Mitsubishi Outlander Timing Belt Failure

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Anyone with experience with timing belt failure on the 2.4 liter, 4 cyl Outlander engine? I just broke a belt on my Outlander (it's a so-called interference-type engine) and am wondering what level of drive train and/or lower end damage to expect.


  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    The time belt coordinate the movement of cylinder’s pistons and gas combustion . Usually timing belt fails after 60K miles in cars with abusive driving. Gently driving may goes to the 100K miles.

    If the engine is switched off inmediately after the collapse of the timing belt it may produce little damage in the engine but the damage can only be evaluated by a specialist mechanics. Sometimes the damage can be severe that may require the engine change all together.

    Ask for a second opinion and if the car is still under warranty you may request the change of engine (included valves) to have peace of mind.
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    It would be interesting to know the year and model of your Outlander.

    Looking through the maintenance schedule for the 2010 ES, replacement of the timing belt at 105,000 miles is a requirement except for the 4B1 engine so failure of this component must be very unusual.

    Assume you are covered under warranty?
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    sometime should me with,2004 outlander timing procedure,and the most sensitive part I need to pay attention,or examine when replacing the belt.pls ASAP
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    You should get yourself a service manual on eBay for a job of that complexity. Without detailed instructions in front of you, things could go wrong here.
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