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I wanted to enlist your help! Considering lease of 2012 Sonata GLS 36mo @ 15K annual with PEP package. Quoted: MSRP 21700. Adjusted cap cost $18100. Money factor .00140. Customer cash down 2599. Dealer to supply 1500 incentive. Total down 4099. Lease end value $12,152? Lease payment will be $205/mo....Is this a fair deal?

Thanks for the assist!


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    It seems similar to what I've seen advertised in my area for a long time on Sonata GLS leases--about $200 a month with $2599 down. I have seen a few deals better than that, e.g. $249/mo "sign and drive" (nothing out of pocket), so it might be possible to get a better deal by shopping other dealers--"Can you beat this"?
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    Thanks for your feedback. Another question: If I go back to the dealer(s) on the sign/drive with no down based on Tier one credit standing, should I assume this is based off 10K, 13K or 15K annual miles?
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    Assume nothing... tell the dealer how many miles you want on the lease. Usually the lower the miles, the lower the payment. I got a sweet lease deal on a car (not a Sonata) a couple of years ago, and it's 12k/year. That's as low as they would go on that particular lease. But I've seen as low as 10k/year.
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    hello my Wife's 2004 sonata just got totalled and we need a new car. What are the best deals going right now on this car that you might have gotten? we live in wisconsin, if that matters. thanks Randy :sick:
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    Your best bet is to read previous entries and make this post in our Hyundai Sonata Lease Questions discussion.


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