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2014 Toyota Highlander

ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
edited December 2013 in Toyota
Any word on when the newly re-designed 2014 Hignlander will debut? It should be soon. Any available spy pics? And what would your wish list include for new changes or features? I currently own a 2010 LTD HL and like it alot, but would like to see the following safety features added: Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear cross traffic Alert like the 2013 Avalon Touring and LTD have. I also would like Toyota to add a factory installed (the after market units usually dont work that well) rear sonar sensor(s) system to the rear bumper like they have done to the Sequoia and Sienna, again for safety reasons. Even though my 2010 HL has a back up camera, it frequently gets covered with rain and road grime preventing an acceptable view of what is behind the vehicle, like kids and pets, or objects which might damage the back of vehicle. Thanks.



  • Highlanders are on 7 year production cycle. Next one will be available in spring of 2015.
  • More like in Q2 this year. ;)

    You'll learn more after the Tundra launch at the Chicago Auto Show next month.
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited January 2013
    Wonder when we will first see the 2014 HL without all the Camo? (check this link: - ng/ )

    2013 Chicago auto show?

  • I just said after Chicago! More like the New York Auto Show in April.

    Toyota has to get the Rav4 rolling this month, and then launch the new Tundra in Chicago. Then comes the HL this Spring, and the Corolla comes for the fall..... :shades:
  • wgraferwgrafer Posts: 592
    Damn - they can back it up another year or two as far as I'm concerned. My 2012 HL won't be paid off until 2016.... Of course it is, as expected, boringly dependable -- just the way I like them (as was my 2005 HL).
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited March 2013
    The 2014 HL reveal is just around the corner (Wednesday 3/27); click on following link: link title

    It should be interesting.

  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited March 2013
    Steve, I believe this is a pic of the 2011 Highlander Hybrid, not the 2014. Please click on the following link for pics of 2011 HLH for comparison: link title

    Hopefully, non-camo 2014 HL pics will break cover soon, before the NY Autoshow in 2 weeks.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited March 2013
    Sorry, it even said it was a 2013 on the photo caption. :blush:

    Toyota's really playing hide the ball, waiting for the 3/27 NY show.
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited March 2013
    For the reveal of the 2014 Highlander, click on following links:

    1.) link title
    2.) link title
    3.) link title

    Front-end Design:
    Some of you may find the new front-end design an improvement, and to some degree I do, with 'dynamic', 'sleek' and 'strong' (???) design elements (Toyota speak/spin), but I am very underwhelmed/disappointed in Toyota's Calty (Newport Beach and Ann Arbor) team results/design execution. Why can't these guys and gals get the grill design to something good. To me, they could have done much better. First the polarizing grill design of the 2013 Avalon, and now this 2014 Highlander front-end disappointment :( .

    Interior Design/Safety Features/Performance:
    However, I must say the interior design elements and notable improvements shine :shades: (better soundproofing and road noise insulation, increased 2nd and 3rd row space/accessibility, better dash layout and design and heated steering wheel for those cold mornings and days), and significant safety improvements/additions (Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Alert, Pre-collision System, and rear parking sonar for when the back-up camera image is poor and gets dirty/smudgy on rainy days) are sincerely appreciated. Additionally, fuel efficiency should improve somewhat with the new 6 speed auto transmission.

  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366

    What's your take of the new front-end/grill design?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited March 2013
    Seen lots worse. :-)

    Not thrilled about all the chrome but in the real world it probably won't look so "flashy".

    Similar window trim around the CR-V hasn't hurt sales any so it's probably just me.
  • Was considering a 2013 but hated the headlights. Looks like they corrected them and moved the UGLY to the taillights. Why they need to protrude beyond the body is a mystery to me. Guess I'll put new tires on the '09 or opt for a similar looking Honda CRV.
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    edited April 2013
    anyone know when the 2014 HL will be released for sale?
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited June 2013
    Does anyone know if the 2014 Highlander will have the top view, bird's-eye camera system to enhance safety and security?

    So far, I have not found any info from Toyota or other sources that this feature will be on the 2014 Highlander. However, it is currently available from Nissan (2013 Pathfinder), Infinity (2013 JX/2014 QX60), Acura (2014 MDX), BMW (2013 X3 and X5), Audi (2013 Q5 and Q7), and Mercedes (ML/GL).

    Nothing official yet on 2014 Highlander release date, but most estimates are this fall (Sept--> Nov).

  • Just like the Rav4 this year. The new Corolla will get the launch this fall, and the Highlander 3 months later.
  • Probably not.

    Toyota is the Apple of the Auto Industry. Short on competitive features but solid reliability.

    Case in point: my 2011 Highlander. Competing models already have side mirror blinkers, blind spot monitoring, lines on the the backup camera, hands free parallel parking, and updated nav with 3d/birds eye view... The Highlander? NADA.

    Their message: Live with what we provide you with.
  • Other companies need those bells-and-whistles. How about making a better SUV?

    Toyota makes a stud of an SUV that gets up to 28 MPG combined. When will the competition catch up to that feature? :blush:
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited July 2013
    To those guys who think Toyota (Highlander) can rest on its 'laurals' and not offer improved/additional tech and safety features to maintain a competative edge and market share, you are sorely mistaken. Why do you think the new 2014 Highlander is offering all the updated tech and safety features on the 2014 vs 2013 Highlander and improved spacious, quiet and more user-friendly cabin atmosphere/environment on the 2014 HL? It's not for guys like whatcanisay, empoweredbc and myself, it's for the moms and grandmoms who more and more increasingly have significant input on the final decision for a household and family on what will be the safest and most comfortable ride for them and their family and to bring their kids and grandkids to school, sporting events, grocery shopping, etc, etc. And they should. Toyota should lead not follow! Don't the former tech giants Microsoft, and now Apple teach us a lesson or two about resting on 'laurals' ---> following and not continuing to be leaders/innovators?

    When the 2014 Highlander hits the Toyota dealers in ~ January it will face stiffer and stiffer competition, which is good because we the consumers are the ultimate benefactors by improved and better products. Competition is good!

    I/we currently own a 2010 Highlander LTD AWD (purchased new) and like it alot, but I am (with significant input from my wife and daughter---Re: grandkids) seriously considering upgrading to a new 2014 HL LTD AWD, or one of it's competitors, with all the new tech and safety features ('bells and whisles') now or soon to be offered. I previoulsy owned a 2003 Honda Pilot (purchased new) before I traded for my/our current ride, but became frustrated with Honda's 'laurals' approach of not addressing the well documented and anoying road noise issue (RNI), which was one of the major reasons I traded the Pilot for the much quieter HL (instead of getting an updated Pilot). Apparently Honda has finally gotten the message from owners of Pilots (and other Honda products) and Consumer Reports persistent negative comments about the Honda RNI and are addressing it in much improved soundproofing in new releases (ie, 2013 Accord and 2014 MDX), and reportedly in the upcoming complete make-over of the 2015 Pilot (to be revealed at the Jan 2014 Detroit Auto Show, and reportedly to hit the Honda dealers shortly thereafter, Q1/Q2, as an early release).

    Other 2014 Highlander Competitors
    I recently test drove the completely revised 2013 Nissan Pathfinder, and found it to be a nice ride with good acceleration but was surprised to find it did not have most of the tech and safety features that most of the new mid-sized SUVs/CUVs now or are soon to offer (for example, it does not have Blind Spot Monitor/Warning, Lane Change/Departure Warning/Alert, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, etc, even in it's higher trim levels---Platinum and Platinum Premium, nor will these features be offered for perhaps another 2-4 years); additionally, leg room for the driver and front passenger is quite cramped for long-legged folks like myself in the new Pathfinder, whereas I have no problem with leg room in the HL, so the Pathfinder does not pass muster on several levels. I also recently test drove the newly redesighned 2014 Kia Sorrento LTD AWD which does have all the tech and safety features the 2014 HL LTD AWD reportedly will have, but the Sorrento doesn't ride as nice as my 2010 HL LTD AWD, AND the driver's seat is/was VERY uncomfortable compared to my HL, even on a short test drive (after repeated adjustments), so it is out of the question for me.
    I also recently test drove the newly revised 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD AWD (and Summit AWD) (V-6 gas and V-8), and the 2014 MDX Tech AWD and was very impressed by both of these HL LTD AWD competitors. The main disadvantage to the Jeep Grand Cherokee (JGC) is that it only has 2 rows vs 3 (but I/we rarely use the 3rd row on our HL), whereas the JGC is a super off-road (one of the very best, in fact) and very well behaved on-road performer, has superior towing ability over the HL, AND will soon be available with a V-6 diesel that will give maximum grunt (torque), while being able to deliver impressive fuel efficiency (28-32 MPG) and good acceleration, very impressive for a 5,000 lb vehicle. (If 3 rows is a must consider JGC's cousin, the newly revised 2014 Dodge Durango R/T AWD and Citadel AWD with diesel). The diesel JGC LTD AWD will probably cost ~ $2-4 K more than a loaded 2014 HL LTD AWD, but that initially higher cost will soon be made up after 2-3 years of Jeep ownership due to better fuel efficiency (@ 15,000 mi/yr). BTW, the 2014 JGC LTD AWD diesel up-charge is considerably less than the $6-8 K up-charge Toyota charges/penalizes buyers of the hybrid HL LTD AWD over the non-hybrid HL LTD AWD for the same 28 or better MPG that the 2014 JGC AWD diesel gets, don't you agree empoweredbc? :blush: I have not yet test driven the 2014 diesel JGC LTD AWD, but the reviews in the automotive press are full of praise. I plan to test drive the diesel as soon as they hit dealers in my area (reportedly Q4/2013).

    The 2014 MDX Tech AWD disadvantage compared to the 2014 HL LTD AWD is cost (estimated $6-8 K+ differential, after discounting in 6-12 months)(however, cost of 2014 MDX Tech AWD will be about the same as the 2014 hybrid HL LTD AWD, but somewhat less fuel efficient: 22-23 vs 28 MPG), and premium fuel (MDX) vs regular (HL), but this is really only ~ $170/yr/15,000 miles/yr @ 22 MPG for each vehicle. The advantages of the 2014 MDX Tech AWD over the 2014 HL LTD AWD is that the MDX has (from my/our perspective) a much better exterior/interior design and layout of the dash/center stack, better nav unit + larger screen(s), better steering wheel controls, better sound system, etc, AND performance (better road-holding AWD system, and acceleration).

    Short List
    So going into 2014 my short list is: 2014 HL LTD AWD, 2014 JGC LTD AWD Diesel, and the 2014 MDX Tech AWD; I will need to compare/test drive these guys some more over the next 8-12 months + 2015 Pilot before I/we make a final decision.

    The following excellent and candid video and print reviews by Alex Dykes describe/showcase the 2014 JGC AWD and the 2014 MDX AWD. Click on the following links to view: JGC (link title); MDX (link title ). I'm looking forward to Alex Dykes reviews of the 2014 HL LTD AWD, Dodge Durango R/T AWD diesel and 2015 Honda Pilot Touring AWD in 4-8 months.

    Please share your comments and suggestions. Thanks!

  • empoweredbcempoweredbc Posts: 50
    edited August 2013
    "BTW, the 2014 JGC LTD AWD diesel up-charge is considerably less than the $6-8 K up-charge Toyota charges/penalizes buyers of the hybrid HL LTD AWD over the non-hybrid HL LTD AWD for the same 28 or better MPG that the 2014 JGC AWD diesel gets, don't you agree empoweredbc?"

    The two vehicles are more apples and oranges. Their target demos should not be the same. A hybrid not meant to go off-road with 3 rows vs a 5-seater diesel with extreme off-road ability.

    If you drive more city/grocery getting/carrying family, the hybrid will be better on gas. I would EXPECT 25-30 MPG in normal use. If you are heavy on hwy driving, and may use the vehicle more as a camp site caravan, the JGC will probably be better. I would EXPECT around 30 MPG in hwy use, but more like 20 MPG as a city crossover

    The JGC will be a better luxury vehicle, but it will be more expensive than the most expensive HL. The HL will be bigger, roomier and more versatile for family needs

    The JGC is more for active singles who want the image the Jeep provides, want a lot of lux, and occasionally take other couples to dinner on Friday nights. The HL is more of a straight family vehicle.
  • Ushy: Thanks for your detailed post. I'm shopping some of the same vehicles. I can't do the JGC though since it's 2-rows only. (Wish they'd come out with the new Grand Wagoneer!)

    Right now I'm between the 2014 Highlander LTD AWD, the 2014 MDX Advance AWD, and the 2014 Durango Citadel AWD. Other contenders might be the Ford Flex Ecoboost or the Explorer Sport.

    (By the way, there is no diesel Durango yet as far as I know, at least in the US. If there was I'd be driving it already! I think Chrysler has said they'll wait to see how the RAM 1500 Ecodiesel sells).

    The Highlander seems to have the competition beat on MPG and price, but unfortunately it's still not in showrooms. To get ventilated seats and Adaptive Cruise Control on the Acura you need to move up to the Advance package. Acura's ACC is "low-speed follow" and Dodge's ACC is full-range "with stop" -- not sure if the HL's ACC will be full-range/speed or just over ~20 mph.

    Another potential competitor I'm considering waiting for is be VW's Crossblue, three rows with a diesel hybrid in concept form, but that might be a year or more wait?

    Thanks again for your post. I'll keep following this forum -- hopefully we'll see the Highlander soon!
  • berriberri Posts: 7,969
    Don't think the 14 Highlander is due out until late in the year, then several months later comes the '15 Honda Pilot based off the new MDX last I heard. Of course, coming out and dealers having much inventory are two different things. Probably need to add a few more months for all of that.
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited November 2013
    The Toyota Harrier is an SUV/CUV vehicle sold in Japan that shares many design elements, parts, and safety features and content with the Highlander and Lexus. The completely redesigned 2014 Harrier will be revealed in a couple of days at the 2013 Toyota Auto Show, and is previewed in the following link: link title. Page down on the previous link and click on 'Press Release' for more info. One of the new technologies/safety features that will be introduced on the 2014 Harrier is the 'Panoramic View Monitor' to help Toyota owners be able to park in tight locations, but also to act as a security feature for owners of Toyota cars and SUVs/CUVs as the driver approaches their vehicle in parking lots, especially on dark nites.
    Safety and Driving Support
    Some of Toyota's most advanced features are available on the redesigned Harrier, including a Panoramic View Monitor9 for improved lateral visibility. This system combines video from four cameras mounted to the front and rear sides of the vehicle, offering a view of everything happening around the car, including in blind spots. The display is automatically adjusted based on gear-stick operation, with the system able to display enlarged views from above the vehicle. Users are notified of pedestrians and objects approaching from the front and rear sides. This is a Toyota-first feature.

    This technology can be easily linked to smart phone apps (soon to be developed), so a driver can easily activate this tech and monitor the area surrounding their vehicle on their smart phone as they approach the vehicle, to help avoid close encounters with 'the bad guys.'

    It is my hope and request that Toyota adds this important safety feature to the 2014 Highlander, to make it easier to park in close quarter situations, and help keep our families safer.

    Toyota's competition has also introduced similar tech in high end vehicles (Aud Q5/Q7, BMW X3/X5
    and M-B ML/GL), but also in the 2014 Nissan Pathfinder, the Around View Monitor:
    Around View® Monitor

    Using four cameras, the class-exclusive Around View® Monitor (AVM) creates a composite image of the 2014 Pathfinder from above and displays it on the touch-screen monitor. This helps visually confirm the vehicle’s position relative to the lines around parking spaces and adjacent objects, allowing the driver to maneuver into parking spots with more ease. [*]

    Honda/Acura is also working on a similar technology/safety feature and will introduce it soon on the Odyssey, Pilot, and MDX.

  • Ltd version comes with,blind spot monitor w/ Rr cross traffic alert,smart stop tech, folding htd pwr side mirrors,backup camera w/ 8in disp,rear package sonar, etc
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited November 2013
    Thanks for your post tachida2.

    Yes, the 2014 HL LTD will reportedly come with the items you mentioned, but thus far I have not seen any credible info stating the 2014 HL LTD will come with the Panoramic View Monitor/Camera System, described in post #19 and #27. But I hope it will.

  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    It's not long now. For just released pricing and availability info for the 2014 HL and HHL, click on this link: link title .

  • December 2, 2013

    News Release

    PRINCETON, Ind. –Toyota Indiana and its team members will be joined Thursday by community leaders to celebrate the start of production of its all-new 2014 Highlander.

    The launch of the new Highlander is a significant milestone for the company and represents an additional $430 million investment responsible for 600 jobs at the automotive manufacturing facility.
    Toyota Indiana and community leaders

    Start of production for the all-new 2014 Toyota Highlander

    Thursday, Dec. 5

    Source: Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana Inc.
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited December 2013

    2014 Highlander First Drive Reviews and Video (refer to following links):

    Video review: (http:// "")

    Print review: (http:// "")

    The 2014 Highlander should arrive at a dealer near you in 2-3 weeks!

    Using this new forum layout and posting to it is TERRIBLE!!!
    It is very BUGGY, user UNFRIENDLY and NOT intuitive! And WHY are the posts not numbered for each forum as they had been in the past, to allow easy cross referencing? PLEASE rectify these shortcomings ASAP!


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