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    Anyone had any luck with an add-on remote start kit on a 2012-13 LS? My main questions are where did you get one and has it worked as expected.

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    @sonnyh777 said:
    Does anyone have positive or negative input regarding the 2012 or 2011 equinox 6 cyl. SUV?

    We have a 2012 1LT w/ AWD and V-6 with the All Star Package which we bought back in Feb12. I had to get the V-6 because I know base on experience that a 4 cylinder on a 3,300 metal will be a struggle and I know the Nox is about 3900 lbs. 99% of my experience are positive. The only 1% negative I have is the inability for GM to provide the option of being able to add factory fog lamps as an option. Hence, had to install Philips LED DRLs. I've logged a close to 25,000 miles. I also have experienced the "Stabilitrak" warning light coming on maybe a total of 3 times and this all happened from a cold start. I just turn off the engine and restart it and it clears itself. The radio also had to be changed out once since it would not recognize my Ipod. Ok, so maybe 2% negative. Fortunately, I have not had the engine stalling and transmission problems a lot of Equinox owners are having. I do my own engine oil and filter changes and have used full syn after the 2 free oil changes from the dealer since 15,000 miles. I've always avoided cheap gas stations. I regularly use BP, Shell, Texaco or Costco gas and I don't work for any of these companies. Just my 2 cents.

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    I just bought my nox a few weeks ago. Got a LT1 4 cyl and FWD. Now im wondering if I should have went with the 6 and AWD.

    The mileage is not to bad. Getting 27-28 on the highway at 68 mph. Did get 29 plus at 55mph. City is about 22-23. Takes getting use to not gunning the car on take off from a stop.

    Just the get up and go power is not what I felt on the test drive.I plan on a vacation into the mountains and thinking this is not going to make it up the hills.
    Anybody else drive thru the mountains with the 4 cyl?
    Anybody tow with this yet?How was it handling?

    Thinking about doing my own oil changes.I will see the cost difference before I decide on that.

    Love the ride and comfort.I heater is a bit noisy. But I can live with that.

    I will check back and add to this as I drive it more.

    I did 4500 hundred miles last hear mostly in the northwest. It would maintain the speed with the cruise control on up most steep grades, however would kick down to around 4000 rpm to 5000 rpm up the real long and steep grades. I finally took it out of cruise control and after a while could pretty well tell when it was going to kick down and would slightly let off of the throttle and could normally keep it from kicking down to the 4000 to 5000 rpm. range, however would loose some speed.
    Being from the panhandle of Texas we have a lot of wind and driving against the wind also affects it quite a bit. If I was buying another nox,, I would purchase one with a six cyl.
    I have been car shopping for the last couple of months and have done a lot of research on different models. My next purchase will be the Kia Sorento. Its 4 cly. performs much better than the nox and the six cyl really has zip.

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    I'm a fairly new Equinox owner. We leased a '15 back in December and liked it so much, that when we stopped in to look for something else, ended up buying a '12 at a great price.

    There's just a couple things that drives me crazy with the '12 (and I know I need to remember that the '15's toys are going to be a little more advanced) but I want the little outline on the backup camera, I want to be able to save an artist and alert me on the sirius/xm radio and I want to be able to stream my music on my phone through bluetooth. All of these are differences between my '12 and my wife's '15. If drives me crazy to have her more advanced than me. haha

    Also, my phone doesn't alert me to texts when it is connected through bluetooth. I'm betting this is just something I'm doing wrong.

    Help me fellow equinox owners!!
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