Scarab Three-Wheeler

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I'm looking for info on the late "SCARAB" sports car-it was a kit car, based on a motorcycle-three whell chassis. i believe that it was manufactured in Milpitas, CA, sometime in the late 1970's-early 1980's. It was a really striking design-does anybody know what happened to them?


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    sorry, never heard of that one, and I've been through all my must have been short and sweet.....there were, of course, many different Scrab cars using the name, and even a kit car built I believe on a Datsun 240Z chassis.
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    The Scarab I remember wasn't a kit car, it was a kit for putting a small block (I think big block was an option also) Chevy in a 240z.
    The three wheeled car from that time frame that I remember was the TriHawk, which I think was mad in CA but I'm not positive.
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    I think you're right on both counts, dgraves...I drove in some type of 3-wheel motorcycle kit, but it was more modern.....awful thing...about all it was good for was did get attention and was not unattractive in a "Back to the Future" sort of way...with this one, you bolted the body onto the front wheel of the bike, and then installed the rest of the motorcycle rearward as I you some kind of tandem seat 3-wheeler....basically you took a $5,000 motorcycle, added a $15,000 body kit, and ended up with a lousy car and a lousy motorcycle.

    I've seen the Tri-Hawk...there's even a club I think....for me, it was the answer to the question that nobody asked....BUT...if you hunger to be different, that's one way to go.
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