6) There is no way to digitally display the actual driving speed. But we can see a picture of a pathfinder as we drive? Makes no sense.
    7) There is no chime for the seatbelts which I have to think is illegal.

    You can't tell from this list but I do love the car. I'd buy it again for sure! But there are definitely some weird design choices!
  • bobw1bobw1 Posts: 19
    Does anyone know why Nissan doesn't offer the tow package on the base model. From what I'm reading I don't want a Pathfinder without a separate transmission cooler. Thanks for any input.
  • The 2013 PF I test drove & want to purchse had the "passenger air bag off" light illuminated the entire time someone (an adult) was sitting in the passenger seat. I told the dealer I wanted that car but refused to sign any paper work until they fixed the issue. Can anyone else shed some light on this? I've read on Edmunds & other sights that this might be a problem with the 2013s. Anyone else experience this? Has the issue been resolved? If so, how?

  • harv8harv8 Posts: 2
    My passenger airbag light started to come on intermittantly when an adult was sitting in the seat a a few months after I purchased the car. I took it into the dealer and he said that there were no error messages, but that the sensor may not have been initially calibrated. They calibrated it (the term he used was "zeroed it out") and it has not come an since. It has been a few months now. I honestly don't know if the child airbag function still works since I have not tested it.
  • I'm nervous about purchasing that car. I think I'm going to purchase with another dealer (and make sure they don't get the car from that 1st dealer!). I figure - why buy a car when you know a problem already exists with it, right?
  • gladiator99gladiator99 Posts: 104
    edited March 2013
    I wanted to purchase a new Platinum red pathfinder but my dealer cannot get one for 3-4 months.
    I already made an offer and with a trade and we agreed on a price, and I have a signed contract offer to purchase. Now the dealer says he wants to re-appraise my vehicle in 3 or 4 months. He will probably tell me it has depreciated somewhat more and he will want more. However if I do purchase a 2013 pathfinder in May or June, it will also be worth less as the 2014 models will be out in Aug. or Sept. I am thinking of waiting till Aug to order a 2014 as the 2013 will probably be worth 5000.00 less because of depreciation. Any idea when the 14 models will be available?
    Jim :confuse: :confuse:
  • Can any one tell me the maximum tongue weight using a weight distribution hitch on the tow package? The manual states dead weight is 500 lbs and makes mention of the wdh, but I do not see where it states the maximum tongue when using a wdh. I plan to two nearly 5000 lbs and would like to push the tungue weight up with the wdh.

  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    Heard there is a recall on the 2103 PFs for the passenger airbag light. Does anyone know - is that light supposed to be lit when the seat is empty? Thanks!
  • Two New Recall ID Campaign #'s:

    Air bag on passenger side turns off when seat is occupied (light remains on). My PF does this.

    Gas tank may leak when filled to the top.

    I have scheduled an appointment to have these addressed by the dealer this Saturday.
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    Do you know if the airbag light should be ON when the seat is empty? My light does not go On when an adult is in the seat - but it also does not go ON when the seat is empty..... wondering..... :confuse:
  • When I start the car up the airbag indicator light turns on briefly and is yellow, but then goes off whether the seat is occupied or not. When the air bag turns off while someone is in it the airbag indicator remains light is on and red in color. That is my problem. My adult passenger is in the seat, the red indicator light showing airbag off remains lit. Hope the recall will fix it.
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    That's exactly what the car that I test drove was doing. That dealer said the light must be broken but I did my research & saw that many folks were having the same problem (well before the official recall). I opted to buy another car from another dealer. Yes, I hope the recall fixes the problem too! Good luck!
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    Anyone notice a lound "clunk" noise when they open their trunk door? Happens every time I open the door. Could this be a normal sound for maybe the latch unlatching?? - but honestly I never noticed it until yesterday.
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    Just got off the phone with my dealership. I posted this note before March 17) but got no responses. Now it seems there will be a recall on this new problem with the 2013 PF.

    When I open the trunk I hear a loud clunk or bang as it gets about 1/4 of the way up. Come to find out it is the back hatch/door hitting the roof of the car. Seems there's not enough space between the hatch door & the roof & the hatch hits the roof when you open it & then bangs when it forces its way open. (Hope this makes sense.) In the process of the hatch & the roof rubbing each other, my paint has started to chip away.

    Dealer said this is a NATIONAL problem with the new PF and they are working on a solution, but I shouldn't expect a solution for at least a month.

    So, now 2 recalls to be had on the car... first the passenger airbag sensor and now the trunk/hatch. I love my car, but have to admit I'm slowly getting discouraged.

    Anyone else noticing this problem with their trunk opening?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    National problem but maybe it only affects a relatively few Pathys? Seems like we'd see at least another post or two in here in the last ~3 weeks if it was common.
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    I too was thinking it was only my car since no one responded to my earlier post. I'm wondering if some folks (1) don't use their trunk very often; (2) open it from a distance & wouldn't hear the sound. When you're in the car & press the button to open it automatically you can definitely hear it. I did do an internet search & saw a few other folks with the same problem - but not as many as the airbag sensor issue.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Looks like the paint chipping would be noticeable. Please keep us posted on how the fix goes.
  • ac6ac6 Posts: 1
    Would love to hear people's experience on gas mileage. I have a 2013 Platinum 4WD with about 2,500 miles on it. To date I have done mostly suburban non highway driving with a handful of local highway driving mixed in generally trips of 10 to 30 miles. I have been getting only about 15.5 MPG. I would think that I would get something closer to at least the 19MPG City rating. Has anyone else experienced such poor gas mileage
  • We drive the 2013 SL 4wd and have a mix of city/highway. On average we range about 20 mpg and that is in W. NC with hills. I would say it varies on any given day between 19 and 22. When we pull our travel trailer (4300 lb) we average about 12-13 mpg (with serious hills). Mileage to date is 4000 miles. If I were you I would reset the mpg reading and take it on a stretch of highway just to get a hwy reading. The more info you can give the mechanic the better. Good luck.
  • I drive a 2013 SL 4wd with 9000 miles on it. I've tracked gpm religiously since day one using a mileage app. My overall average is 22.5 mpg with a low of 20.4 and a high of 25.6. Note that I keep it in 2 wheel drive most times unless 4wd is warranted. Also I have found that the on board mpg readout is typically high by about 1 gpm compared to calculating it out.
  • alaicoalaico Posts: 5
    Picked up my new Nissan Pathfinder today.....Platinum with Navigation etc. Was disappointed that the compass is so tiny and very hard to read. Wish it had been a part of the auto dimming mirror. Wonder why that was not included in my vehicle. I think it is in the SL edition, but not in the Platinum. Anyone else disappointed in this?
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