2012+ Subaru Impreza Real World Fuel Economy



  • jd_24jd_24 Member Posts: 92
    How long distance wise are your drives? The tranny does take some time to warm up and deliver better performance and MPG.

    This morning for example the temp was around 38F. The RPMs stayed higher than normal (2700??) for about 5 miles into my commute, then dropped to about 2000 or slightly higher. The average MPG display always drops durring this time. Today it dropped by over 1mpg since there are less than 100 miles on the tank. After the 5 the MPG levels out and then starts climbing back up. By the time I'm in the office (30+ miles) I've gained back the 1 mpg I lost and gained a little. Average display was at 37.5 if I recall.

    Overall I'm pleased with the mpg. 32mpg is the lowest and the highest is around 37mpg hand calculated. Display is 1 to 2mpg optimistic most times. My old 2001 outback got 27 to 28 with the same commute. Speed ranges from 50 to 70mph with spots of stop-n-go with traffic and construction.

    Very happy with the CVT.
  • tjs928tjs928 Member Posts: 3
    Bought my Subaru Outback Limited strictly for gas mileage. Drove 25,000 miles in 10 months, 95% highway with cruise control. Never got more than 28.8 mpgs. Contacted Subaru corporate office, they had me take the car in. Air filter was changed, big WHOOP...no change in gas mileage! Traded it in today...and low and behold there was another gentleman there trading in his as well. Both the Dodge Avenger and Dart get better gas mileage, with a MUCH quieter more comfortable ride. For a bonus....I lost $3,000 due to negative equity...luckily Dodge has a $3,500 rebate on the 2012 Avengers if you can find one. I'm sticking to American made from here on out.
  • tjs928tjs928 Member Posts: 3
    I just traded mine in for a 2012 Avenger. Full size car, that gets BETTER gas mileage than my Subaru was. I only had the car for 10 months, and was disgusted. 95% highway driving and never got more than 28 mpgs. I drove 25,000 miles in 10 months so that is unacceptable. I lowered my car payment by $100 a month, got a brand new car with MORE options including a MUCH quieter roomier ride, touch screen nav w/Sirius and it's made in America. Great incentives...drive one you won't be disappointed. Also looked at the new Dart. But with the $3,000 negative equity in my Subie had to go with Avenger since there is a $3,500 rebate from Dodge. Can't wait to pick it up tomorrow....never will buy another Subaru!!
  • tjs928tjs928 Member Posts: 3
    You are 100% right...after 10 months I just traded mine in on a Dodge Avenger. 10 times the car, so nice and quiet and tons of bells and whistles and saved me $100 on payment even with the $3,000 in negative equity from the Subaru! The car SUX!!!
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaMember Posts: 14,925
    edited October 2012
    So you get a FWD car with similar fuel economy and massive depreciation. Where is the win? Is it just that you went into this one with eyes open and aren't yet disappointed?
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    So let me get this straight, you basically spent $3,000 to get another car that gets a few MPGs more than the Subaru. I'd say that's VERY RATIONAL logic! How long do you think it will take to make back that 3 Grand in gas savings???
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    If the payment is $100 less, I can only imagine they stretched the loan term from 3 years to 5.

    And you just lost 3mpg real world.

    Fuelly.com has Impreza owners averaging 28.0 mpg, while Avenger owners average 25.3 mpg.
  • tinycadontinycadon Member Posts: 287
    Juice, he had the Outback Limited, not Impreza, not sure why he was on the Impreza thread B'n and Moaning???
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    25.3 mpg for the 2012 Legacy/Outback. Lateral move so you give up AWD for nothing.

    And the Avenger is smaller, and not a wagon.
  • dfraudfrau Member Posts: 1
    I live in upstate New York and one of the dealers in my area has a radio ad claiming the new Impreza gets up to 43 mpg highway- I yell "you're lying!" every time I hear it.
  • elg77elg77 Member Posts: 5
    I bought my 2013 Impreza sedan Limited 2.5 weeks ago and have about 280 miles and do 90% city driving with traffic and am only getting b/w 20 and 21mpg according to the readout on my dash which means that it's prob even less. wth?!?!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    That's pretty ambitious for a solidly built, roomy compact with AWD.

    To get 43mpg Subaru would have to remove the spare, mount hard Prius tires, remove all sorts of safety beams, use thinner glass and metal, etc.

    Basically a new age Geo Metro with AWD. No thanks.
  • dcm61dcm61 Member Posts: 1,567
    To get 43mpg Subaru would have to remove the spare, mount hard Prius tires, remove all sorts of safety beams, use thinner glass and metal, etc.

    Or design a boxer diesel ... oh wait, they already did that.

    P.S. 43 mpg can be obtained on a flat highway run at moderate speeds (55-60 mph). Been there, done that on the NJ turnpike with only 1100 miles on the clock.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Can't complain about that mileage. Then again I tend to go about 70 on that drive, so I wouldn't do nearly as well.
  • fredjohnsonfredjohnson Member Posts: 48
    @ronsteve, I've gotten 44 mpg on my 2012 5 dr Sp Prem CVT when doing all highway and 60 mph or less on long trips.
  • jp10558jp10558 Member Posts: 3
    IDK, My mom got a 2012 Impreza Premium sedan, and it gets impressive milage - last trip she got 41MPG - I really didn't believe it. I figured you'd get about 33ish on highway. That said, she bought it in April and complains about engine braking, especially in stop and go city traffic (still gets 33MPG in city traffic) - I've told her to ask the dealer about the TSB next time she has a chance.

    To the other person who hated the outback - why would *anyone* with a clue buy a AWD wagon for MPG only? If all you want is MPG, you need a non AWD car - it's obvious. Heck, you probably need a Prius or really light small engined or diesel car.

    And for the people doing only 5-10 mile runs each day, if you don't need AWD, you probably ought to have looked at a plug in hibrid, or even the nissian leaf (and then had infinite gas mileage :P) ...
  • wvwwvw Member Posts: 19
    My '12 hatch still doesn't get more than 33 MPG on the highway- maybe 34 if it's a long , flat stretch (and no AC used in over a month). I typically drive at 70. My '08 Elantra got 35 with a 33 MPG Highway rating at the same speeds or higher. On my commute to work it's gone down to under 24- a number of stops/lights in a 4 mile trip. I've been responsive to the mileage needle all along, cutting down on unneeded acceleration. It seems to do well in the 35 -60 MPH range, but I don't often have sustained driving at those speeds. I mentioned to the dealer that I thought maybe it idles too high when you start it after a long rest, but don't know that that means much. They checked it out without the rest and said there was nothing wrong. Are you supposed to wait for the blue light to go off before you start? I usually do. Love the car otherwise.
  • saedavesaedave Chicago, ILMember Posts: 694
    Are you supposed to wait for the blue light to go off before you start? I usually do.

    That extra idling will lower your MPG. Start off immediately but not full throttle.
  • mblutombluto Member Posts: 6
    I made the OP and am still disappointed in my new Subi. However, I might have found a way to improve my mileage... I drive faster.

    No, it doesn't make much such sense to me. No, I'm not crazy, but yes, I've held all other variables constant. I am not done with the tank of gas yet, but my computer is giving me 32 mpg instead of the normal ~29. I still don't step hard on the gas, but I do cruise at 65 - 80 on the hwy stretch.

    I don't notice the down shifting/engine breaking as much, perhaps I can maintain top gear better. Hey, I get to work faster and my mileage has increased. Great.

    Next time my boss gives me a job I don't want I'm going to tell them to go to hell and do what I want. Maybe doing the wrong thing will help at work too?
  • kylesmomkylesmom Member Posts: 1
    I am in desperate need of knowing the correct oil filter number for my Subaru 2102 Imprezza. I may have installed the wrong filter I'm afraid.
  • tinycadontinycadon Member Posts: 287
    what filter did you install?
  • dcm61dcm61 Member Posts: 1,567
    Subaru part # is 15208AA160
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaMember Posts: 12,726
    Next time my boss gives me a job I don't want I'm going to tell them to go to hell and do what I want. Maybe doing the wrong thing will help at work too?

    LOL! I wouldn't try that if I were you... ;-)

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • dcm61dcm61 Member Posts: 1,567
    Yes, it's OK. I posted the correct part # at the request of kylesmom.

    I have no idea what filter kylesmom installed.
  • fredjohnsonfredjohnson Member Posts: 48
    I'm getting about 24 mpg right now in combined 75% hwy and 25% city driving in Mpls. Yes, that is a BAD result, however consider that I let the car warmup for about 30 seconds when it's cold. And some slipping and sliding on snowy roads thrown in there too.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaMember Posts: 14,925
    How long have you had the car now, Fred?

    Both cold (anything below about 20F, and it gets really bad at -20F and lower) and snow brutalize fuel economy. So, if your mileage results are primarily winter-based, you have something to which you can look forward come summer!

    As an example, last week it was -30F here (Fairbanks, AK) for a week+. Our car's FE was 20 (vs. 26-27 during summer in same driving). This week, it is a balmy 25F (we're loving the warm temps, mind you!), but we are having heavy snowfalls. With the 12+" of new snow on the ground, our FE is still 20. Without the snow but with the warm temps, we'd likely be at 24 MPG.

    Looking at that from a percentage standpoint, that's a 15-25% drop from summer fuel economy numbers. So, that would put your average of 24 closer to an average of 30. :shades:
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  • jd_24jd_24 Member Posts: 92
    xwesx is right on the colder temps. I'd guess that a subaru needs at least 6 miles to get fully warmed up and running efficently. Maybe more if the temps become below zero.

    I have a long commute in Mpls/St.Paul of about 35 miles one way. I'm still managing to stay over 30mpg, but just by a thread. I'm well short of the 36ish I was getting in August.

    Both my old 2001 Outback and now the 2012 Impreza have behaved this way.

    However last weekend's 12" of snow was fun. :blush: Maybe that is also why the mpg dropped a bit more for the last tank of gas.
  • fredjohnsonfredjohnson Member Posts: 48
    For me with a hatch Sport Premium: 44 mpg highway summer under 60mph. 31 mpg city summer. 27 mpg combined winter, Mpls, cold, lots of idling, cold engine driving, slipping and sliding on snow/ice, winter gas formula also lowers mpg.
  • fredjohnsonfredjohnson Member Posts: 48
    the Avalon is not "twice the car". It's 2wd.
  • fredjohnsonfredjohnson Member Posts: 48
    Did you have the firmware updated to eliminate engine braking? I've had that done on my car and it makes a difference. Much smoother starts and downhills now.
  • fredjohnsonfredjohnson Member Posts: 48
    I had my 2012 firmware updated to stop excessive engine braking. Made a difference. Smoother starts and much less engine braking downhills.
  • fredjohnsonfredjohnson Member Posts: 48
    So, you bot the Outback. Why are you posting on the Impreza forumn?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    We own a Forester and a Sienna (shares a platform with the Avalon).

    In the snow, the Toyota blows chunks. It struggles to make it up our driveway in conditions the Subaru simply laughs off.

    There's no comparison if you're in foul weather.

    The Sienna is a competent all around vehicle, but it totally falls flat in the slippery stuff, hyper-active VSA only getting in the way (thankfully an Off switch helps), so I borrow my wife's Forester.

    In fact I drove her Forester today (sleet + snow mix here in DC).
  • tpyne377tpyne377 Member Posts: 1
    We have owned 6 previous Subarus before our 2012 Impreza Hatchback Base 2.0i model. We pre-ordered ours because we had been so satisfied with our Subaru products to date. (Big mistake!)

    This model was rushed to market. A number of things have become evident in the year that we have owned this car. Don't get me wrong. This can be a great car but Subaru simply did not take enough time to find its early shortcomings and fix them. (Very unlike Subaru. What were they thinking?)

    1) We can only get close to the promised 36mpg under very specific circumstances. Not too hot; not too cold; dry pavement; no wind and no hills. (Does this really sound like Maine?) 30mpg is more realistic with the base model version of the CVT. Other models should be able to squeak out a bit more.
    2) The shift logic used by the Base 2.0i CVT transmission is less than optimal. This REALLY needs to get this updated. It hurts MPG and the driving experience substantially. Those who have shifting paddles found in the more expensive models can take control of shifting and do much better than the "computer brain" controlling the CVT in the Base 2.0i. A few have mentioned getting logic updates, I think it should be a required service recall.
    3) The computed average MPG on the dash is always overstated by about 7 to 10%. It kind of makes you wonder about the math skills of their engineers.
    4) The standard tires (Yokohama Avids) are NOT suited for snow & ice in the northern tier states. They are quite good for typical wet/dry conditions. Subaru should have used another tire model for vehicles delivered to the the snow belt. I get the sense that this decision was made by an accountant and not an engineer.
    5) Subaru of America does not appear to want to help its customers out. They cannot admit they made a few mistakes and then propose how to fix them. They seem to be in denial about this model's issues. (This does not make a good customer experience!) So, my advice ... get your facts; have them on paper; know what solutions are acceptable to you and then just keep pushing. Subaru will make it right eventually.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Send them feedback. The new Outback had no folding mirrors but they fixed that in one year. The roof racks were too close and they fixed that too.

    They can and do listen.
  • wvwwvw Member Posts: 19
    It's reassuring to see you post this as this has been my experience, too. I like the car a lot, but did as well or better on MPG with my Hyundai Elantra that was supposed to get 3 MPG less than the Impreza hatchback.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Hyundai got in trouble over that.
  • wvwwvw Member Posts: 19
    That was a 2008 that got close to 2MPG more than what the sticker said.
  • jd_24jd_24 Member Posts: 92
    My 2012 with CVT has dropped a bit in the MPG numbers. The last two tanks have been just under 30mpg. With the colder weather (10F and colder) and increased short trips the drop was expected. Still very happy since its better than the 24ish my 2001 Outback would get in the winter.

    Lowest tanks have been 29 to 30mpg.
    Highest tanks were last summer and in the 35 to 37 range.

    15,000+ miles so far.
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Member Posts: 1,640
    my same numbers too! 18k on the odometer. CVT hatch.

    But, a very big difference when I drive vs my wife or son. They are typically 3 mpg lower. When I watch my son drive (more like, when I look out the window while he is driving), he will usually hit 3500 rpm off a stop. I find if I can keep it below 2000 rpm from a stop, it will maximize mpg. My wife will usually hit 3000 rpm. Neither of them is OCD, like I tend to be.
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Member Posts: 1,640
    488 mile trip over 2 days, 65-70 mph, 34.6 mpg from the fill numbers. Trip odo said 36.9 mpg. Hatch/cvt.

    It's amazing the mpg difference between 60 and 70 mph, my guess is 3-4 mpg.
  • spurfan53spurfan53 Member Posts: 1
    the Impreza Sport Limited is not made for road trips. The optimistic MPG computer gave readings of 22-24 mpg with the cruise set to 75mph on a recent trip from Mpls to Fargo, ND. This car is not made to drive in the interstate it is underpowered and easily overwhelmed. The same trip in summer the mpg #s were near 28 far below the advertised 36 mpg! My 07 Jetta could do the same trip at 85 mph and not see any dip in hwy fuel economy. :mad:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Sounds unusually low. Is that an uphill grade?
  • jd_24jd_24 Member Posts: 92
    24mpg for that highway trip seems low.

    That is a fairly flat to rolling hills type of drive. Since it is North West in direction the wind probably had some effect. Last week had a good 20mph wind from that direction and the temp was cold with high temps just above zero. Of course the way home scould have had help from the wind.

    I've noticed that more passangers and higher speeds (above 65) will affect this car more than others. My old 2001 Outback didn't take nearly as big of MPG hit with passangers and a little extra speed. I'm one of the fairly happy ones with the Impreza MPG.

    Keep in mind the EPA test is mostly 55mph testing with a few short accelerations above that. Every 10mph increase above 60mph drops the MPG by about 10% to 15%. I read that somewhere recently but can't find the link.
  • 2toroll2toroll Member Posts: 3
    My experience is similar to yours. Drove from DC to Minneapolis and back and hit a variety of weather conditions. Trip log showed I got 28.8 mpg in the 2012 hatchback that had about 5k miles on it. I have never been able to get the number higher than the low 30s regardless of driving conditions or speed. In the city, the numbers are below 20 mpg. Not impressed by the MPG on this car and I think Subaru has mislead consumers.
  • cherryfancherryfan Member Posts: 12
    Lots of variation in MPG with the new Impreza. My own experience is 32-33 mpg highway (hand calculated, not the optimistic dashboard readout), at speeds between 60 and 75, even on roundtrips in the mountains of Colorado, going from 5000 feet to more than 11000 feet. Around town, fuel economy falls off fast; I've been as low as 25.7 mpg. I've seen a slight reduction with winter fuel, but not as much as expected.
  • melroseguymelroseguy Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2012 Impreza Sport Limited. We drive it almost exclusively in the city. The best mileage I've had on highway road trips is 22.5 MPG! We get 17.5 MPG in the city!! Anyone else supremely disappointed in their MPG? We have 5,500 miles on the odometer.
  • dcm61dcm61 Member Posts: 1,567
    Something is wrong with the car (or your driving style ;) ).

    '12 Sport Limited and average 28 to 30 on congested highway commute. Have gotten 36 mpg on highway road trips.
  • imprezasportimprezasport Member Posts: 9
    I have the same problem. I am now getting about 24 in the city and if I use Shell gas get 31 to 32 on the highway. Using other gas around 28 to 30 on the highway. No where near what was told I would get and where I live it is flat. I have 7500 miles on the Impreza Sport.
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