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jft26jft26 Member Posts: 35
edited March 2014 in Plymouth
I have a '98 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE. I had the front disc brakes replaced at 25,000 miles. Fair enough mileage in my estimation. At 35,000 miles , the front pads were replaced once again. The RF outter pad cracked and I was told that they were almost worn down to the backing. Both calipers and rotors were checked out. I was told that the calipers were working fine and the rotors were in good shape. Well, here I am at 40,000 miles. While changing a
flat tire the other day I looked at the LF pads and they looked pretty thin. . The pads were about 4/32 ". I believe that 2/32 " is the limit. What would cause the pads to wear out so quickly if the calipers are working properly and the rotors are good? Are there any recalls on these minivans for the Braking System? Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Thank you in advance for any help.


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    turbotcturbotc Member Posts: 163
    our 96 town and country has 102k now:

    at 35k: front pads replaced and rotors resurfaced.

    at 69k: front pads and front rotors replaced, rear shoes replaced and rear drums resurfaced.

    at 101k: front pads replaced.

    Dealer charged me $160 for 1st service, $480 for 2nd service. At 101k I got fed up so I brought to Firestone and they replaced the front pads and resurfaced rotors for $130 and provides a lifetime pads warranty. i only have to pay for labor. Chrysler pads are very soft and were out quickly, according to my dealer.
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Probably right...soft pads or cheap pads. They put them in to decrease noise and rotor wear. Hard pads will last longer but may eat your rotors faster. Generally these vans are under-engineered for braking IMO so you have to watch them. Also your driving habits and the terrain you live in could be a factor. Here is San Francisco, for instance, taxi cabs get new brakes every 6 weeks I'm told.
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    rooba10rooba10 Member Posts: 38
    I replaced the front pads in our 97 Dodge GC LE at 37K miles. I bought Bendix pads at $36 and replaced them myself. It was the easiest pad replacement. Now, at 72K, I think I need front pads again. The good things about Bendix pads is that they have life time warranty. After the first purchase, send your receipt along with filled out warranty form. they will send you free replacement form.

    Bendix pads are not tough on rotors, but they are not soft either. There is no squeaks or rattles either with Bendix, and brake dust on alloy wheels are not any worse than the original pads..
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    As I understand it, it's not a lifetime warranty...it's a replacement for every OTHER service....so next time, you pay for the pads, at 100K or whenever your van is due.

    STill, not a bad deal if they work for you as well as they seem to.

    Again, though, driving habits are a big factor in brake wear. You may be easier on brakes than the other guy.
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