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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Accessories

orlieorlie Posts: 12
A minor front-end collision for an unprotected Mazda Tribute looks like it'll cost a pretty penny, especially since the front grille appears to be less than rugged. I've been searching for front grille guards for my Tribute and was told, via e-mail, by that they have a black Go Rhino front grille guard for $400 and matching tail light guards for $140, but looking at Go Rhino's site doesn't tell me if these items will fit nicely. Does anyone know of a source that has something designed for the Tribute SUV?


  • rob128rob128 Posts: 2
    Where can I find accessories for the new Ford Escape and can accessories for the tribute be used on the Escape?
  • Try this link for great prices on Escape accessories;
  • tronsr1tronsr1 Posts: 149
    Thanks for the info. I posted same at the Ford Escape Yahoo Club. I knew they had Honda accessories...but the Ford site must be fairly new...Thanks again. NORT
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    You may also want to repost your message in the Mazda Tribute discussion topic. Someone may be able to help you there. Keep in mind that the Mazda Tribute/Ford Escape are still very new, so the brushguards may not be available yet. However, you can most certainly count on them being available in the future. Even the Pontiac Aztek has an aftermarket brushguard afterall! A couple of places you may want to check out include , , and

    Happy hunting!

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  • orlieorlie Posts: 12
    I checked out and it looks like they have these grille/brush guards listed on their site. 'Appreciate the input and I'll repost this info in the Mazda Tribute and/or Ford Escape discussion topic(s) for everyone's information.

    - Orlie, NY

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    You're welcome, Orlie. Hope you manage to find what you want!

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  • I did some surfing over the weekend and found this:

    I've never ordered from them, but they have some Escape-specific items such as the Gibson exhaust.

  • tronsr1tronsr1 Posts: 149
    Go to onto FORd and all escape accessories will come up. Genuine Ford Escape aceesories.Good prices...I just ordered the all weather floor mats and cargo mat.
  • orlieorlie Posts: 12
    Reply received from WAAG 02/21/01 re: above subject. 'Thought I'd share this w/ those interested:

    "We are currently working on the Mazda products. The front and rear guards, as well as, rear bumper guard are different from the Escape. The side tubes are the only cross over part and we carry those currently. I expect us to be close to completion within four weeks on everything but
    the rear light guards."
  • orlieorlie Posts: 12
    Just a heads up for those looking to use headlight and paint protection kits (i.e. x-pel). I received word from x-pel tech support that they are working on the application design for the Tribute and that the kit(s) should be ready within a month from now.
  • jo_kcmojo_kcmo Posts: 1
    I just reserved a Ford Escape that the dealer already had on order. I was feeling pretty good about the deal until an after market rep came to try and sell us a warranty package on the paint finish, interior fabrics, rust protection, undercoating... He said that no, none of these things would be covered under the original warranty. If you bought at the time of purchase $850 for 5yrs...otherwise $1300. Is this BS? We've never had anyone try this in the past. Usually get undercoating thrown in (usually buy GM) Thanks...
  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    jo kcmo

    All those after market items are a rip off! You have a clearcoat finish (paint), manufacturers rust protection & the fabric protection can be accomplished by 2 cans of scotchgard. Oh, the undercoating is nothing but a can of black paint.
    Now an extended warranty on the parts of the car itself are another matter. This is also a negotiated item. Go to "" for the complete low down. I don't have enough time to explain the whole process.
    Good Luck!
  • curreycurrey Posts: 144
    I once saw a post, not sure where, for a low price Tribute accessory link from an Alabama Mazda dealer. Anyone know the link? They were all factory accessories, however, the prices were the best I've seen. Thanks in advance for any help.
  • is a dealer in Texas that people were referred to on one of the topic sites. Maybe that's it?
  • Over the past couple of months, I have been searching for some performance parts for my Escape. About the only thing I've found so far is a "Gibson Aluminized Swept Side Exhaust." I don't know if it's worth it or not.

    Any help anyone can give shall be much appreciated.

    By the way, try this site out: They seem to be new, and don't offer all that much. But I suspect that's because the Escape is very new as well.

  • kayakrkayakr Posts: 24
    I'm looking for a source to buy an after market bug defector & vent visors for my Escape. Can anyone tell me what is a known reliable source & how the parts fit the Escape? Also, recommend a good full set (front/back/cargo) of rubber or all season mats. Thanks, AR
  • jfmf2817jfmf2817 Posts: 2
    They can be ordered from WHITNEY CATALOGUE.JFMF1728
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,173
    For Parts at a pretty good price try ;


     they have all the parts from the accessories book at lower prices.


  • axel1997axel1997 Posts: 6
    There are many Escape/Tribute parts links, photos, Escape Polls, and personal owners opinions over at

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
  • axel1997axel1997 Posts: 6
    Great Pix, here's another posted by one of the members over at I found your edmunds board from some comments that one of your members made on the board over there. Anyone interested in more great Escape pictures, I'd recommend that you check it out over at

    Hope I'm doing the picture thing right? I don't see a place for pic post instructions. Take care.


  • axel1997axel1997 Posts: 6
    Great, I guessed right about the picture thingy! If anyone has any info about modifications for Escapes or any other sites that would show modifications like the pictures at or have parts etc like, please post them. Thanks again!

    Axel :)
  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    I purchased the bugflector II @ Autobarn for $49.99. Easy install (4 screws).
  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    Which is better?
  • I recently took a test drive in the new escape. I have recently tested the Highlander and the New Trailblazer. I was very impressed by the escape. the acceleration is fantastic and the cornering ability is the best of the three suv*s that I tested. This would probably be attributable to the fact that it is a smaller SUV than the other two, but its ability still stood out over the other two. The only problem lies in the lower body cladding. I can*t make myself purchase the vehicle with the cladding which I know will not weather over time. It may be good in preventing stone chips and the like. However, the vehicle never looks new due to the inability to fully clean the cladding. As I have seen, people inadvertently getting wax on the cladding are having problems already. Also, how do you think that the cladding will look two years from now. Horrible I predict. I can*t believe that Ford would go to the trouble to produce as nice a vehicle as this one and not offer any option but the plastic cladding. What is the problem with the engineering department at Ford. If I could get a fully painted model such as the ones on the Waag website, this vehicle would definitely be my choice. As for the Tribute, Its amazing that a year after marketing, Mazda still can*t get the product into the dealerships.
  • firstnamefirstname Posts: 45
    Does the trick of removing excess wax easily and cleanly!
  • tronsr1tronsr1 Posts: 149
    I have has cladding on several SUV's with no problems. It is easily cleaned with a damp rag of WD40 and then a coating of Armorall, STP Son of a Gun,Mother's Back to Black, or whatever you use for vinyl appearance.
    The Mazda Tribute upper level model{LX} does have painted bottom cladding area. Mazda only can produce X amount of Tributes as to a greater X amount of Ford Escapes. They are both assembled at the same plant on the same assembly line and Ford controls the ratio. As to availability, I would assume that the Ford/Mazda team did not anticipate such a huge buyers response.Plus, ther were assembly line problems and several recalls and TSB's which held up production in the first several months.
    I have had my 2001 Escape since Nov. 30th, 2000 and other than the fuel smell TSB fix, I have had great results. 24.6 highway,...20.4 city mpg., plenty of power, {200hp}and I can say, without hesitation, the best new vehicle I have ever owned for money.
    As to wax on the cladding, if you use painters masking tape {takes at the most, five minutes to apply before waxing} you will not have wax on the if that is your major concern, it is easily removed with a damp rag of peanut oil.
    Go get it NORT
  • murocflyermurocflyer Posts: 20
    Sounds like the ugly cladding is a major concern. I also share your thoughts about the lower body color. Its not very maintenance friendly and is hard to keep "new" looking. My advice to you is to get a Tribute if you like the Escape so much. Similar vehicle, a little more classy looking with painted body cladding.
  • I have a 2001 LX tribby and find the cladding no problem to clean and care for (I believe this cladding is painted).
    I wash it w/ the same Zymol auto cleaner I use on the body, and I've waxed it a couple of times using Zymol wax. I have found the cladding to act no different than the body as far as maintenance.
    Is there something I'm missing ?
  • orlieorlie Posts: 12
    The Escape has molded in body cladding & bumpers (unpainted), and keeping those clean and wax-free gets a bit harder than taking care of painted bumpers and cladding. As mentioned in a couple of Yahoo! clubs for the Escape/Tribute, "Back to Black" seems to do the trick with keeping the unpainted cladding & bumpers nice and dark(black).
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