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Ford C-Max Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 148,473
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  • sliu777sliu777 Posts: 6
    edited November 2012
    I got a Black\Black (ext\int) Energi with equipt 303A + Interior & Exterior Protection Package + Glass Roof + Full Vehicle Car Cover + Charge Cord Bag for $34,084.
    Test drove the Energi twice. The first time they didn't charge up the battery so the MPG was around 40. I told them to charge it up while I went next door to test drive Volt ( which was a very nice vehicle. A few hours later I went back to Ford and this time drove it with EV only and it has good power and took it on the freeway going about 70 mph. After the test drive I said I want the black one sitting on the showroom so here I am.
    MyFordMobile for the C-Max has problem where no one can register Energi. Called their help line and they said it is a known issue for they didn't setup the Energi VIN database yet and they are working on it. No ECD on this, just told me to keep trying.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • Steve, I assume this is the price you paid and it includes destination charges and doesn't include the tax credit. According to the Ford web site, this should be $38,225. That is a big discount. I just wanted to verify your numbers. Thanks.
  • Yup, that's the price I paid. Long story... I've replied on your blog site.
  • I am looking to purchase or lease a CMax SEL w 302 pkg in January. Has anyone been offered lease rates or offers off MSRP/invoice? I usually deal with Fleet sales rather than the car sales guys, so want to get an idea what to expect, since the Cmax has not been on teh market long in the US and seems to be selling well.
    Thanks in advance
  • Yes, I haven't seen anyone get a price as low or lower than Mr Liu, but getting a substantial discount from MSRP isn't uncommon.
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Posts: 146
    Heard today (1-5-13) that new orders have an added approx $1100 price increase, did not get a breakdown of how much was base vehicle and how much was for the special paint color, as the unit I was discussing had the pearl white paint.
  • Strange, the website is still giving the same price on a build and price, which I think is the same pricing the dealer uses. I have dealers quoting below invoice for a C-Max Energi with a customer order right now.
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Posts: 146
    I was at a dealer in Phoenix today, coparing a unit they have in stock which is not a color a want, and the chances of ordering which is 6 weeks or so to deliver. When they ran the order sheet dertails, that is when the price change came out. It could be that it just hit the computer today. I spoke with a differnet dealer 2 days ago and no reference to any increases..... Will have to see what happens.

    Most dealers here have either a SE or 2, but SELs are hard to come by.
  • OK. It could be correct but be careful. The dealer may not be honest. cshelley - CMaxChat
  • I was very satisfied with the dealer I went to in the Seattle area. There has been no pressure, and the price was below MSRP, with no second sticker. But the car is on order, so until I take possession, I won't really know how good the dealer is. They had 2 C-max Energi's on their lot, both were loaded. I was only looking for a base model, so I ordered one. :D
  • howdy8howdy8 Posts: 1
    Just purchased a white SE plain Jane for $25500 out the door. I know it is not a great price but it is below MSRP for that car.
  • We got the CMax on 11-10-13. Ruby Red Energi with the 302A pkg. MSRP 36155 with Ford X-plan it was $34,400. $3000 rebate and zero percent financing for 60 months. I traded in a 2004 Honda Pilot EXL , so my payments including the 6 year bumper to bumper warranty is $479 for 60 months. I expect $4,077 Federal and $1500 California tax credits when I get my refund by March next year.
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