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2013 and Earlier - Mazda CX-5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Bought this for my daughter. No discount in Central TX (Austin, San Antonio) and very few cars available. However, one dealer had received just what I was looking for (Sky blue GT wo tech package) three days before so paid sticker. To their credit, there were no additional options and no dealer fees. They did offer almost nothing for her trade so sold it to Carmax for $1300 more than the dealer offered. High volume Kia/Mazda dealer selling cars like crazy. Love it or shove it attitude on pricing. Not the greatest buying experience but a great car.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Just curious, which dealer did you buy from? Have been offered $100 over invoice both in SA and Austin area (Georgetown) for the Touring model.
  • Bought a new CX-5 Touring with moonroof/bose pkg and tech pkg on 9-12-12. MSRP was $27,160. Paid $580 under MSRP and got it for $26,578 + fees, license and taxes. Out the door price of $27,800 even.
    I have been shopping and comparing the RAV4, CR-V, Rouge and CX-5 starting back in January 2012. It is true that the Mazda dealerships do not seem to have very many CX-5 on there lots at any given time and when they do they seem to sale quickly, but not to the point that you do not have time to look around for a deal. In my area (Chesapeake, VA) I have only seen one CX-5 Touring with the upgrade packages that I got. Options other than the standard 3 models are hard to find.
    For me (tall guy) the CX-5 was the best physical fit, it looks real nice with plenty of hi-tech features, plus the gas mileage is great. I was sold.
    Tips: 1) set up a folder of favorites in your web browser with all the local dealer ships in your area. search them 2 times a week to get an ideal of how long a car sits on the lot before selling. Most dealerships post their new inventory with pictures right on there web page so that makes it very easy to track.
    2) when you see a car that is not selling because of it features or maybe color then you will have a better chance to negotiate a lower price. This is what I did. I wanted the technology upgrade but did not want to pay for the leather seats or the expensive 19" wheels. When you have to replace the wheels you are looking at about $1K, ouch. I guess most people did not want to pay extra for the tech package without the leather so the car sat on the lot for over a month. A long time for a 2013 CX-5. This gave me leverage to strike a deal.
  • bobacdigitalbobacdigital Posts: 10
    edited September 2012
    Paid 28k OTD for White Touring FWD Moonroof Bose / Tech Package.. Before tax and fees it was about 26k... Faired pretty well considering my build at MSRP is 27,505 (TX) and True Car target buy is at 26,810 (including owner loyalty incentive).
  • How did you arrive to 27,160 for MSRP? The Mazda website has MSRP for any color other than white with your options for 27,305?
  • It was posted on bottom of window sticker. The MSRP before upgrades (all weather floor mats, wheel locks, moonroof, technology package [the tech pkg includes a lot of nice features found on the Grand like NAV and Bose sound system]) was 23,895. Good Luck.
  • I just bought my white CX5 with moonroof package and all weather mats for $26,000 out the door. I think the sale price before all fees was around $24,200 or so.

    I bought this from sport durst Mazda in Durham NC. They told me they actually lost money on this but are a high volume dealer and will make it back that way. I had a terrible experience at Cary Mazda (capital Mazda) when I was told they would match the written offer if I brought it in. 2 hours of waiting and they said they couldn't do it and asked me to pay another $395. The GM was there and told me it wasn't worth driving 25 min to Durham over $395 and that they don't offer loaners or give free initial oil changes. All of this was a lie, as they do offer loaners and give you a free oil change.

    Avoid capital Mazda of Cary NC. The GM and sales manager Rachel are liars. Rachel even texted me from a salesperson phone without his knowledge impersonating him saying I lacked integrity for shopping for prices and to never contact him (again she was acting like the sales person) again. Later I text the number back and said I was very surprised by his reaction and he responded he had no idea what I was talking about. He then informed me that the sales manager Rachel was reviewing his messages earlier and must have sent me the messages. SERIOUSLY what manager does that?
  • Paid 24,650 OTD for a Touring with roof rails, cargo cover, floor mats, and wheel locks. It was about 23,050 before tax and title.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Wow, the last 2 posts indicate some low prices out there - I just don't see it here in central Texas. I was offered a Touring version with NO options (sticker $24690) for invoice, which is just above $24K. That's BEFORE TT&L, etc......... :confuse: :confuse:
  • I'm looking to get a GT AWD this week (before the 0.9% financing disappears). Anyone have any recommendations on dealerships in Northern or Southern California that offer great deals on this car? My family lives down in SoCal so I can justify a trip down to pick up the car if the price is right.

    Can any Californians share the prices they were able to get on their purchases?

    Thanks for all your help. Hoping to join you guys as a CX-5 owner soon!
  • Thanks for the post! I just got quotes from Sport Durst and Capital Mazda... both only taking around $700 of the base model. What was the msrp on the CX5 w/ moonroof?
  • Total MSRP $26,320

    Sale price $24,649.76
    Dealer filing fee $28
    N.c.s.i 9.75
    Notary and fees $499
    Total $25,186.51
    Tax $739.49
    License title $74

    Total- $26,000

    That was my work up from sport durst on Saturday. Send me a message and ill give you the contact. Then we can split the referral fee of $300!!!
  • tl11tl11 Posts: 2
    edited October 2012
    Wanted to thank all the people on this forum. You've been a great help in pricing out the car. Here are the numbers I got:

    CX-5 Touring AWD (no other options)
    75 doc
    75 dmv (transfer plates)
    10 inspection
    12.5 tire tax

    I also added the cargo tray and rear bumper guard (NOT included in above price)
  • That's about the exact same as mine as I listed above. Mine wasn't awd but had moonroof which is same cost as awd.

    Good deal there. My tax was only 3.5% though
  • joeboxer1joeboxer1 Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    Bought 10/13/2012

    blue-tooth, backup camera, big lcd, blind spot monitor, power driver seat, dealer installed interior protection(which I refused to pay for cause they added it to every cx-5 on the lot that had cloth interior), sorry I'm not paying 600 bucks for a can of 3m scotchguard....basically fully loaded without Nav system, AWD, self dimming rearview mirror, roof rack and leather

    26,870 (with delivery)

    paid 24,200

    I got s-plan pricing, funny thing is they didnt make me provide proof, they generated the pin for hassle and got the 3% financing too

    Mike Bass Mazda of northern OH, near Elyria, awesome buying experience ask for Del in the Ford sales department, he was one of the best sales guys I've ever had when purchasing a car! young kid, but once again, awesome.... :)
  • txf23txf23 Posts: 5
    I negotiated the price through emails - paid $23200 - $500 loyalty at Medina Mazda OH.
    I put $500 down to find the car. After 2 days the car arrived drove to the dealer spent 30 min doing the paper work and paid cash. No hassle, no pressure best experience ever on new car buying.
  • jr1322jr1322 Posts: 1
    This car was selling for $22,890 and the OTD (tax and fees included) was $24,100.
  • I was wondering how much I can pay for this? Invoice price is $29,454 (with tech pkg). Wondering whatz the best deal I can get on this. All your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  • reignreign Posts: 20
    Can anyone tell me what prices were paid for the 2013 CX-5 in the Dallas area and which dealership you went to. Preferably lease pricing (monthly payment), but also OTD price on a purchase. I've already been low-balled on a lease for a 2013 Ford Escape (Westway ford in Irving), and this was via a written email price from them!
  • shaymvshaymv Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    Joined this board to inform others about experience and hoping they can take it into account and save on their car purchase.

    Bought a Mazda CX-5 FWD no tech/moonroof for 26,570 out the door with a full tank of gas and 2 miles on it. The dealership tried to negotiate a 26 sticker price off the bat even though the MSRP was 25,150. Make sure you print out the specifications of the car you want before you go.

    The invoice price of the car 23,501 which I didn't see until later because this was my first time buying a car, ever.

    The dealer was very experienced: had me drive the car, explained all the features, told stories about his kids, the whole shebang ...and then when it got down to pricing offered it for 27. We initially shook on 26,8 but last minute I started to feel off about that deal (paying 27k for the touring with no extra packages seemed steep). Granted there are few white tourings with black interior with the specs I wanted, had to drive 1-2 hours just to see one.

    To be honest, I feel as though I overpaid but still love my car. Some tips I learned: the friendlier the sales guy, the more customers will overpay. don't ever feel like you owe the dealership anything even if you have spent hours talking, also throw in some incentives for yourself right before you sign (if you throw in .... I'll sign right now and you've got a deal-- I did this and got $300 off because I decided I wanted roof racks and wheel locks and they wanted to compensate me for it). That moment right before you sign and have spent hours negotiating is crucial, you can use it your favor -always- or walk. Always leave with a full tank and always choose a comfortable price in your head and NEVER budge from it. Also, go on a dead day, end of the month on a Monday. I understood that they probably paid around 22-23k for the car so made about 3,5 off my deal.

    I would have felt better walking out the door with the car I have for 25k flat. But hey, such is life.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    Great purchase. I won't make you feel bad about how many nickels above you paid, but I did want to throw this out to you: I'm surprised dealerships are still in business in this day and age. There are so many rock bottom ways of buying a car that ensure you never have to deal with some joker who knows nothing about the cars he/she is selling. Next time, and from now on, use internet buying, credit union buying services, or your favorite wholesale club's buying service. Dealerships are for one thing: "trying the shoe on for size." Edmunds and other resources are for research, and buying services are for purchasing. Best of luck with your car. From all research I have done (to include "trying the shoe on at the dealership"), it looks like a winner.
  • jcoates1986jcoates1986 Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    I was quoted $27,122.04 + TTL for a CX5 Grand Touring FWD. No additional options. I was told this was "employee pricing". Anyone have any input on whether this is a good deal or not? Thanks.
  • I was told that Costco members receive 500. under invoice no negotiations. I was looking for grand touring fwd. With tech package. Invoice price was 28,665.
    My price before tax title and license would be 28,065. I would say you have a good offer.
  • I purchased my CX-5 on 1/2/13 in Dallas. Here's my deal:

    The Car (MSRP/Edmunds Invoice):
    CX-5 FWD GT: (27,345/26,557)
    Crystal White Exterior: (200/178)
    Tech Package: (1,325/1,179)
    Wheel Locks: (55/44)
    Destination: (795/795)

    Total: (29,720/28,753)

    The Deal:
    Purchase Price: 27,190
    Sales Tax: 1,668
    Dealer Inventory Tax: 60
    Title/License: 73
    Inspection: 73
    Doc Fee (Dealer Additional Profit): 125
    OTD: 29,189

    I qualified for the $500 Mazda loyalty so my price was $500 less than the OTD above (28,689). I wanted to keep that separate from the numbers as not everyone will get that $500. I also financed at the promo rate of 0.9/36.

    This price was obtained without negotiation via the Costco Buying Service. I thought I would use the Costco quote as a starting point for negotiation but it seemed so low I didn't try to push it.
  • kimrokimro Posts: 4
    I bought a CX-5 Sport for my daughter at Hennessy Mazda Southlake. They advertised the car for $20,999 and that is what I paid with the only option the bluetooth package. The MSRP was $23,290. I found that discounts on CX-5 were less than $1,000 at other dealers so this seemed like a good deal. My daughter is thrilled! They included a full tank of gas.

    I worked with Chris Pulliam and he was very professional and responsive. I would definitely buy from him again.
  • nflroyaltynflroyalty Posts: 10
    edited January 2013
    Hello all,
    1st time purchaser of Mazda on 1/3/13.
    Just bought 2013 CX-5 GT FWD silver,with Tech pkg. and all-weather mats and molded trunk liner. Manufactured last November, arrived at dealer 3 wks ago. $28,000 + tax, title and enviro. fees. MSRP: $29,465. Good luck to all.
  • rriittaarriittaa Posts: 3
    edited January 2013
    I went to my local Mazda Dealer in Santa Rosa , Ca. With the Costco quote and to my surprise they matched it!

    2013 Mazda CX-5
    Pearl White w/tan interior
    FWD GT with tech pkg.

    27,262. Before tax/lic.

    Love my new car : )
  • anybody hear anything about availability of the 2014's
    I heard on most of the line the cx-5 now has a 2.5 185 hp engine and an added safety feature
  • My dealer in NY has a few 2014's in stock. The Touring and Grand Touring have the new 185 hp engine.
  • Rich,
    Please share the contact info with me re sport durst mazda and we can split the referral....

    W8m2b3 at
    Yahoo dot com

    Thanks !!

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