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2013 Acura ILX Lease Questions



  • Hi brooklynaudi. Acura's November buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 ILX Premium with 12,000 miles per year are .00024 and 60% for consumers who qualify for its top aka "Super Preferred" credit tier.

    There's nothing wrong with trading in your current car when leasing a new one, but you would be better off having the dealer cut you a check for any equity that you have in your trade rather than use the proceeds from it as a down payment on your new vehicle.

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  • Hello again, Car_man.

    My wife is interested in leasing an ILX Hybrid with Technology Package.

    Same residual and money factor as for the gas engine ILX's?

    Any dealer cash or other incentives out there?

    Thanks for your help.
  • All the deals in here appear to be for a 36 month lease. Does Honda/Acura Finance have any offers for a 24 month lease of the ILX?
  • therastheras Posts: 66
    Hi dmgoodman,

    I looked at the ILX Hybrid over the summer and the residual was lower than on the gas models. The money factor was the same. I am not sure if this still stands but would believe it may. Car_man would have more specific data, but if time is of the essence I wanted to provide the experience I had.

    We wound up getting a Volvo S60 in August and waiting until Spring to lease our hybrid. I will let you know that my wife and I compared the ILX Hybrid to the Optima Hybrid and we both preferred the Kia. It was faster, took regular gas and had more features (cooled memory seats, heated steering wheel, dual sunroofs etc). At that point, the Optima Hybrid also was about $100 per month less to lease. I am still considering the ILX in the Spring but leaning towards the Kia.

    Happy Hunting!!
  • Theras,

    Thanks for sharing that information.

    To be honest, the ILX wouldn't be my first choice. However, its the car my wife wants to get.

    She has refused to look at it objectively - or at least from my point of view. :D
  • therastheras Posts: 66
    Hey dmgoodman, I know how that can be!! Good luck with the car hunting and hopefully Car_Man can get you more specific leasing information.
  • rwarrwar Posts: 2
    Hey all I just leased an ILX today in the South Bay California area for 36 months. I put $400.00 down and will pay $367.98 per month (for 35 months) including tax & license. And it also included a 36 month maintenance package that changes oil, rotate tires etc...

    It is a Black on Black ILX premium package and Tech package!

    Oh and the residual value is $19,377.

    It seems like a good deal to me as compared to what others have posted on here.
  • How many miles yearly in this lease? Good job
  • rwarrwar Posts: 2
    Rob - 12,000 miles per year and it was at Power Acura south bay in Torrance CA.

    Pretty good experience with all the sales man and thier finance guy.
  • Hey dmgoodman. Through the end of the year, Acura's buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 ILX Hybrid Technology with 15,000 miles per year are .00024 and 56% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    There is now a $750 cash incentive on leases of this car.

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  • You can lease an ILX for 24-months using the same lease money factor if you want to, koctailz. However, the residual values will be different.

    2-year leases are usually much more expensive than 3-year leases because the large initial depreciation hit is spread out over a smaller number of payments.

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  • got a quote for Base ILX....
    215$+tax...1500$ drive off....36 mon.... should i go for it? or wait till end of month when deals are more aggresive & dealers giving good deals. :confuse:
  • Has the money factor and residual value for the 2.4 ILX 6-Speed Manual with Premium package on a 36-month, 12,000 miles/yr lease changed for December? Was hoping to get this for $300 a month, paying only taxes up front.
  • Wow, where was that dealer? That would be about $250 plus tax with zero down.
  • actually tried a bit more... and closed a deal for ILX base model 36/10k... 224$(tax included) w/ 1500$ drive off... this is in So Cal. did i do good?
  • joepojoepo Posts: 10
    carshopper92, that's actually a good deal. Which dealer in SoCal?
  • Do you have to pay tax on the dealership fees? I have a bank fee, MV fee and a doc fee and am being charged tax ($63.00) on them. So my out of pocket is around $1300 including the first months payment ($304) on the premium model. I think this is a good deal but these fees seem excessive.
  • I was quoted at $28,902.00 for the 6-speed manual premium ILX. The invoice is $28,402 for this car any chance I can get this car for invoice? Or is the dealer always going to stay above invoice? Payments would work out to be $1500 down (covering DMV and dealer fees) with $299 a month, was hoping to get a better deal in January or February if I must.
  • Oh yeah I believe that the $750 cash only applies to U.S. military personnel
  • I don't know where you are but I think you can do better. I just signed today on an ILX Premium. $315.00 per month. Zero down except for $317.00 which included the doc fee and tax. No first month. I could have done a bit better but this dealer was really great to work with and so close to home. Free oil changes too. Certainly pays off to shop around.
  • Jett456,

    That looks like a good deal. How many miles per year? Here's what I'm getting in NJ this weekend:

    ILX Premium 6-speed
    12k miles
    $1,400 out the door (taxes and fees)
    $292.12 per month.

    I can probably lower that number below the 290 mark a bit.
  • 10,000 miles. I average about 7 a year so it was fine for me. If you add the $1400 into your payment its $331. So pretty much the same given the additional mileage. My quoted payment was $289. I chose to roll the fees into the payment.
  • What dealer in NJ if you don't mind me asking? I live in NY, I've been looking around in NJ, that quote I got was from Bridewater Acura. I was thinking of trying DCH in Montclair, the Acura of Brooklyn keeps jerking me around with a price through email.
  • The above quote was from Acura of Ramsey. I also got a matching quote from DCH Montclair, plus or minus a dollar.

    The dealers have $750 in dealer cash right now (different from the Military offer). You should be able to get it pretty close to invoice if you try hard enough.
  • Hello, after so much research and reading all these forums I went hunting for my deal. This is what I got today in South Florida:
    ILX Premium model - Automatic 2.0 engine.
    Closed Lease term 36 mnths, $0.00 Down, $0 sec. deposit.
    Gross Capitalized Cost $26913
    Residual Value $18357
    They gave me $750 for my trade in which they applied towards capitalized cost reduction, which gave me an adjusted capitalized cost amount of $26,163 and only amount I put out of pocket was $975 to cover registration, fees, docs and upfront first payment included as part of the $975
    10K miles per year and monthly pays of $241.15 including taxes. They even threw in the maintenance plan with free oil changes and car washes for the life of the lease. Did I end up with a good deal??
  • brooklynaudibrooklynaudi Posts: 41
    edited December 2012
    So what was your final negotiated price? I might put down $500 and pay a little more a month? How bad was the doc fees on it? I heard you can get them removed or at least get them to eat half of it. I spoke to a leasing company they told me Acura doc fees were $299!
  • One dealer's doc fee was $175 and the others wereas299. The broker I talked to didn't have a doc fee at all. The bank fee was the same for all $595. DMV fees were $101 because I already had Honda plates.
  • Owch were these doc fees negotiable? Or could you at least get them to split the cost with you?
  • You did really well. Your fees are lower than here in CT.
  • Car_man

    Will the $750 cash incentive still be good for next month? And do you think the prices will stay the same in January?? Can't pull the trigger this month no matter what I'm going to have to wait until January, just afraid the prices are going to go up.
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