96 Honda Accord EX transmission jerky

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96 honda accord EX has a major problem with the trans. The trans jerks between 30-40 mph every time no matter if is hot or cold. The car is lease and I going to turn it in in 30 days. Don't know what to do get a $2000.00 trans job or turn it in.. Any help appreciated.

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    Has the car had a transmission service?
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    Does anyone have problems with their 1998 Honda Accord? The Honda dealer has told me my transmission needs to be rebuilt...this after replacing my head casket at Christmas. I do have alot of miles(91,000)most being highway miles, but I thought Hondas could last longer than this. Any ideas on what might go next? My 1998 Accord had a block problem(Honda did help even though it was out of warranty). I guess I must be buying Hondas that are made on Friday afternoon before a 3 day weekend!
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    Have you changed the fluids on it? Also, how did your dealer come to this conclusion? Have you been experiencing problems with it? Also, what was the block problem you had? I own a 98 5-spd w/ 85K and changed the Tranny fluid at 60K. Good luck!!!
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    Yes the fluids have been changed. The car was slipping in the mornings but after about 4 miles on the road it ran like a top. Everyone told me to just trade but I couldn't knowing something was wrong. I'm getting it fixed but I think this is my last Honda.
    The block problem was a hairline crack just under the head casket. As I said Honda did fix this even though it was out of warranty. The dealer said he had never seen anything like it before. Lucky Me!
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    Is your car a 5-spd? If it's what I'm thinking of, I have the same thing!!! It only happens on really cold mornings? I've had that since I bought the car. Never worried about it before, still not worried about it. It's done that for the 3 years I've owned it. I always wondered what it was. Please, if you get the service done, fill me in on what it was. I'm extremely curious...
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    I've heard lots of people talk about problems/quirkiness when they switched their Honda automtic transmission off Honda ATF to some other brand ... even the better synthetics!

    It's best to use the Honda ATF in their cars.

    I'd just trade the thing in and let the lease company or dealer worry about it.

    --- Bror Jace
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    I don't agree "It's best to use the Honda ATF in their cars". I have 89 Camry, and put over 130,000 miles. I did auto transmissions service in AMMCO when it was 70,000 miles. No problem at all with the auto transmission. I don't think they put TOYOTA transmission fluid to my car. I mean it doesn't the matter what the brand is. The problem these guys discussed here that was on the transmission itself.
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    gy66, by your own admission, you don't have any idea what you're talking about.

    You worked for AAMCO and have owned Toyotas. Hondas are different. I know a guy who owns a transmission shop in Albany and he stopped doing Honda transmissions years ago because they were so different/difficult to work on.

    Honda has a history of making components tailored specifically for their own fluids ... power steering being a perfect example of this. They also sell a specialty fluid for the manual transmissions, etc ... It's NOT just the same old stuff with their name put on it. They have the fluids made to THEIR notoriously picky specifications.

    To anyone who has an automatic-equipped Honda, I strongly recommend you use THEIR automatic transmission fluid.

    --- Bror Jace
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    You guys are scaring me. I thought Hondas didn't have transmission problems. Stupid me. I bought mine used at Carmax I/ 14,000 miles on it. Now, after three years, at 54,000 miles, the transmission is making bad noises like something's a little loose inside. The car slips into neutral when going up hills. It will re-engage if I drive it in D2 -- then into Drive, but slips again when the terrain changes. It slipped out of reverse as well and lurches intermittently. The fluid looks fine. I am going to take it to Mr. Transmission tomorrow to have them look at it. I didn't expect to trade this in for a couple of years. Any thoughts, suggestions or comments are welcome.
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    Unless Honda has majorly changed their manual trannys since 1992, there is no reason to use their special fluid. My mom's 92 Accord EX has 188,000 miles and all that has ever been used in the manual tranny is straight 30W Valvoline oil. She has had absolutely no problems with the tranny. As far as the automatic goes, I think Honda's special fluid may be more important.
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