Hyundai Elantra 2013 steering column issues

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I owned my Elantra for less than two weeks when issues with power steering began to surface. First, upon backing out of garage, EPS light came on and wheel locked. Had to turn off car and restart. Same thing. After a number of tries, steering restored. This happened two days in a row. Contacted Hyundai dealer.
Had incident returning from work on high speed expressway. Had to slam on brakes because car in front of me decided to change exit ramps at last minute. I slammed on brakes and steered car to the right to avoid a rear ender. While doing so, the steering wheel spontaneously jerked hard to the right and nearly put me in the ditch. I felt as if I had no control over steering at that point. I was really shaken and disturbed.
Bottom line is, I took car to Hyundai dealer and they said they would have to replace the steering column. This is on a car that has under 200 miles on it! It took over a week but the steering column has been replaced. Problem is--while speaking to Service Dept. they said that Hyundai corporate told them that they were aware of a possible problem but had not yet issued a service bulletin to dealers or a recall to owners. Does someone have to lose their life in an accident in order for Hyundai to get this major problem fixed?
I had owned two Hyundai's prior to the 2013 model and never had any major problems. Personally, even though Hyundai tells me the problem is fixed, I do not feel the same about my new car!


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    Very glad you are safe to tell your story. Thank you for your post.
    You may very well have saved a life today.
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    Just had same issue with steering column. Car is 14 months with under 17K for miles. Steering started to lock ip. Dealer is replacing without any pushback. Somewhat disappointed with vehicle overall due to a variety of build quality issues. And now the letter from Hyundai about overstated MPG. May be rethinking Hyundai's quick rise to success. Have owned many other Elantras before this one. By far this is the best looking but with these issues, a very loud interior when on highway far, excessive wear on performance tires.....
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    I had an Elantra 2012. I purchased it new and 9 months later my steering locked hard while I was driving on the highway. I was unable to make a turn and therefore ended up hitting a transport truck coming the opposite direction. I was lucky to live through it. I am looking to find someone to do a class action lawsuit. Is there anyone out there that has steering issues with their Hyundai??? This is a serious issue that needs to get out there. People need to be aware of the steering issues before someone gets killed!
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    I also have this problem with my 2009 Elantra Power Steering cutting out. (ESC-OFF and EPS Warning lights come on). Luckily I haven't been in an accident yet. My dealer applied a software upgrade today to see if that fixes the problem but I'm worried about driving the car as it could happen again any time. If it happens again thy said they would need to replace the entire steering column at a cost of $3000 !! To that I say BULL$%!+ !!! We need Hyundai to do a safety recall on this. I too will be looking into what regulatory body needs to get involved here.
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    I have purchased a new 2013 Elantra and Im having a steering problem that cant be fixed. My car is pulling to the right and I have taken it to the dealership 3 times and they cant fix it. I have only had the car for 3 mouths. This is a manger problem and everyone who have experienced this issue should spread the word to not purchase this car. Please don't purchase this car; BUYER BEWARE....
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    On my way home from work in the freeway my steering wheel just locked and I was on the freeway going 70 miles/hr Thank goodness there was a cop that stopped and told me what the EPS light means. I thank the Lord that my brother and I got home safe the police did not leave us until we got home. What do I do now?

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    I have a 2014 Sonata,  purchased new 4 months ago. While driving on city street slowing for stop light, the steering wheel locked up, EPS and steering warning indicator lights came on. I managed to get off the road, turned off & on a few times in hopes it would work properly - no luck. Had it towed to dealership where I purchased. That was on Friday, received a call from service department on Monday asking if I had hit a pothole or ran over anything. They said there were scrapes on the underneath and talked like I had done something to cause the problem and it wouldn't be covered by the warranty. I had not ran over anything and the scrapes were probably from the tow truck. I try to avoid potholes but if this car is going to fall apart with normal road conditions, they can keep it! I bought the Hyundai for the warranty that is turning out to be a joke! Has anyone else had this problem? 

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