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BMW X3 Fuel Needs

dlcole76054dlcole76054 Member Posts: 21
edited March 2012 in BMW
My 2011 Lexus RX runs fine on regular unleaded fuel, even though Lexus says it needs premium, the salesman said to run regular. It runs fine and has a 10.4/1 compression ratio.

An X3 iDrive35 has a 10.2/1 compression ratio (lower), yet premium fuel is still recommended... Have any of the readers run regular unleaded fuel in your X3? Did you get engine knocking? or other bad things (poor MPG, etc).???



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    krellu7421krellu7421 Member Posts: 8
    I own a 2011 X3 Xdrive28i and the same as the 35i it says
    I tried using mid grade 89 octane I felt that the vehicle did not run properly
    and also the gas mileage suffered a bit.The same thing happened with sunoco
    PREMIUM 91 octane.
    You need to use PREMIUM WITH 93 OCTANE to achieve maximum performance
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    dlcole76054dlcole76054 Member Posts: 21
    You are implying the car cannot be driven in the mountains or parts of the country with a higher elevation where fuel octane levels drop. 93 octane fuel is not available in elevations higher than about 3000 ft. Only 91 octane fuel is available in the high plains of Texas and farther west into New Mexico, Colorado, etc...

    Since Sunoco is a California fuel (or western US), I'll take it that the 91 Sunoco problems were related to the California fuel formulation and not 91 octane fuels in general.
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 241,297
    edited March 2012
    91 octane at altitude = 93 everywhere else..

    The BMW requires premium, whatever octane level that might be where you are... While a naturally aspirated engine might tolerate a lower fuel grade, it's an especially bad idea with a turbocharged engine....


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    dlcole76054dlcole76054 Member Posts: 21
    I believe you are right...turbo needs better stuff...and the Lexus is naturally aspirated at 277 Hp.
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    43mary43mary Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2 week old X3 35i that has been running rough, hesitating and stalling. It has been flatbedded to the dealership twice. The presumed problems were: aged fuel, (changed yet the problem remained) bad spark plugs (problem remained), and bad fuel injectors (problem remained). Now the dealer ship insists it the fuel and recommends regular gas.

    They say it is a widespread problem. Anyone else getting this advice?
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    530iturk530iturk Member Posts: 16
    When we picked our new 2012 X3 35i at the factory (performance center) at the end of March, the delivery person specifically stated that they put a special additive in new vehicles. That the engine needs to be run a certain way when first used or it will mess up the system (mentioned the exact symptoms you mentioned). He had us start the engine and keep it at 2000 rpm (if I remember correctly) for a few minutes.

    If the local dealer can't help you, you might try contacting the Performance Center at the factory in Greenville, SC.
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